Posted by: sharingyoochun | February 15, 2010

[Trans] Yunho’s Message for Yunbearthailand’s 1st Anniversary

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credit: @ soompi
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  1. aww my sweet leader !!!

  2. I always like yunho oppa message…he always warm and caring so much…like older brother for me…
    Love u oppa…

    • love ur mess.
      want yunho to be my son-in-law…

  3. I’m Thai girl and searched this web sometimes. I feel all of members were happy and excited. We are so proud of being his big fans of big bear ;)

  4. ahahaha i just noticed its YunBear? lol.. cute, i wonder wat yunho think that he is a bear =o=..

    but such a thoughtful leadershii…yunho we will always be waiting for you..


  5. yunhooooo so sweet
    yes i want to keep my happy memories happening with you guys ^^

  6. Sweet Yunho is always so sweet! XD

  7. aaah what did the Yunho fans did during his bday and mirotic con?
    how sweet,Yunho still rembs all the little things the fans did !!

    how did they get a signature from him T.T

  8. Always so considerate :)

  9. I wonder…where is the real handwritten message by Yunho?

    Because I saw other website post the real message that Yunho Wrote for them?

    And how about this??

    Is it true?

    I knew this website quite well and ….

    If you see the whole trans of THAI and comparing with ENG trans,you will see
    the text message can move down!!

    You can use photoshop to make this for fake.

    I think I can’t believe 100% until I see

    the real paper message from Yunho.

    • kindly ask the orginal source if it’s true or not

      credit: @ soompi

      and of course it’s so obvious we didn’t translate it ^^

      Yunho is sweet he always gave messages to his fans

  10. I know yunbearthailand.

    If it’s possible,i’ll ask someone there.

    I know that Yunho is very sweet. I see he gave message to his fans ^^ and I read all happily.

    But only this site..I don’t trust much..

    I just tell you my opinion~^^

    I know you are just posting

    the news~ I always visit SYC everyday~!

    I know the background of this site :)

    If you compare with other fans’ messages,
    some Korean alphabets aren’t his handwritten.

    Thanks ^^ for all of your sharing news!
    *kissing SYC!

  11. our leader so sweetest ><
    i love this site !
    their member are friends !~

    thanks for shyaring ^^

  12. I love yoonho.
    His write handing is so so so neat really.
    Thanks you YunhoEverything has begun.
    ahahaha i just noticed its YunBear? lol.. cute, i wonder wat yunho think that he is a bear =o=..
    He seem Yunbear really.XD
    I love this site. I like word”Yunbear.”
    Although I am fa way from there,my mind alway there^^oh our leader is sweetest really.XD
    I love oppa^^Thanks for your sharing^^___^^

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