Posted by: sharingyoochun | January 30, 2010

[Trans] Stars’ Ride Series: Jaejoong’s Car is A Super Car?

The picture of super ride car owned by TVXQ Jaejoong which is published in internet has caught a lot of interest.

In last December, at the car producer company homepage, a picture entitled “Jaejoong’s matt black Audi R8” was uploaded. Ever since the picture spread through internet at blogs and cafes, it’s been attracting much interest from netizens.

Jaejoong’s Audi R8 was originally a dark gray, however it’s a recent trend among automobile maniacs to personalize the color of the car, thus its color was modified to matt black.

Another member of TVXQ, Yoochun who also ever owned Audi R8 had sold his car in last August. Yoochun’s Audi R8 which was registered on the sale site at used vehicles section had been in hot topics.

Audi R8 is a super car that was firstly announced at the year of 2008. At its first release in 2008, the domestic market price of the car was 192.4 million won and now after the model is modified, in year 2010 the car has been marketed at price 216 million won.

source: seoulnews


  1. Jae still owns the car? I thought no more?

  2. nice car.

    i wonder what car junsu will buy from his musical earnings. i heard he is getting big paycheck from his appearance fee and merchandise sales.

    • he’ll probably save it/invest it or do something for his family/friends. He doesn’t seem to be the type to care about expensive cars (well that’s my perception of him)

      • hahahahhaha we’re on the same boat, someone is holding a grudge against us… xD I always get thumbs down for asking things

      • why the thumbs down lol

        nothing wrong with saving/investing money

      • i agree, i think he will invest.
        Junsu doesn’t even buy expensive clothes to look fashionable.
        So i don’t think he’ll buy expensive car.
        Maybe he’ll buy a house or maybe a soccer field haha

        the car is so cool though

      • lol i agree junsu is quite thrift he doesnt spend money on anything XD remember the members mentioning him to buy them lunch all the time hehe. the only time su really spent money on something big is the ring he bought chunnie for his bday. other than that i think he likes to save his money too..

  3. hot car <3
    how wish can own a car like that T.T

    Oh my….. I’m not sure about the matt but I love his ride. So this is Jae’s ride? I thought chunnie’s the one with an R8. Oh wells, it’s an awesome ballin ride.

  5. this is kinda old news, i guess ?

  6. I love this matt black!!stylish!!

  7. I don’t understand the fascination with cars…

    • I’m also expecting drama because of this entry.

      • What drama ? (lol)

      • not in here (I think) but on other places, people were making ignorant comments about YC /the trio because of the way he was spending his money which led to arguments about the lawsuit and their intentions.

        I personally don’t care what they do with their money.

      • just keep it shut, honey..
        you really wish the drama happening here
        it’s too much unecessary drama in certain post already

        it really unecessary at the time like this,
        esp. at the time we need to unite together to support the boys

  8. jaejoong really really have a good taste of fashion.. i think he n yoochun is the real fashionista…
    n yeah jae… u got ur hottie car..

  9. Oh~ this car gives nasty thoughts…

    Yunho and JJ have both Audi, great taste indeed.
    I wonder if Junsu still has his BMW and if Changmin plan to get one.

  10. […] Today found this great post, here is a quick excerpt : In last December, at the car producer company homepage, a picture entitled “Jaejoong’s matt black Audi R8″ was uploaded. Ever since the picture spread through internet at blogs and cafes, it’s been attracting much interest from netizens … Read the rest of this great post Here […]

  11. I saw one matt black care yestarday… looks like a biiig toy))It really has a feeling of batmobile))
    I don’t care about where they spend their own money since they work hard. But it’s kind of “not a good feeling” cuz Yunho spends his own money for charity and Junsu for his family)))
    Well..I’m not a car-lover, so I don’t go crazy cuz of super cool car.
    Anyway THANK YOU for news))

    • please, don’t make that any worse.
      it’s worse enough already

    • your comment makes me think u are simple as a child!!
      we dont know every thing they do and the boys dont want all works they did are known by fan too!!
      why did u think Jeajoong and Yuchun didnt donate or help their family??
      >>please read smile again fanmeeting news!!
      this is a rumour spreaded on internet! dont make it worse, it’s not worth!!

      please have a better think before write a comment!! this lovely site had alot of war!! let’s wait and so every thing is good!!

      • mmm i´m think Alekza didn´t try to say that Jaejoong or Yoochun are bad persons … but if you see the comments about Yunho´s charity you will see more bad ones than good or supporting ones…
        and many people is wondering about good acts of Yunho saying that “would be just for publicity… ” .
        so i think that is unfair … and i understand about what is talking her…

        THEY CAN CHOOSE HOW SPEND THEIR MONEY … because, by their hard work they could get it!! … so i´m agree with Alekza
        but of curse, i´m not saying something bad to others members… i love them… and i´m glad to know they can be happy with a new car o doing charity or buying something else, doesn´t matter…

        but sometimes, we, the fans, do critics that are unfair… that´s all…

        the most important is their happiness…

  12. It’s the car for YunJae so they can quickly escape from crazy YunJae fan girls as me! *lol*
    Sexy car for a sexy couple hehehehehe xDDD

    • such an optimistic fan :)

      hey jae’s money is jae’s money.

      idc how he spent it because dang it d car is hotttttt! like something out of d dark knight movie.

      • well it’s no one business what JJ do with his own money so I don’t see a problem >___> Besides Avex is paying them for their job properly not like SM!

  13. good

  14. gorgeous car!! i love dbsk’s sports cars…as if they’re not hot enough..they have to drive cars as hot as themselves!! that’s 2Xs the hotness..hahaha!

  15. i love the matte finish! so sleek n sexy. it looks really cool in the dark too. i have a question about the car though. jaejoong n yoochun audi given my sm? but it is registered in sm name? yoochun sold his audi already but last yaer there was a rumor the audi was acturally his friend or leased? dun exactly remember but im curious about it.

    junsu have a bmw? wow i think i remember readin a comment sayin chun got three car. a lexus his new porsche n another one cant member.

  16. Ha-ha, I didn’t pay attention to it when Chun had one, but looked it up now~~

    It is really a super car, 420 horsepower and 0-100 in 4,6 seconds and has a top speed of 301 km per hour /dies

    I’d do anything to race a car like that on a track!!! XD

  17. *Haha))I knew it would be a lot of “minus” votes)))scary girls))But U spend time to read my opinion, so thank U anyway.

    Hmm, I just wonder is that really HIS car? Cuz I don’t get the point to put the picture in the internet with mark “JJ car”. If it’s for ad…maybe they made a discount for him so He agreed with them to use his name?))))Just my thoughts))

  18. Weren’t these audis “gifts” from SM?

    • it’s not the Audis,..
      it’s the Lexus.

  19. I don’t understand which car is good and which car is not…. O_O
    it’s just… black xD

    • lol yea.

      as a girl i rly don’t understand cars.

      but d car is hotttt.

  20. Isn’t this the same car that he had last year? The one that is identical to Yuchun? It just had a paint job, right? I wonder what happened to his BMW. How many cars does he own now?

  21. ok don’t hate me for saying this, just something to wonder at…
    i LOVE DBSK…all members.!! well ok maybe yunho a llil more :P
    but first micky buys a new awesome car and now JJ? and they are complaining about not getting enough money etc? i’m sure its nothing compared to what they are making…but it just makes me think, this whole thing could’ve been avoided…it doesn’t seem like they are leading so much of an uncomfortable life..

    still love them though, just sick of 0 activities and worrying about the 5..

    • They’re not only complaining about money issues-it’s really more about their rights. I, too, am apprehensive as to why news about Yuchun (Porsche) and now, Jae Joong’s car are suddenly getting some coverage. I mean, Jae got this car last year (2009), why bring it out now? Is it really just about the pimped paint job? When a lawsuit ensues in court concerning money matters, the court usually investigates the complainant’s lifestyle. You see, sometimes wrangling about finances is a lifestyle issue not a money issue. The court investigates if you live within your means. But since we are not privy to the court hearing, we’ll just bookmark this and wait and see what this is a prelude to.

    • they didn’t complained for not gettin enough,

      they complained because they were forced to work to death.
      they got like, 4 hours of sleep everyday,
      and we all heard about that lee soo man hitting them n all..

      please i know its just ur opinion but i can’t stand it when ppl think badly of them,
      because they r rly nice ppl..please don’t criticise them..
      remember junsu and yunho said they got hurt when they read all those bad things ppl wrote bout them on d web,
      so please please don’t hurt them..they deserve better..

    • I think u forgot something. They can use their credit card or bank loan to buy car and house.

  22. he did not buy this car recently, this is the car he drive since early 2008, and we not sure he buy this car, or lease or borrow from his friend, just an artical label as JJ’s car do not say anything
    * just want to explain that this is his old car not new, peace*

  23. wow nice car you’ve there, jae! it’s nicer than the grey one.

    thanks for sharing!

  24. sooo sexy!!!just like d owner ^_^

  25. A super sexy guy driving a super sexy car. MAN! this is absolutely SEXY! :)

  26. so cooL..

  27. cool ride! hot!

  28. U saw Audi8 matte black in downtown few days ago and I was admiring it a lot. I never knew Jae also owns one.

  29. I saw Audi8 matte black in downtown few days ago and I was admiring it a lot. I never knew Jae also owns one.

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