Posted by: sharingyoochun | January 27, 2010

[Pic] Junsu – Musical Mozart Performance part 4

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  1. I think Junko is really feminine*get bricks*

    thx for sharingggg

    • second you!
      the first thing that cross my mind is “Junsu is so beautiful”.
      even he’s more beautiful than the female casts.
      somehow, his hair remind me of Marie Antoinette (Queen of France).

      (btw, anybody know did chunnie or JJ come to watch?)

      • I heard Jaechun went! ^_^ Just wish Homin were there too…*sigh*

      • wow really i hope they went too all five together would be best. but im happy jaechun went.

  2. his smile <33

    they all look happy and grateful ,

    good job junsu

  3. yun is right red does lok really good on su. cant stop looking at the piks.

  4. He looks like a yummy androgynous American/European rocker (we like them that way lol)- love it!

  5. I so agree w the fact that he looks pretty!seriuosly I was like wow he looks even prettier that the female casts!my my..dat precious smile is so heart warming!I don’t know what to say!nakes me want to hug him and not let go!lol @ him being marie antoinette!I will def shower him w jeweleries and pretty clothes!

  6. with cute teeth~~

    great job Junsu

  7. im dying with so many pics of Xiah!!!!!!!!

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