Posted by: sharingyoochun | January 26, 2010

[Pic] Junsu – Musical Mozart Performance part 3

Each pic is HQ

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  1. it’S so cute how he holds the hand of this child >.< //< ahh

  2. awww~ he looked like he had fun! must have enjoyed his time on stage after such a long absence… junsu hwaiting!!! =)

  3. this is a priceless step for him

  4. Junsu Fighting~
    I proud of you

  5. Junchan, keep this pure smile forever..

    your smile has melted me and i feel so warm now..happy to see u on stage!!

    thx for sharing


    I can live happily now :)

  7. i think his eyebrows are funny…..


    Kim Junsu fighting!

  8. i wanna b that child ,,

    congratulation junsu

  9. I wanna see the whole performance
    hope they’ll be more ninja
    i’ll buy the DVD if they’ll release Junsu version

  10. wow really hq. i cant stop staring at these piks >.< xiahzart is so captivating!

  11. I think the made-up eyebrows help bring out the beauty of the eyes.

    The hair is so cool ;D

  12. Junchan!congratulations on ur first ever musical!we are all so proud of u!keep on smilling and b the Junsu that we love!u hv proven to d world that u deserve to be up there on that stage!take care of urself and enjoy d show!

  13. with the make up he looks so different O_O? i though jae and changmin are outta be a rocker but Junsu can be one too xD

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