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[News] 3 TVXQ Members to Start Their Solo Activities? Proposals from company to star in drama and film production!

3 TVXQ Members to Start Their Solo Activities?
Proposals from company to star in drama and film production!

The 3 TVXQ members first trip together is to prepare for their own activities?

3 TVXQ members who have been in conflict with SM Entertainment regarding exclusive contract issue, Hero Jaejoong, Xiah Junsu, and Micky Yoochun recently took a trip to Australia together.

On the 4th, they went to Sydney Australia to take a break and go for a tour to popular tourist attractions in entire city including the Opera House, before coming back on the 7th.

This is the first time these three people went on vacation after the lawsuit regardless the schedule from SM Entertainment.

The three TVXQ members refrained that they had their actual solo activities through the latest traveling of theirs, saying that they just went for a re-charge and also to set up some plans for the upcoming activities in this new year.

However, the trip that was supposed to be enjoyable for the TVXQ members was getting a bit inconvinient as their fans kept gathering on the spots they went after the news of them going to Sydney spread.

According to officials, even just after Junsu, Jaejoong, and Yoochun arrived at Sydney airport, there had always been a long line of fans following them even to hotel.

Regarding this trip to Sydney, some people argued that this was made for a pictorial photography. The evidence was a photography camera that was spotted when they arrived at airport, also couple of pictures taken by fans and spread through internet about a photoshoot that was taken on a boat with famous Sydney Harbor Bridge as the background.

Yet the 3 TVXQ members representative explained, “It was a pure vacation, there wasn’t any other purpose.” he continued, “The members going to Sydney Australia is also no more than this one time.”

Meanwhile, while the music career of 3 TVXQ members laid off for a while, it’s expected that they will start active again in near future through acting.

According to 3 members TVXQ acquaintance, currently the 3 members have received proposals to appear in drama and movies. There are already some request for them from drama and film production company, and now the members are in process of selecting scenarios, scripts, and many others.

Xiah Junsu himself will raise up stage for musical ‘Mozart!’ at Sejong Cultural Centre, Seoul and his final appearance will show off on February 20th.

source: Young Dong Sports


We’re not confirming anything about the drama thingy. I translated this news to enlighten the part about 3 TVXQ members side to confirm that their Australia trip was purely for vacation (which is still not explaining the filming Junsu had during the trip, but oh yea… the best we can do for now, lol)

About the drama proposals thing… my opinion is,
If all TVXQ members want to go trying film/drama, well, then I hope they’re going all out.
Nothing more that I want than to see them performing as musicians again, the spot where these five members are supposed to be from the very beginning.

But if they go for a drama, then be it, go acting very well and make me proud.


  1. Hmmm acting? Well, acting’s cool but come on singing is their gift. Everyone can act but not everyone can sing. But i’ll support them in whatever they wanna do.

    • And about the vacation :( i feel bad for them. Come to poland, no one will disturb them. Lol XD

    • Hey, not everyone can act or has had the training to act well. There are people who think they can, but it’s not true. Acting is as legit as any other profession. It takes preparation, practice, and determination. Just as much as singing.

      • please dont be so sensitive..

      • I am an actress myself and feel kind of hurt when people think it’s the easiest thing to do in the world. It requires a lot of preparation just like singing, or teaching, or any other profession. I have had to put up with so many comments from people saying what I mentioned in my first sentence. I hope you understand that. So perhaps I am sensitive. Yet as long as I don’t badmouth anyone or belittle someone else with my words, I can put in my two cents, ne?

      • Kikki, I totally agree with you, not everyone can act, sometimes acting is underrated and i hate it when people say they are ‘acting’ when they have not conveyed their emotions fully and delved into their role.
        All profession needs practice, determination, and most importantly passion.
        I don’t mind if they act in a drama, it’s good for them to try new things, but singing is their biggest talent and passion in life.
        Right now, releasing a new album would cause too much trouble, so all we can do, as fans, is wait.

  2. I love singers to sing and dance.

    I love actors and artists to act.

    I just love the line is clear for both fields.

    I dont heart in crossing over.^^

    • Cross-over might not be as bad as you think…
      Accept them as Rookies… it is a good challenge for them to grow as well…
      Like the Director of Heaven’s Postman mentioned: Acting experience can help them create more emotions when they sing.

      It is obvious they are born to sing as TVXQ. They have big visions and capabilities. There is still a long road for them to venture together. BELIEVE only in the 5 members of TVXQ ;)

      • Very true, they will use their acting to convey even deeper emotions in their songs/performances- and even then, with time they might come to excel in acting. I think Yoochun, for one, has a LOT of potential.

    • Hello, I replied to your “don’t be sensitive” comment above! Hope you understand!

  3. uhm, I miss our boys, please be together soon nhé, We always wait for u DBSK :)

  4. wish them all the best for this new year…
    may this year be a blossom year not only for the three of them but the 5ive of them…

  5. There’s nothing wrong with the boys doing dramas even movies. I think, it would just show how versatile the boys are. ^^

    However, they should be up on stage because that’s where they really belong. God, I miss their singing…

  6. i just want to say good luck…
    i always support our boys forever….

    DBSK HWAITING!!!!!!!


  7. i feel like crying when i read about them venturing more into acting..
    as much as i love them and wants them to succeed in their career,but if they decided to go separate ways into acting,i don’t know if i can continue supporting them since i prefer their music more than anything else.
    well,good lucks anyway~

    i just hope TVXQ can still continue as musicians,i love them for their music..

    • Please BELIEVE them when they they say MUSIC is their LIFE. Their love for Music won’t change as much as they themselves have not change. Like us, they want to sing as TVXQ as well… but the current situation really forbids that. So, their temporary venture, should challenge on acting or others to keep their popularity going… until they can stand on stage as 5 again!!


      Always Keep the FAITH!

      • i do know they still loves music.
        Just that,i don’t think i can support them if they are going into acting long term.
        after all,i don’t have an interest in korean dramas as much as i has for korean music.
        im wishing them good luck for acting,but well,loving their music does’nt means i have to love their acting as well.
        i’m just scared that i might not be able to love them as much anymore if the acting is long term ;___________;

      • faith~ ur so right.! we must believe in them. and always be there for them

        but what i dont get is that what happend here? how did it become such a huge mess?

  8. whatever they do…i will support it..
    but i miss them on stage sing together…
    than, i miss them act with 5 together since banjun drama….
    when i watch back the banjun drama…i’ll smile again…
    hope they will do the best and dont forget that their dream as singer…
    DBSK hwaiitingg!!!!!!

    • Ugh Banjun Drama T_T If they are going to venture to acting world, they’d better be not like in Banjun.

  9. Wish the best for all of them!!!


    anyway, anyone has heard about Jaejoong flied to Canada today?
    My friend just told me that a korean cassie told her, but I’m not sure about it.

  10. i love syc admin’s comment at the end.
    phew i miss them._.

    thanks for sharing:)

  11. just one thing in my mind: I am gonna support u in whatever u do u.u To the five of them

    But u know that my heart is waiting for Dong Bang Shin Ki.

    yahhh == skakslkals

  12. i hope jaejoong took up that offer for IRIS season 2. :)

    • no no sooo happy he didn’t
      it may have interferd with the HOPEFULLY next activities
      i don’t know if jj is your favorite but would you be okay if he kissed
      when yunho kissed in HTTG, i died T_T

    • Id be so happy for him!!!! I just want him to continue acting because I think he has a lot of potential and the more Jae the more happy I am LOL

  13. its okey for them to act in drama or movies..but please no kissing scene..
    i hope that they will not forget to sing..because i damn miss their beautiful voices.


  15. I remember a similar article when the lawsuit started. I’m all for solo carriers but I don’t watch korean dramas or movie. I won’t be able to support them but I’m hoping the best for them.

    …but I wish they’d stick to music

    • Music might not be a good option for them now. If they release solo album or just the 3 of them… won’t there be even more rumors on the bad side?? They don’t want to create the wrong speculations for media to add fire again…

      I think it is wise to challenge on acting or musicals for now, for their solo activities. At least we can see them active again, although not as TVXQ temporarily…

      Please believe in them when they say They want to stay TOGETHER as TVXQ =)

      • yeah, I know it might not be a good idea to release solo musical projects since people will complain (which is why I was so happy for Mozart because it involves music yet Junsu can stay out of the public eye and it’ll be a good thing for him to work with really talented singers and get out of the idol world) but I just don’t like dramas…Unless it’s something like a small role in Iris 2 for JJ; this I could watch. YC could also have some role in a movie. Since they don’t have much experience, they should stay away from leading roles.

        I still believe in them though, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t ;)
        I love TVXQ but I care for the members more so I want them to be happy and to keep on growing.

  16. Wha, wha..what???!!! Acting, perhaps??! No!!!!!!! I don’t want them to act again. It’s enough already. I just want them to bcome musicians. I just want DONG BANG SHIN KI! That’s all!

    • Relax! Even if this lawsuit never happened, they’d be going into acting anyway. All idol singers eventually go into acting after a few years of singing. It doesn’t mean that they won’t cut any more albums, they’re just diversifying.

      Besides which, SME haven’t paid JaeChunSu a cent since late 2008. Don’t you think they’d income from somewhere? JJ is also skinny enough, he needs to eat more. =)

      • Yah! *Relax* I’m not angry tho..

        *All idol singers eventually go into acting after a few years of singing* but NOT DBSK, please… We’ve known DBSK as a musician, good dancers, but…do other people who’re just started to like them, had to know them as an actor now?? I hope no…. I want them to act, but as FIVE. Act like what they did during past few years such as Vacation, Banjun Drama.

        OK~ I had nothing to say about that. All I want to say is….I don’t bash SM, and I just want DBSK to stay 5 together and will perform in ONE stage as FIVE again soon~ SM and JJ,YC & JS and even CM & YH just need time to apologise each other. SME still needs DBSK as what I see…

        Stay cool….

  17. so they had to go back early coz of the fans…TT^TT

  18. thanks god i was calm this time and read the hole thing before crying…. usually i get affected easily, but this time i read the news calmely….when the 3 went to aus, it was obvious that junsu had to work more probabely related to mozart the other two from the pics of fans they were there for vacation…..
    for acting, to be honest i’m not so enthusiastic about it, but if they want to try acting it will be an experience from which they’ll learn that they can work better as singer and when they are 5
    i’m just hoping that at the end they’ll be back as 5 ^^

  19. media always exaggerate. They want us to believe something that hasn’t happened yet

    • i love your comment^^

  20. I bet if they announce JSC will start singing, only the three of them It would a major rage and sadness. So what you wanted JSC to do?? They can´t doing solo singer job, because they don´t have an agency to support their solo singles or albums in Korea.
    I support them if they become actors. Just like We all support Homin dramas. Personally I think Jae will start in drama, Chunnie in a movie and Junsu in his musical drama Mozart.

  21. dont take this article so seriously guys! from what i read they basically just assume alot of things. they forgot to mention why susu was the only one filmin n for what. it was vacation for jaechun but not for su.

    the members did not conduct any interview with them for sure. dont put words into the members mouth! we dont know if this is a one time thing or not -.- n i doubt jaechun wet back cuz of the fans. they cant stay long in aussie anyways. im sure they just went to get away from korea n support su. su return the folloing day so its right they return before him.

    there were alot of articles about the trio going solo thru acting which i cant deny is thier only option right now. the only truth i see in this article is that they are being offered movies n scripts. but for the erst including goin solo i doubt it.

    • I really like what you said. Once again, we have to remember to not take these articles so seriously. They don’t know any more about the boys than we do. They really did assume a lot of things. Honestly, I think I can go to Korea and get a job as a writer because you don’t have to do much research. It’s just like writing fan fiction except that you get paid.

      And for some reason, it feels like I read this article some where before. It is almost identical to the other one about the trio’s so called solo activities. All they did was add in info about Australia (which the fans knew about before they did). They used the fan’s photos to draw a bunch of broad conclusions.

      We are not the boys. They are not the boys. All that we can do is wait to see what happens.

      • i feel at peace after what you and lily said, i shouldnt take these articles seriously. these articles make the situations worse and create a lot of rumors.

  22. i don’t believe it… one of the reason why they sue SM was because they want to focus on singing and not doing both (singing and acting). Because at the end they were exhausted by doing both.
    Always keep the faith~

  23. acting seems quite challanging..i guess..

    what ever their choice, i’ll the same with Yunho and Changmin…

    Next up challange, (lol) hoping to see them be successful composer/producer…either for others artist…or for their own…

  24. perhaps the boys want to tell their fans, even now they dont sign new korean music agency,

    if Yunnie and CM can act, why not the trio, SM cant say anything bad about this.

    This news gives me more hope, this may means that they are still willing to discuss with SM, their dream is singing on the stage.

    I know this dream will never change.

  25. Good thing for them if they do get job offers. Lawyers are expensive =p

  26. its good for them to start acting , or be MC for some programme or other work , its only to stay in in spot , & dont let more fan 4get about them , till the lawsuit finish , & problem settle , then i hope all 5 get together & SING , SING & SING again .

    but still , I WANT my DBSK BACK , PLZZZ , *cries* , should we go cries & entreat sm , i HATE them ,,

    *cries again*

    • yeah i sooo want them back as 5 !!!!! *cries with you*

  27. well, if SM is freezing their activities in Korea, i don’t see anything bad in pursuing their solo activities while waiting for the day to regroup and perform as TVXQ.

    @whanjai, is it really true? I also read from soompi that jae flew to Canada?

    • although from the fancams and all, it seems that it was really only junsu that had some photoshoots and soulmates just tagged along for vacation (sorry for the double post)

    • You’re right. It’s SOP in Japan anyway. All the Johnny’s Entertainment boyband members do individual acting or variety shows but they still make music together. SMAP has been doing it for decades. I don’t see what the big deal is. Just because they have solo stuff on the side doesn’t mean they aren’t DBSK anymore.

  28. The trio can act as what I’ve seen on ‘Dating On Earth’.. I just doubt Junsu a little ‘coz it was just a little role he had on that movie. hehe. But YC and JJ did great. :)

    We love them for MUSIC, but if they accept those drama/movie offers, we still have to support them.

    Sent on a phone using

  29. @whanjai and ces
    Yes, Jaejoong took the plane to Canada.

    • i heard about news , but i think its rumors only , hope any one can confirm it

      • it’s not a rumour, i know it’s hard to believe these days, right ^^
        he was spotted at the gate of air canada this saturday

        i hope that fans will welcome him but not follow him coz this is his vacation
        i’m sure they are already happy to see jaejoong

  30. when i read this article, i remember yoochun’s words in one of magzne interview>>>

    “i wonder how long can i stand on a stage with a microphone”

    what they think best for them now, i will support them. always.

  31. Acting? Well, it’s great to be able to see the boys doing activities again, but~~ I DO prefer them singing <3 It's their heart <3
    Well, no matter what they do, I'll always support them!!!!^^

    JaeChunSu acting, HWAITING!! o/

  32. I think it’s better for them go in act than they can do anything in Kor..
    N if they don’t do anything,, how can they get money to against SM??
    It didn’t mean that they would have act as they main work.. It’s only 4 short time.. N it’s good 4 Korean Cassies who very miss them cz their most activities are in japan..

  33. I wanna see them sing and dance *sigh*

    Wait for DBSK <3

  34. relax people!!!!!
    yunho already act on his own remember and changmin is doing it now!!!!
    why can jaechunsu do it to???!!!!!

    everybody relax!!!

    always keep the faith!!!
    forever 5!!!tvxq fighting!!!!

    • Alexx, you forgot Jae! I’ve seen Heaven’s Postman three times…twice without English subs! But I hope he does a drama series so that I can see him every week! I think Yunho is rumored to be doing a movie.

      • Hp already have eng subs??
        can u tell me where can i watch it? pls..

  35. I, myself, believe that whatever the boys decide to do. They must think carefully before they made their decision.

    I believe that MUSIC is the most precious thing that bonds 5 members together. So, no matter what new challenge come across in to their carrer, I believe that MUSIC will bring them back together.

    So…Just try to understand and support them. ^^

  36. if they want to act then its their own decision. its probably some thing that they just want to do. if they want to do that i would support them and cheer for them regardless. i just want the boys to be happy and healthy. BUT, i honestly would really love to see the five members perform together on stage as one. the bond that they share is really deep. i dont think that their bond that has formed over many years can just break in a couple of seconds. it is my dream to see them perform together on a huge stage with lots of fans supporting them and cheering for them like it was at tokyo dome again. honestly from my heart and soul i want the members to be together as one.
    if they want to do acting, then i would still support them with all my heart because i love them a LOT and i want them to be happy and healthy. ^_^

  37. although i always say “i’ll support them no matter what happen.”, to be honest it’s hard for me to support them when it comes to acting since i don’t like that how a singer turns into an actor. i just want them to sing & dance and nothing else.

    but if they WANT to act, then i don’t have to say anything other than “okay, good luck for your drama…” and leave myself crying coz i miss them singing very much. i don’t even watch HTTG except few videos.

    deep in my heart i’m still praying that no more dbsk members in a drama. i prefer them doing nothing & no news about them at all rather than seeing them acting in a drama. i’m waiting for them to be 5 again to create a new music, no matter how long it takes.

    sorry for a selfish commet.

    • I agree with you. When singers do acting as major roles, (not just as once or twice), they should divide their concentration therefore their music activities won’t be as focused as it should be, or there’ll be a hiatus in singing activities so they can focus in their drama. Believe me you wouldn’t like that. I’d rather wait them hiatus due to vacation. In dating on earth, oh come on face it, I scream hysterically too but because it’s THEM, not because their acting is good.
      I watch Korean drama as well as I listen to jpop and kpop, and I know very well many actors are better than them. But in terms of music, conveying emotion to the song, harmonic singing, it’s DBSK’s roles.

    • I agree with you too !
      from the start,i’ve always liked them cos they were the rare “idol” groups that did not venture into acting and just solely focused on their music.
      that was how they went from being labelled as idols to professional musicians.
      i believe music still lives in their blood and if acting was like a 2nd choice to keep their income coming,then i’d wish them good luck.
      But acting~i don’t have anything better to say about that,so i’ll shut up for now ):

  38. It’s inevitable that some solo activities will need to occur whilst the court takes its long ass time to make a decision. Our boys still need a source of income until that time and I am confused as to why people are so negative about this!\

    Acting will further their skills and talents. How on earth can someone see this as bad? These skills are essential to protect their future and whoever said that they wont sing ever again? As if! We just need to be patient and wait for them. They’re singers afterall. Did anyone say that they’re having a career switch? I think not.

    By the way, it appears that it has been confirmed that Jaejoong is in Canada at the moment. Anyone know why?

  39. hey im not being an ass or anything its just wat im thinking about this acting thingy so i dont care if you bash me^^..

    IMO, if they go all into acting then for me its better if they go disband n_n…i dont want TVXQ in acting, all i want is for the FIVE of them to sing…i ddnt feel inluv with them with acting but tru their singing, their beautiful voices…..


  40. individual for acting
    and all TOGETHER for singing ^^

    so that’s okay for me if they do solo for act
    but when they stand on stage to sing
    i want to see them FIVE together

    i support what ever they do act or sing
    cos for me they still
    XiahJunsu, MickyYoochun, YoungwoongJaejooong, ChoikangChangmin and U-knowYunho
    the member of The Greatest Boyband in Asia

  41. If its really only vacation for
    coming sydney, then why jaechun
    go back to korea without junsu???

    Why is it junsu is the last one
    who leave in sydney???

    I don’t undersatand..

  42. I like to see this piece of news in a more positive light. Considering the length of the ongoing lawsuit, I believe the boys are simply looking at venturing into other activities before they can finally stand together as 5 on the stage as TVXQ once again. Just like anyone of us, they still have to make a living right? To put it simply, to me, such news is much better than say, preparing to release solo singles. Anyway, it’s just a personal opinion.

    But more importantly, I believe that the boys, all 5 of them, need our UNCONDITIONAL SUPPORT right now. I don’t need any reason to love them. I just do. =)

  43. I know ppl prefer them to be singers but, please, just be happy that they don’t want to disappear from the entertainment world COMPLETELY! I think it would be worse if they just left the entertainment world completely.

    And I agree with Kiki, acting is a gift/skill just like singing. Artists that can do BOTH well and more (like some DBSK members) are amazing and truly talented! So please don’t think negatively of those that try to crossover and do other works.

  44. This article annoys me. It makes it as though Sydney fans did not think of their privacy, but we did, and that’s why we didn’t scream, run or jump at them whenever we saw them. We only just quietly followed them and wanted to say hello. I’m sure if you were in our shoes, and heard that your favourite boy band was in the same country as you, you would definitely want to go see them, right? Yet this article does not mention our support for the three members who came.

    The person who wrote this is making Sydney fans look really bad, even though we didn’t do anything as bad as the fans in Korea.

    And it didn’t really look like a holiday, well not for Junsu anyway. He had a camera and staff following him the entire time. I am also annoyed for the staff or managers for not looking into the matter of the existence of fans in Australia. Because of that, it’s now another reason for people to look badly at us.

    Sorry for this comment, but I just had to let it out.

  45. I love them the way they are…
    still i just want them to get the best things….

    thanks for sharing…

  46. I read in MICKY YOOCHUN BAIDU BAR that the trio went to Australia because they want to show the fans that they are now able to do more things that they had always wanted.
    Did you all see Yoochun holding a camera and filming here and there when arriving at Australia? Apart from traveling, they also want to film the places that they have went to and share it with fans for free. This is like what they had done previous photoshots like BONJOUR PARIS and etcs. The difference is that you need to BUY to get the photo book of BONJOUR PARIS but now, members are sharing it to fans for fans and co-ordinate everything by themselves.

    Refer to the original news if needed:

    So please, do not think that it is for their solo activities. I am all in for them having solo activities but do not panic over such news and say that you aren’t sure if you would continue to support for they would be going solo.

  47. […] [News] 3 TVXQ Members to Start Their Solo Activities? Proposals from company to star in drama and f… 3 TVXQ Members to Start Their Solo Activities? Proposals from company to star in drama and film production! […]

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