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[Pic] 100106 Stalking DBSK

Junsu and Jaejoong

Photos of Junsu at Circular Quay

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In this photo, The one in black is Yoohwan (Yoochun’s brother). Jaejoong is standing behind Yoohwan T_T The one in green is either one of the staffs or the manager.

credit : ayutrance90@soompi
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  1. umm Junchan handsome
    like that clothes ><
    Jaejoong is standing behind Yoohwan TT

  2. JUnsuii is so handsome in white…

  3. What it is about? MV or Photobook?

    How about Changmin and yunho? or this activity it’s for JJ Micky and Junsu only!!!????

    • i was thinking the same… only JCS are making this photobook or whatever? where’s Yunho and Changmin???

    • well, just like what everyone else’s been saying, so far junsu is the only one doing the “serious” stuff (LOL) so assumption is, it’s junsu’s photoshoot, and the others are just tagging along =)

  4. junsu handsome guy

    and so tall

  5. What is junsu’s doing?

    Or what are they doing in SYDNEY?

    Junsu is really handsome…

    The man in

    He looks like an angel…


  6. So handsome… I wonder what Junsu was filming though…

    And Jaejoong was hiding behind Yoohwan! ><

  7. omg.
    Junsoo loves black boots. haha.

    btw. is he Ricky??

    was he fat? o_o

  8. The only one seen filming was Junsu, possibly for Mozart. They might not be there for a photobook afterall.

  9. Junsu is so handsome. I love him! Thank you for sharing ;p

  10. the last pic, is it inside their hotel? If it is then it’s definitely not Hilton.

    • I read in a fan account that they’re in Shangri La.

    • r u tarn huh? 555

  11. Yeah maybe its only junsu who
    is working for mozart and JaeChun
    and yoohwan just go there for
    vacation and be with junsu as

    Whatever is it the only thing now is
    i love junsu’s outfit,..

    He is so handsome on that
    outfit,..Not cute but handsome,..

  12. Are they only accompanied junsu there? What about changmin? He is lonely there even yunho is not with him at brisbane. Poor changmin.

  13. is it me or Junsu seems taller than what i expected ^__^.
    he definitely stands out O.o from other people

  14. Ahh there you are, my prince! Why do your legs look so slim? But I so love to see you in white! Ahahaha… (^.^) v

  15. LOL i think the girl in shorts is awestruck when she saw jae…

    she’s looking at where jae is right? can’t blame her, he’s so damn hot! T_T

    • Lol now that you mention it, yeah it looks like as if she’s staring at him since it does look like she’s looking in his direction. Starstruck! xDD

  16. OK…..hahaha….

    I can not see JJ but still ok…^^

    JS’s really cute… handsome dear….^___^

  17. I need clarifications, please.

    This Australian photobook will only feature the three of them? (I guess it stilll constitute as an individual activity as they did hold a fanmeeting last December with just the three of them.) What is the purpose of the photobook? Is it to raise working capital for their agency? Is it a publicity vehicle for them as a trio?

    Are they going to be like SG Wannabe in Korea? What are they called? Is there name Jaechunsu?

    Which Korean agency do they work under? Do they own it themselves? Who is the head of the agency? Junsu’s father? Does Yuchun’s brother also work for the agency? Or is he around only as a translator? Does any of Jae’s sisters work for the agency, too?


    • u make a whole new story , plz think before creating any words , it may cz misunderstanding ,

      & according to the fan account & video , its junsu who have work to MOZART , the other just compaying him for vacation , till now this what was reported ,

      wait , dont assume things

    • @ JOGAR:
      sorry to say..but you sound just like a psycho..
      just relax okay..

    • Hmm, basically nobody knows the answer to all your questions.

      And your questions are pretty much…. assumptions.

    • whats up with u?
      sorry, after reading all of your question, i just feel the urge to ask

    • yup they work in a different agency named ” Cassiopeia” lolx (just kidding)

      haha be mature ok? u sound so childish..

  18. junsu is so handsome in white

  19. My friend told me that its only junsu
    who is filming for his solo japanese
    song nd JaeChun is just there for
    vacation and of course to support junsu…

    Junsu is filming PV for his
    solo song,..hehehehe

    • so maybe its for XIAHTIC

      • Maybe…

      • eh is it coz his outfit is all white..that close to his XIAHTIC performance outfit..
        ehhh..This is some news then coz we dont even know that Junsu will be promoting his solo Jap this real??
        Really wanna go to Sydney and ask Junchan directly ..eventhough he will answer in his cute Kongrish…hahahaaa..

    • woah, that’s sure is exciting ^^
      can’t really imagine what’s the PV will be like though, with circular quay as the location =P and he IS tall 9just like he said, the other members are just too tall LOL)

      • PLEASE, let’s just wait and see…

    • solo japanese song?

      the fans there said junsu is having photohoot for mozart.

      which is which?

    • Is it his solo Japanese single? Isn’t Xiahtic the B side of Breakout? Or is it Double A side? Even then why do they need a separate photoshoot for it? They never did one for any of their other B side or Double A side singles? Is AVEX launching him as a solo artist like the next project group or in this case as a solo artist after Jaechun? Is this the reason why the Japanese fans protested to Max-san because the other members were being left out? I thought AVEX said that TVXQ’s activities in Japan will involve all 5 members and the individual activities are for Korea only? Is this some sort of favoritism?

      • calm down, please…

      • they are just assuming it’s Xiahtic. dont you think that the PV is rather late coz the single is to be released on the 27th?

        your sour graping on your post. dont be like that.

      • please, dont make assumption, we dont know anything so just calm down and wait , ok?

      • jogar, better get your head check. There’s something wrong with you mentally lol

        you are watching too much drama with all your conspiracy theories.

        group or solo activities, we just have to support them.
        if this is junsu’s solo, we have to support still, even jaechun are there to support junsu.

      • hey. you need to relax. sure, everyone has questions but don’t get too paranoid ok? :)

  20. just judging from the clothes, its a japanese project i think

    the style is way too japanese

    but why australia???

  21. If I were to choose a song to be released with their ‘BREAK OUT’ single, I’d pick ‘TOKI WO TOMETE’.. Why solo song? hehe.. eh? If it’s for Xiahtic, then I think Key must join the PV, right? hehehe.. ok, then.. let’s just keep on guessing and guessing until someone gives us the very reason why they’re in Aussie. Maybe their management or the boys, themselves, want us to play mind games..

    ^.^ why do I find
    like it’s fun to play
    mind game with TVXQ in Aussie..?

    Everyone is curious
    what JCS is really
    doing.. XD

    Sent on a phone using

  22. OMG I just found out about this today and i’m completely spazzing because: 1) I live in Australia (not in Sydney though, Melbourne) and 2) I was seriously contemplating going on a holiday to Sydney but cancelled!

    Please come to Melbourne!!!!!!!

    • if u live in Melbourne,then ull probably be glad to learn that Keita(w-inds)is supposedly having a blast somewhere out there!Go stalk him? ^__^

  23. LOOOOOOL…just like SYC said comments=comments, dont take it seriously, gosh…based on others comments u sound like you really assumed/believe everthing what the fans said are the truth pffftttt…no one knows the truth okay except the boys or mybe the staffs^^…

    @stellar: haha i find it so fun too, guessing wat the boys are doing, cassies in aussie is in chaos right now in finding the boys haha, lets just guess and guess but i hope some fans out there dont take it seriously though..


  24. keita (w-inds) is in melbourne.. hehe..

    Sent on a phone using

  25. And those onlookers don’t know how lucky they are. I’d completely freak out if I ever saw them in person! Aw, JJ is hiding and Junsu looks absolutely dashing in white. I am hoping and praying to God (even though i’m an atheist lol) that they come to Melbourne!!!

  26. Seems that there’s one antifan here~ SORRY to say.

    LOL. Looks like Yoohwan is calling out his hyung to let him knows that there’s a girl infront. ‘glare stare’

  27. a fanaccount says that she heard a staff with JCS talking in JAPANESE (obviously AVEX).. So I don’t think it’s for Mozart.. Mozart is in Korea. And it’s Junsu’s solo activity which has NOTHING to do with SME. The court allowed the trio to do some activities they want even without SME’s consent, right? and plus, what he wears is like Xiahtic outfit.. Also can’t set aside the fact that we can see he’s the only one being busy.. hahaha.. *guessing mode*

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  28. Hmmm junsu looks so handsome..

    Bud, why there’s no changmin picture in aussie??

  29. I think someone here is not really a TVXQ fan, or maybe just a new fan. I’m sorry to say~~~. Are you just a newbie? :) Your questions are just too impossible. ü

    Sent on a phone using

  30. agree

  31. ah. su is travelling alone with a camera?
    what are they shooting?

    thanks for sharing!

  32. xiahtic? i can believe that it might be for his japanese solo but i dont think xiahtic. why would he film in such scenic places. it doesnt fit xiahtic. i can believe it if yu say either avex for mozart but not sm. sm crew is way more then that plus no way in hell will sm ever give jcs a limo -.-

    lol his clothings reminds me more of picture of you XD

  33. […] [Pic] 100106 Stalking DBSK Junsu and Jaejoong Photos of Junsu at Circular Quay […]

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