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[Pic] 100105 Jaechunsu in Sydney

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jj, uggs?

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i feel hot just looking at him ><


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  1. a a a a a a

  2. hello micky welcome to sydney!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. O__O @ Jaejoong
    -drools- xD

  4. woaaaa~~

    visit minnie!!!
    Jae feed him… >.<

    somebody please snatch YunHo and send hin to Aussie too…. xDDD

    • lol … this made me smile xD

    • i wish yunniebear was in australia too…

  5. jae..!!i think he purposely wore his cloth like that…??well,i dont mind though..haha

  6. Jae, you tease.

  7. they dont go to c changmin…

    hope to found a pictures like this of changmin in australia ._.

  8. my life is brilliant >______<

    • you’re beautiful ;)

      • i saw an angel ?

        ีurk k kk k !!!!!

  9. 3rd pic … =.,=

    jj, why did you do that??? xD

    last pic, chunnie hubby with his cam … i’d be happy to be in it lol

  10. aweawjdaklsmdklasdas… JJ is sooo handsome!



  11. I wish Jae would have just taken off his sweater lol So hot @_@

  12. wait, does this mean they’re actually there to visit changmin?!?! my heart raced faster when i saw the title. if it is true, my day has been made

    • me toooo!!!!!

    • I know, I can’t help but wonder why they’re in Austrialia too!

  13. want to go ><

    I hope they’re feeling ok… it’s gonna get a bit hot ^^;;
    Must stalk them in the CBD!!!!
    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH SYC <333333

    • r u sure that they r in CBD ?

      if yes i will go too ~~ please let me know,i wanna join haha.

      • try hilton hotel in sydney

      • Haha I’m pretty sure they’d be in the CBD, no time to waste for them: Harbour bridge, opera house, QVB, chinatown, tourist destinations are all there. ;D
        I doubt they would lurk around somewhere else, take Chatswood, don’t think Jae wanna waste time in the sales at Westfield Myer :)
        Hahaha Yoochun walking George St in flip-flops… can totally imagine that.
        Antonette, thanks for the suggestion ;)
        Hope I’ll see you Sydney fans around!

    • If they really are on a holiday then it’s pretty much ruined >-<
      well, for a holiday they should choose a country where there isn't lots of people.. ehehehe… ^^;

      • What do you mean by lots of people, do you mean lots of fans?
        When I wrote ‘stalking’ haha, that means just walking around the CBD (like I was 2 days ago) and if I catch a glimpse of them I’m lucky.
        It’s tourist season anyway, so I don’t think people would notice too easily, if yoochun wore sunglasses with his camera, we’ll just pass and think, ‘another asian tourist’.
        There aren’t that many people in Australia, the whole population of the country is smaller than the amount of people in just Tokyo. xD
        And man, just heard they’re staying in shangri la (the rocks), they’ve got a damn lucky sight, every room has a water view, as it’s between the sydney harbour bridge and opera house.

  15. why did they’re in Sydney?
    Im so clueless…

    • I was going to ask the same question..

  16. sm staff is with them.

    so this is group activities i think in australia

    photobook or aadbsk4 maybe

    • Are u sure???? SM staff go with them????

  17. Can someone tell me what the go to sydney for? I’m so I miss something here?

    I’m sooooo hoping dat changmin can secretly meet the three..and yunho fly to sydney quietly..and they ended up having a secret meeting there..*cross fingers*

    • *pray with u*

  18. is there SM staffs?
    i don’t see any .____.

    but omg Jae and his jacket.
    thats some new nosebleeding stunt xD

    Jae’s beanie,boots and thick jacket seems like a real wrong choice for Aussie weather.
    did’nt Chunnie inform him Aussie’s weather is hot now?hehe xD

  19. What?? I think that they went there for holiday or sth like that.
    But I heard that they went to do some business there, which I really don’t get it that much.
    Cuz if it’s like above comment said that SME’s staffs are with them so ………

    I just have no idea at all. But yeah, definitely hope that they get a chance secretly to contact Changmin lol. Because SME’s staff is there too. So everything they do have to be secret. lol.


  20. T___T I wanna meet JJ so badly XD Come to Brisbane for a while T_T

  21. JJ is SEXY *drools*

    anyways, wonder what they’re doing there in Sydney? =.=

  22. Jae must feel hot 555

    wearing uggs and sweater now in sydney is not a good idea.

    but anyway he is my cutie,hopw he will be fine.

    i wanna see them.please tell me where r they now?

  23. Where’s Junsu?

    • 2nd pic behind jae .. gray jacket

      3rd pic, on the very left (:

  24. Take the jacket off, Jae~~~ lol.

  25. ohhhh….
    jaejoong look hot….
    love his sexy back….!!!!!!

  26. At first I thought JJ was just being his usual sexy self, but since you mention that it is hot there, maybe he was just hot and couldn’t stop to take off the jacket with all the fans after them.

    Fans please please give them some space there. God knows they need it.

  27. wat r they doing in australia? mybe shoot a cf ?? or cheer minnie?? haha…

    O_O JJoongie ur such a sexy beast,..i wonder how many ausies will be smitten by ur beauty there ^^…

    yunho should go too…


  28. aaww..are they visiting their dongsaeng

  29. crebeau aussie..


    *gets punched*

    do they really have SME staff
    with them? :)

    Sent on a phone using

  30. my DBSK heart! waaah! hope they all go vacationing together. The boys need to talk, seriously.

  31. i am so excited about the airport video im still quite speechless about this. i dont think the trio is there for a photoshoot or any sm related bussiness. because if they were yoonhwan wouldnt be there nor will sm be kind enough to give them sucha welcoming limo when they dont even give the trio proper body gaurds.

    as for the sm related people have anyone ever thought that they might be close friends with dbsk after workin wit them so long. i mean there is bound to be some relationship knowin thier irresistable charms. its not always bussiness. n dbsk staff are all quite close. when we blame sme its not everyone but only those in higher positions.

    i sincerely wish that the trio flew to australia to talk to min. to do something with min becuz they cant stand the damn tension n to get away from sm hound dogs. if yun was there it surely would be a family reunion. this is good news to me so please dont spoil it by being paranoid

  32. i forgot to mention is the commentin in the airport vid disabled? i wanted to comment but didnt see te box

  33. What are they doing in sydney,..

    Yoochun’s bro is with them also…

    I’m curious because its only yunho
    who is not there…


  34. Oh god! Jae why are you so hot?!! Look at that jacket hanging off from him. Mmm sexy back! <3<3

  35. sm/avex staff is with them

    There is the staff speaking Japanese. The woman of red clothes.

    going to australia is a group activity.

    rumor said they will shoot photobook

    • …so it’s for work then? oh okay…

      a vacation would’ve been nice though…i’m sure they would’ve wanted that.
      and if i’m not mistaken, isn’t the first 10 days of january usually their personal off time anyway?

      i’ll wait until this is confirmed…or is it already? LoL! xD

  36. LoL! @ chun’s clothes…i can see he checked the weather report before he boarded the plane to sydney! i believe hell literally froze over korea the day of their flight. thank god it’s summer in aussie! xD and yunnie, please stay warm in korea…god knows it’s hella freezing there! =]

  37. Its Official…

    They will shoot for their Photobook in australia

    • my mistake its not official per se but from fan account

      a friend of mine emailed me, she’s one of the fan during the arrival. The
      male staff said its for photobook.

      • yeah..thanks u so much, hun <3.
        waiting for comfirm

    • hmmm really? then wat about yunho?

    • eh~ a photobook for what…SMEnt? <_<
      seriously…why?! i don't understand.

    • Please give me more info….maybe ptb for new Japanese album *i guess*

  38. is it a Korean or Japanese photobook? cuz their activities in Korea has stopped, so it is a Japanese activity, right?

  39. woahh its so cold in korea now they must be happpy with the sunny weather :D woahh wat are they doing there? vacation?? or r they trying to suprise changmin? cuz they missed him too much?

  40. oh jae..
    wae r u so hot..

  41. ahhhhhh!!!! JJ!!!
    you are too hot and sexy!!!! >////<

    I'm gonna melt now~~~~

    *still curious what they going to do*

  42. wish they have a good & relaxed vacation here ,,

  43. joongie ahh! why not just take of that jacket and save us all that trouble :)) if you think joongie’s a little over-dressed, look at su. haha

    anyway, read somewhere in baidu from a chinese fan account, she said that they’re staying at Shangri-la..
    but anyways,, we’ll find out soon enough if they’re there for work.. otherwise may they have a peaceful holiday..

    • link to fan a/cc pls

  44. omg really excited for TVXQ even though i’m hundreds of miles away in california xD
    JAESUCHUN are in australia right now, minnie is shooting his drama there right now, leadershii is still in Korea (i think?) —and if this is a photobook..can anyone scream out DONG BANG SHIN GI reunion! just know that 4 out of 5 loves (yunnie, come to australia NOW!) are in the same country rocks xD sigh~ 1am in the morning and here i am spazzing like crazy over TVXQ!!! xD

  45. work or not, I hope some people stop being such a burden for other fans by taking everything negatively… ^^ i don’t even like SM or any SM artists other than DBSK, but all those curses and paranoids, i started to get tired of it…
    Yohwan is there, Limo is there, please think positive for now

  46. they’re so hot even look in the back side…hahaha

    Thanks for sharing. ^^

  47. hot jae is in sydney…i feel like flying there now….

  48. wait…reading all viewers and i ‘m now confusing…photobook?? then changmin went to aussie to film the drama right? and? what jaechunsu do at sydney?

    ahh…hot body..angles come to sydney~!!

  49. yes jaejoong… HOT baby…
    with his style.. *i mean used sweaters with not really neat* lol

  50. be killed by sexyyyyyy JJ ^___________^. hope they will have great time in Sydney. Thanks 4 sharing <333333333

  51. I hope yunnie could go with them :(

  52. Is it a photobook for the three of them? Or for the five of them?

    If for the three of them, is it part of their Korean individual or solo activities? Well, more like a trio. Are they putting up a new trio? Isn’t a trio a group? So can’t be-that would be illegal right?

    If it is for the five of them, will Yunho be joining them? I read he took a 5PM flight. Any photo to support that rumor?

    Or perhaps, it’s just a vacation for those three and filming for Min.

  53. If the staff said it’s for business issue then there must be some truth.

    Woa at how some ppl. get overexcited and argue about every little thing when nothing is confirm yet.

  54. “i feel hot just looking at him ><" –LOL XDD <333333333 aaaaahhhh~~ lucky Aussies… T___T

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