Posted by: sharingyoochun | December 31, 2009

[Vid] 091231 Tohoshinki – Kouhaku

Stand by U


Ps. SYC admins are now celebrating NEW YEAR EVE

Love y’all


  1. ahh our handsome boyssss<3
    great perf whoots^^

  2. I saw Kohaku. Just ended few minutes ago. It was nice to see Jae, Yunho and Min smiled at the end.

    Happy New Year SYC admins and Cassies.

    • i want to c this , , i saw kohaku live also , till their perf. only , i really like their perf. enterance & the audience ,

      • Yes. Hope someone uploads this. Hehe. They were waiting for the results. I saw Min smile a little. It was nice to see him smile nonetheless. And Jae even though it was just his back/side profile.

  3. The boys are very handsome.

    To all SYC admins & the readers, happy new year. Wishing you joy, happiness & success in year 2010. GBU all.

  4. they were smiling, that’s all i need (especially yoochun. and they zoomed in when changmin was smiling <3 <3). the only one i didn't see at the end was jun-chan, but we all know he's a chipper fella anyway. <3

  5. happy new year!!!

  6. This is my best new year present…

    Thanks SYC admins always posting up latest news for us all these times, I’m sure all readers appreciate you very much, just like i do…


    thanks for bringing and sharing TVXQ’ love to all of us!!

    lets hope for the best next year, for TVXQ, SYC admins and of course all the TVXQ lovers~!!

    * bow * sorry for my broken english ==”’ Hehehe

  7. our boys really handsomee!

    – HNY 2010 –

    love you SYC! thanks for everything you’ve done for us .
    and love you all Cassies!! <33
    hope next year will become a good year of us ^^

  8. Just saw it on tv…
    Short, but it’s enough to see them together, especially at kouhaku…
    I nearly cried! xD

    yoi otoshi wo, minna~

    and for those already in the new year, akemashite omedetou~

  9. Dang It was wayy too short. I wish I could have seem MORE of their lovely faces.. T-T

  10. Please please please somebody upload the part where they were smiling at the end? (I missed it 0__0) It will make a lot of fans happy for the next three months. XDDDD


  11. Happy new year for those of you that are already in January 1!! And they smiled?? I missed it T-T it was so late for me by the time thy finished. Tooooo shorttttt :(

  12. i was just rewatching it (cuz the live was so laggy i could barely see anything), and Changmin’s eyes really scared me…they looked really…fierce/angry to me, idk why. if you look really hard, in a way they seem to have lost its usual gentleness…><;;

  13. Happy New Year everyone! (Unless you’re on this side of the international date line that HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE!)

    Regardless of the circumstances I think this performance was many many times better than even last years performance in which they seemed rather exhausted (It was Purple Line and Why Did I Fall for You, right?)
    I really felt all of their emotions in this, even with Big Brother SME breathing down their necks it was an amazing performance.

    Thank you so much for sharing!! <3

  14. Happy new year SYC!!! :)

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