Posted by: piao | December 31, 2009

[Pic] 091230 “Always Keep The Faith” Appeared On SBS Gayo 2009

edited with one more pic

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junsu did u see it too?? Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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  1. LOLLLLL!! laugh so much, cassies raised their voices !
    ah junsu in the middle of all those girls~

    • my dear Junsu.. !! *spazz*

      this guys has an amazing voice like our Su..
      and he keeps on getting better and better.. ^^

  2. lol that bring my mood up.
    to day i was so happy coz my dad let me borrow his credit to buy breakout
    then i read the news TT^TT it broke my heart
    then this news yah yah
    lol im out of my mind again ^^

  3. i saw that while watching the awards, i knew it was only a matter of time before someone screencapped it and put it up. it made me so happy. go cassies!

  4. gosh!
    ytd keep lagging.
    So didn’t notice it!
    Cassies rocks!

    *always keep th faith!!*

  5. i saw one of shinee members –forgive me for not knowing his name– clapping and showing thums up to the crowd. i hope he intended that to the blessed,blessed cassie! =)

    • onew, he is leader of shinee, love this boy for his support.

  6. wass Su in white suit? I can’t see clearly that seems to be not him right? tell me 0_n. I don’t understand this programme is used for supporting DBSK by the slogan Always keep the faith ?, I see so many members of bands I think they’re rather celebrated like 2NE1, ShiNee… etc n who’s singing in the vid I don’t know him.
    I wonder why the members of ShiNee (not all) join in this programme while they’re working with SM, it’s very unlikely? they object openly SM, or another reasons, tell me. thsnks a lot.

    • OMGG YEAH that guy in white looked like our susu!!! hahaha^^ but i dun know who he is actually [whoopsies] and that’s a cassie [<3] raising up an aktf sign! i don't think that its sbs supporting them or anything more like cassies using every chance possible to remind everyone out there abt dbsk's presence~! and aktf of course <3

      the guy singin in the video is [whoA] junsu of 2pm!! haha he's cute too but not as cute as our junsu HAHA^^ [ps: in 2pm there's a junsu and a junho! cool huh!! lolx first time i heard i was v stunned too^^ our kim brothers bwahaha<3]

      and omg @deadstar, i hope he's clapping in support of the sign too! that'll be dead awesome<333 he's onew btw haha^^

  7. No, this is when one of shinee member had H1N1, so not all of em come to GAYO
    Cassies я awesome, they know what to do to show their support for dbsk

    • who in shinee didn’t go to gayo daejun? O_o i watched it yesterday when it was aired live and i saw all 5 of them there

  8. cassie’s everywhere!on monday, i watched music bank on astro 303, i saw a card wif “동방신기” written on it! =D

  9. lol, great cassie.

  10. go cassies! hahaha!

  11. lol cassie are sooooooooo amazing ^o^
    Always keep the Faith

  12. WoW!!!! Some Cassie, LOVE U!!!!!
    who overlooked: LOOK AT ONEW (SHINee) 0:04-0:08
    Yeah yeah, go on support your sonbaes!!!

    • AWW!! I love Onew <3!!!

  13. This made me smile..cassies rock..their so amazing!..Thank you for sharing ^_^

  14. ohh i see now! i thought that it was the part of the show~~ but it’s a cassie omg <3

    love u

  15. lol I love that the sign is gigantic.

    • and glow in the dark lmao xD ftw

  16. heck yes! always keep the faith, everyone!
    thats whats up! ^^

    • agreed! Hehehe
      Cassies are Effing awesome!

  17. yupp cassie are amazing lol they always know the perfect timing to hold the board up for the cam to capture it hehe
    its so big n bold too go cassie
    im still not use to knowing another junsu >< it just doesnt seem or feel right lol

  18. […] [Pic] 091230 “Always Keep The Faith” Appeared On SBS Gayo 2009 edited with one more pic […]

  19. omg, i saw this yesterday and wanted to kiss and hug that cassie badly! xD i love her!! and i love onew too~ .. supporting your sunbae ; )

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