Posted by: sharingyoochun | December 27, 2009

[Info] Kouhaku Performance Order

The order of performances…. and Tohoshinki gets the 30th

the most interesting about Kohaku is… they will announce rating for each performance! Last year, Tohoshinki brought the 2nd highest ratings during the first part of the show. Then, let see how’s it going with this year!

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  1. perfumextohoshinki again ??? xD

    • perfume is cute though…:) very bbubbly. Tohoshiki Hwaiting!!!

  2. omg..we will wait that long for the performance?

    KHTV will crash again…believe me!!!

  3. what time does kouhaku start?

    • It will be at 4AM UScentral time, which is &PMJapan time. Japan is 15 hours a head.

      • *7PMJapan time

  4. Its started at 7 pm japan time i guess..
    Remember last year I made excuses to my boss so that I could go home earlier to watch it on tv..guess Ill be doing that again this year..

  5. susan boyle will be in kohaku ,, she will try to sing in japanese also ,, maybe more fans gonna c the boys


    • i saw that too in my local newspaper.. and i live in the MIDDLE EAST..!!
      i never knew she became that famous.. “in the newspaper they said that she’ll sing a children’s song” ?!

      but i am thinking like you too.. many non-Jpop fans will see the show and hopefully THSK will gain more fans.. :D :D :D :D

    • susan boyle will atten Kohauku as well.
      This surprise be, I’m sure her voice will blow everyone away.
      Anyway, Tohoshinki is in the 3oth, so I guess I have to wait that long.
      But as other artists are so interesting as well. I can waith though.

      Thank you

  6. Will Kouhaku broadcast in NHK World or only in NHK Japan??

    • It broadcasts in NHK World too!! Because I watch it every year and I live in Brazil… ^^v

  7. so excited!~(?)
    when they performance? -.-‘

    • on the 31st.

      let’s cheer for them all together..!! :D :D

  8. their are in the 30th…is that mean the schedule of their perf too (plZ reply some1)????

    • Please read this article’s title carefully and you’ll get the answer

  9. How come last year they got to sing 2 songs? why this year they got 1 song only?

    • Not sure.. But if I don’t forget, the site only announced 1 song for each artist, so no one gets 2 songs anyway.

      Or will the other song be a surprise at the d-day? ^^;;

  10. tohoshinki ~ gambare

    thnx 4 sharing syc

  11. can you tell me.. I tried to watch NHK by KHoleTV last night.. but I couldn’t find the channel…

    I just found fuji tv, asahi tv, tv tokyo, tv japan…

    can you help me?

    I really want to watch them on 31!!!!! ^^

    • I’m not sure but I think 総合テレビ is the channel for NHK with the password: NHK.
      KeyHoleTV is stuffing up on my comp these days == hopefully I can watch them tomorrow.

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