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[Pic] Junsu from Mozart Profile Cut & More Photo Sketches Cut

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The make up noona is focusing in applying make-up and Junsu is clutching “Musical Mozart!” leaflet :D

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Posing on the chair and looks so natural, Mr. Kim Junsu! XD

He really fits the maestro costume

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Mozart main costumes are the green and red jackets.

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Junsu’s message to all his fans: “Please watch me perform!”

credit: musical day cafe + dnbn
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  1. he looks so HOT *fans herself* i really2x wanna watch mozart now.huhuh :(

  2. junsu so natural and cool

    finally junsu will break away from his cute image

    i love it

  3. Oh yes i wanna watch it ==

    Kim Junsu Hwaiting !!!

  4. Yes junsu… I will definitely watch you, through fancam ofcourse…lol

    I hope his musical goes well!!

  5. so hot!!! haha

  6. Wow! ilovehim! ilovehim! ilooovveeehimmm!

    Go Junsu! I wish i can watch your musical =)

  7. Xiahzart is so hot…
    I do want to watch you perform..but cant afford to go there…lol

    just support u from far baby…
    Go Xiahzart~

  8. I’M FAINTING lol

    SuSu, you’re not cute anymore, for once! lol
    You are soooooooo HOT!!!!!!!!

  9. oh. junsu so cool.i will watch you perform.let’s go

  10. Who said Junsu doesn’t have charisma? lol He’s dripping H.O.T!!! i.e. if one can drip hotness.

  11. a different side of junsu

    i love it.

  12. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the red costume xD
    and he just oozes charisma, isn’t he ? *_*

  13. Haha…Oh my! HOT! Yeah! Can’t wait to watch ur performance. Junsu fighting!

  14. oh dear god, my future husband with long hair *Gets bricked*

    major nosebleed!!!

  15. ahh.. so sad i can’t watch my opahh junsu .. hope they released DVD soon.. :)

  16. Man I love junsu in here!

  17. aw as much as i like his outfit but it will cover his duckbutt…


  18. bwahahahahaha uhuhu ahahaha
    i can’t stop laughing.
    *clutch my stomach*
    *roll on floor laughing*

    *finally get a grip on myself*
    i can just imagine it he himself must be bursting to laugh.
    ahhh my grown up junsu..

  19. wahhhhh!! ^^

    thx for sharing dear! hwaitingg!!

  20. his hair omona
    he had jack sparrow’s hair
    he fits the character well

  21. omo is this really him???… his hair here ^’^

  22. awwwwwwwww <3 he looks very innocent when they're putting make up on~~
    but after he transforms into a HOT dolphinator and kills all the fans at once.


  23. omg our little innocent duck butt dolphin has turned into a hot smoking badass mozart!
    I wanna take him home with me *blushes*

  24. GO GO XIAHZART ,,,,, so HOT

  25. hot, But I can still see junsu in this, hehhehehe


    thanks, SYC! ;)

  27. my eyes cant believe this!!!!
    Junsu is so stunning!!!
    im in love again! XD

  28. love it!xiahzart is the best!!!!

  29. he is very different
    he look so manly

  30. wow he looks hot~~
    love him with that kind of make ups!
    very handsome~~
    and somehow his eyyebrows are similar like yunho’s!
    i love him even more

    sexy junsu’s back!

  31. my god!!!!! he looks dashing n cool
    wa… i miss spazzing at syc..
    my dad take away the modem..huu

    thnx for sharing^_^

  32. KIM JUNSU!!!!!
    In front of the heaven….:)

  33. i love all outfits but i think i like the green one better….i think it cuz i like
    i will watch junsu JUNSU…
    GO GO GO!!! YAY!!!

  34. hotness overload, i can’t spot angelxiah at all, where is your cuteness, oppa? lol XD
    maybe after this, junsu will consider to have a long hair, he looks so hot in that hairstyle, like bad boy, lol

    i see no signs of cutie xiah here!! xD

  36. feel little confused with his wig.
    i think it most like jack sparrow’s hair than mozart.
    but he’s still handsome.

  37. i love him with long hair. so charmingly handsome!

    i wish i could watch him perform.

  38. […] [Pic] Junsu from Mozart Profile Cut & More Photo Sketches Cut The make up noona is focusing in applying make-up and Junsu is clutching “Musical Mozart!” leaflet […] […]

  39. *HEAVEN*

    “Hey whats with the sudden increase of dead people coming??”

    DEATHS: +800 000

    “Oh. Xiahzart happened.”

    Hotness overload :oo~ =>w<=b

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