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[Trans] 091211 Bigeast 4th FANCLUB EVENT” Cancellation Noticement

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Bigeast 4th FANCLUB EVENT” Cancellation Noticement

For all your even warmer support for Tohoshinki, thank you very much.
Today we have to deliver everyone a very important notice. We finally decided to cancel the “Bigeast 4th FANCLUB EVENT” which is planned to be held for one month next year.

We know that all Bigeast has been waiting for the event with much anticipation, therefore for us to write this announcement, we feel really sorry.

We think some of you may have already known from media that currently Tohoshinki is having some domestic problems and after we did much consultation and discussion with the members themselves, in the end we come to decision that we need to cancel this fan club event.

For all Bigeast who has been watching over Tohoshinki in warm support, we again have to apologize that the result turns out like this.
We hope for your understanding that we just can announce this today.
About any refund for this event, we will contact you later.

Bigeast secretariat strongly hopes that you all continue supporting Tohoshinki activities as five members. Thank you for the future of Tohoshinki.

– Bigeast secretariat –

For everyone who are always supporting Tohoshinki, Thank you very much.
Encouragement from Bigeast gives us more power. Nevertheless, to always give you such worriness, we feel really sorry.

Now that we have to stop the fanclub event you all have been looking forward, we have to apologize even more.

We always have feeling to create a stage as professionals so that all of you can enjoy the circumtances, and in front of all Bigeast, we have will to be honest.

Afterall, when our true smiling face can not be shown yet we still stand on stage, it means that we lie to all fans there, thus we decided to cancel the event.

We need time to organize our mind, and finally we would like to meet everyone with a true smile.

Really sorry to cause you worriness.

– Tohoshinki –

source: bigeast mail
trans by: sharingyoochun@wordpress


  1. T_____________________T
    i understand where they’re coming from yet still.. *heart breaks*
    reading this and that yunho’s fansite message, seems like they’re starting to acknowledge openly that there’s a serious problem in the band ..they’ve been choosing to be quiet about it til now

    • i don’t think that they are admitting any problems between them
      ahh my heart hurts soo bad
      but regarding their honesty and the thing about the true smiling faces
      this is why i love them

  2. I just want to say what many of us are thinking.

    I’m ready for the boys to disband so that they will remain, and always be friends.

    I feel that too much has happened for things to go back to the way they were. Of course if they manage to solve this and stay as one, that would be great but if not, we will still love them.

    • I don’t think there is something wrong with preparing yourself for the worse; it’s a way of coping and protecting yourself from bad news. The thing about THSK/DBSK is that even if the members do not want to disband, at this point it’s out of their control. If SM wants them gone, they will be gone. They did it with H.O.T and obviously, SM doesn’t learn nor care about the fans of the boys (unlike Avex or Max Matsuura)

      I think the friendship can still be fixed though (if there is a problem with it. For all we know, they could just not be allowed to talk to each other). If they didn’t c are for each other, they wouldn’t look that miserable.

      • I hate SM.
        They don´t give a ….

        how they can be like this?

        How you can give your heart to another SM band after this?
        Knowing this?

    • sadly i agree. T_T

      • I agree too.

        this really sucks. Bigeast memebers have paid MONTHS in advance just to go to this fan meeting.

        This news really makes me want to go to the fan meeting in Seoul tomorrow even though I don’t have a ticket…I feel like it will be my last chance to just get a glimpse of just three of them….

    • im sorry but please don’t say like that. Being “ready for them to disband” or “I’ll support them always even though they have to disband” doesn’t mean that you’re considerate and understanding. They’re not disbanding yet, and we know exactly they’re trying not to, even though there’s problem within the band. They’re trying so hard, and why do you give up so easily?

      Tohoshinki is their life, their dream. If the friendship within them has became so bad that they have to disband, do you think they’ll come back as friends after that? With a note that each of them has tortured each other’s life and dream? No. If you want their friendship to be okay, then being okay with Tohoshinki is the only way.

      • i’m just preparing myself for the worst, that’s all.
        i mean, it’s impossible not to think that way.
        i’m just saying…*sigh*

        gah~ i’ve never cried about this whole thing until now.
        this hurts…bad. =/

    • I’m with you. kind of.
      I will support them all the time, that means I will support them and they decision to disband if that ever happen
      I just want them to be happy

  3. I am really sad TT
    The situation seems to get more serious even in Japan. Anyway, I will always support them.

    Thank you SYC for the update. Love you guys.

  4. what does this mean???

    pressure from SME??

    I really feel bad about this announcement…TT^TT

  5. *shocked and faints*
    well wat can we expect *runs to a corner and cries*..
    but i think its a good thing cuz i dnt want to see our boys awkward wd each other,it will hurt the fans more..we will give them some more time until they will ready to face the fans again wd a genuine smile tru from the heart^^

    but poor bigeast, im xur they are very dissappointed @__@..


    • *nods*

    • totaly agree cuz when we see awkward momoent it hurts us even more
      so i really appreciate their honesty
      i lovethem sooo bad
      i soo don’t want them to disband

  6. Well, i don’t know how to react with this news. I just hope all the problem will be settle soon. I know, many fans have been looking forwards to this event. But, we cannot been selfish, right. Be strong boys. We always support you guys !!!


  7. Take your time boys….

    I do hope that the fan meet will be an event for them to talk and discuss the problem throughly, but I guess we have to wait longer…

    *BTW, thanks SYC for giving such information in light manner..
    I’ve been stressed out by soompi lately. It looks like you have to take a side, but I don’t want to since I love all of them.
    No matter who they company are Or if the worse thing happen we wouldn’t be able to see them for a looong time..

    THSK fighto!!! members fighto!!!!!

  8. WOW, I’m speechless…

  9. so it’s like someone predicted since the news of lawsuit revealed to public – that even in japan, avex is still a business so fans should not put too much hope in japan like ‘break commercial deal’, ‘bigeast fanbase’, etc.
    i tracked back some posts on omonatheydidnt and after 4 months, i see that many ‘originally considered as losers assumptions’ comments are now in fact becoming reality.
    i hope the best for them then.

    • Personally, I was prepared for this since august. The boys may have had a say in canceling the fanmeeting but there must be a lot more stuff behind the scenes that we don’t know. While I feel like Avex is ready to fight for the boys and try to find a solution, at the end of the day, there is still SM Japan and SM and they have been partners with Avex for years now. I’m not that angry at Avex though because I feel like they care.

      Omona piss me off though so I don’t go there anymore (they judge korean netizens but they are just as ridiculous and judgmental as they are. Hypocrits). There were a couple of posts there though when the lawsuit stated that predicted everything that is happening right now.

      • i know what you mean about omona.

        i often roll my eyes and go “aren’t YOU a netizen too?” when they badmouth korean netizens or the industry in general.

        the ones who presented their views and predictions objectively are the comments i like and look forward to reading. i am a big dbsk fan but i appreciate their unbiased comments more than the biased black/white, victim/evil overlord views most fans there seem to have.

  10. This is just…..
    Shocking and unprepared for.

    I understand it’ll be awkward now to be on stage together and act as if nothing is happening.It’s good to hear that hey didn’t want to deceive the fans.Hopefully it’s just purely the reason they stated and not some underlining meaning.imo,one thing I like about this grp is their unity and I want that to stay. :D


  11. Although it’s sad to hear this, it’s kinda true from their statement.

    “Afterall, when our true smiling face can not be shown yet we still stand on stage, it means that we lie to all fans there.”

    Would we want to see them being troubled by all these and still try to be happy and play with fans on stage?

    Just want them to be happy. ;)

  12. i am here listening to all of u ^^


  13. Well… I’d be lying if I say I wasn’t expecting something like this to happen, but still hurts as hell. :~~

    “Afterall, when our true smiling face can not be shown yet we still stand on stage, it means that we lie to all fans there, thus we decided to cancel the event.

    We need time to organize our mind, and finally we would like to meet everyone with a true smile.”

    I’m really proud of our boys, I mean, they choose to be honest to their fans. This really touched me.

    I think it’ll be good for them to take some time to think straight and then soon they’ll be able to be on the stage together as five with a true smile in their faces. <3

    TVXQ FIGHTING!! Always keep the faith.

  14. i want to give them a big hug.. at least they are honest about it..

    the boys are going through hard times now.. they need all our love and support

    always keep the faith

    • *totally agreed *


  15. ha ha ha….T___T

    i’m crying.

    ha ha ha….

    • me toooooooooo
      but we have to be strong for the boys

    • Me three. TT.TT
      First, the end of Bigeastation, and now, THIS? I was so unprepared for this.
      But, I’m proud of the boys for being honest with us.
      FINALLY they’re telling us SOMETHING about how they’re feeling now.

      Boys, be strong.
      Cassies and Bigeast and international fans will work hard to make sure the Break Out Project will be a success. We hope the five of you will smile brightly when it happens. TT_______TT LET’S WORK HARD GIRLS!!!!

  16. the fanmeeting in january is canceled?

    oh no..i’m getting anxious.

    sm is behind this im sure cuz junsu already rearranged the sked of the musical so he can attend the fanmeetings.

    why canceled it the last minute? sm is doing this.

  17. This shows how much they care about fans.They wouldnt want to put up a fake show,I understand that.Take your time boys.But ofcourse it still hurts to read this news.All i want them is to be happy.Even at the fanmeet they cant say or talk about this.When they are ready, they will tell us.I will support whatever decision they make.

    • and they are completely honest to fans, this what makes them even more precious to us and make us love them even more.They dont lie to us.Whatever they promise,they will do it.

  18. Why wasn’t I shocked when I read this? At least the boys are honest about it, and I want them to take their time.

    Whatever happens, I’ll be prepared.

    As long as they are happy then I will be okay with it.

    I hope that this fan meeting is postponed and not cancelled.

  19. “Afterall, when our true smiling face can not be shown yet we still stand on stage, it means that we lie to all fans there, thus we decided to cancel the event.” This’s why i love AVEX…. (^-^) very concern about Tohoshinki & fans….
    it’s sad but I agree, let them have their true smile first cuz that’s what all fans want to see. I don’t want to see then trying hard pretending to be happy in front of the fan just for the fan, it’s painful for them.
    I think we just need to be patience for a little longer.
    Tohoshinki fighting and keep the faith we love u!!!

  20. I’ so sadden by this….but their honesty in acknowledging their situation makes me love them more…..nvrmind,,i’ll still love them the same.

  21. *cries and floods SYC*

    dongbangshinki I cna’t wait to see all of you smiling okie :) :)
    on a brighter note, there’s still the new single in january!! :D

    woohoo anw wants to read the fic i wrote (it’s dbsk OT5!!!)

    okie if you guys read it, comment! ok?

  22. Though I’m sad that the fanmeeting is cancelled, at least they are being HONEST about this matter, I’m so proud of them for being honest. This is much better than seeing their fake smile and awkwardness during fanmeeting that make us so worried. So take your time boys, we’ll always be waiting for you. I wanna see your true smiles after all these dramas are over.

  23. omg this makes me wanna join the 500k bigeast project even more!!!uwaaa!!if i have more money…more copies…stay strong boys…


  24. very very Shock!!!!!!!!!!
    i’m not prepare for this TT^TT

    but, thanks so much SYC

  25. Honestly, I have no idea what’s going on anymore. I think we just have to be patient and wait & see.

  26. I’m really sad.
    I thought fan meeting will held,because Xiah changed days of musical.
    WHY? pressure of SM?
    i’m so shocked becouse it hardly ever be canceled in Japan.

  27. Honestly, this is not what I expect but yet somehow I knew it all along that this might happen.

    I have to salute the boys to be such honest and genuin towards their fans. With Japanese culture, I think the boys know exactly what would it be like if they stand on the stage and can’t show their turely smile. The fans will feel it definitely.

    I think this is the right time for them to gather all of their enery by organizing their mind.

    Take time guys, we will always waiting for you NO MATTER WHAT.


    • yes NO MATTER HOW LONG it will take
      if they are willing to comeback
      i’ll be always waiting

  28. Yes. It’s a therapy shock for me. though I’s very very sad about this news, but I’m happy, at least we won’t see the ‘false’ them =)

  29. I still LOVE you all,


    PS, also LOVE SYC
    my dear keep clam!!

  30. WOW… Though this is really sad, I really admire their honesty…

  31. Its sad but We can’t argue with the decision, its seems the right thing to do.

    Just be happy boys:) We can’t be selfish at a time like this, we need to think of them.

  32. They just don’t know how to lie in front of their fans.

    I can wait.

  33. heartbreaks, fear that the worst would come true.

    for the first time in my life, i actually have a wish – i hope that the boys could go back to where they were and continue as one happily.

    like what Jae said last year during a few interviews, the five of them together is so hanbokkei* (blissful) that he is afraid it’ll end one day

    • me too..i’m afraid the worst news would would be better to prepare my heart from now on

  34. i’m happy that they were honest enough to say that, love those boys sfm…

    but now i’m just scared…

    i just hope they DO release the Break Out single on january…

  35. heartbreaks….. T____T
    this is sooo sad,hope everything will be ok soon. always support you

  36. how can i say this…i can’t lie either, it’s really a heartbreaking news ;((
    but all we can do now is just support them in whatever they do n decide!

  37. many thx for sharing the news syc.. –‘

    even now i’m sad, it’s still good to see their sincerity to their fans..

    whatever it takes, go dbsk!!

  38. I’m not surprised.

    I already expected
    this would happen.

    Sorry to say…

    (with SM forbidding HoMin
    to get in touch with JaeChunSu?
    I don’t think everyone
    would enjoy
    the fanmeeting..
    That would be full
    of awkwardness.)

    I’m also so depressed..
    but what can we do?

    I’m just getting myself ready
    ‘coz with everything
    that’s happening..
    disbandment isn’t impossible.

    but still,
    I’ll never stop praying
    and wishing so hard
    to let TVXQ’s career
    be longer..
    more years..

    Let’s support
    them until
    the end..

    *wipes tears*
    *group hug*

    Let’s fight this challenge together with our TVXQ..!!!

  39. at least they’re not lying…

    don’t know what will come next?! Break out cancellation?! under whatever circumstance, they can’t promote it together anyway.

    still support them but i don’t know what’s await next year.

    feels like everything is falling apart, hope that my feeling is wrong.

  40. Speachless… I admire them for everything they are doing, for their bond and it hurts to see that they are spliting in despite of their effort not to do it. (that makes even more heartbreaking)
    It is strange how life is: a year ago they were so happy, so close… and now they are not allowed even to talk to each other…
    I am not taking any one sides, I don’t know who had the chance to stop it even so… one day they will tell the truth in their own way…
    Maybe (I pray) next year they will bring smiles, laughs, and we will see, feel that their bond become stronger. Till then I wish they find a way to be together as true close bestfriends even if we don’t know

  41. now, they even can’t promise us to have 5 of them already anymore :(

  42. my heart breaks, even though I’m not surprised by this news…
    I’ll wait for 5 of them to be on stage smiling….

  43. im sorry admins-san, do you mind to tell me where can I read the japanese version of the message? It’s not that I don’t believe your translation (after all I always reading this blog) but it hurts so much that I really want to read it with the original language they used….

  44. “Always Keep The Faith” is not something you just say and forget about.

    This is the time we need to truly practice what we preach and believe that the boys will find the quickest and pain-less way out of this mess.

  45. I’m so afraid the next bad news will be Break Out cancellation. It looks like this December will be their final show, before they resolve the whole problem of lawsuit thing. It’s just my preminition.

    But it also can be a good thing, I mean maybe it can be a turning point of Homin joining the trio. What’s more to gain by staying with SM, since they cannot do anything together. The drama? The result of HTTG proved acting is not their primary area. At least not now. CM’s drama? I don’t know…I’m being skeptical…

    They’re honest…I admire them more…

    If worst ever came, I hope they gathered again, even under new name, new company, I will surely still follow them.

    • im agree with you… a new single required stage performances, interviews, jacket shooting, photoshoots, etc… I can’t imagine they’d be able to do it. Before I couldn’t imagine how they would bring up the shenzhen concert and fanevent, and they got cancelled. So yeah… we should prepare our hearts… :(
      And when a member of a group start acting, there’s always cases and possibilities that they’d abandoned singing.. so seriously whenever they said that one of them playing drama, I was bleh… :(
      (and I just can’t stand the shots of them kissing girls, really)

  46. avex is powerless over this.

    sm is calling all the shots.

    i’m so sad. NO japan activities next year.

  47. I understand how oppa feel
    I will not sad.
    Somehow, I feel happy. Because I hate oppa smile when oppa are sad. That smile, it hurts me so much.
    I will always love oppa.

    Always keep the faith

  48. […] 091211 Bigeast 4th FANCLUB EVENT” Cancellation Notice […]

  49. I still believe in you, guys! Please come back!! We love you!!! *cry*

  50. I’m glad they’re honest about it

    I wonder how Bigeast take this news. T_T

    This makes me more determined to buy the break out single and try to break the 500 000 copies record !

  51. If only we know what really happen there, mayb cassiopea n bigeast can do something crucial
    As the contract with avex ends next yr (if they are not recontract) n no further plan from SME
    R they really just want to put dbsk on hold until when? The end of Sme contract which is 8 more yrs? doing nothing, cannot even breach the contract not sing under other label? R SME really gonna put DBSK on hold?
    I’m scared, how will our boys make living? How will they support yheir family?
    Oh, shoot am i thinking to far?

  52. keep all ur time u need boys..i’m still here waiting for you..!!no matter what it takes,i will wait patiently and love u forever…^^

  53. this news already a heartbreaking one, but i could understand it after all( i can’t even type in everything correctly, my hands is terribly shaking right now).

    n other comments on the possibility of them disbanding??? what is that?

    come on guys, we always have to keep the faith together with them.they’re trying so hard not to break our heart with their fake smiles and yet, some of you even discuss about them disbanding.yeah, i know we have to prepare for any possibilities (even the bad ones to come)
    but still keep on cheering them.this means that right now, they’re struggling mentally with each other.this could be their toughest time even.

    bigeasterns guys can play a bigger role by keep on supporting every activities that they’re doing in japan.(others should to).

    we,as their fans have to be strong all along with these 5,our precious boys.

    COME ON!

  54. am so sad over this but I kinda anticipated this coz how would they have a fanclub when there is so much going around them and the fact homin are not allowed to interact with the others. The akwardness will not only kill them but it’ll break their fans’ hearts. I agree with them that they need time to recollect their minds and decide what is best for them personally as individuals not as idols. Hate to say this even if i am hoping it doesn’t happen but i am so scared that the next news will get is their disbandment. it hurts so much i’ve never being affected by a boyband this much and that’s why no matter what happens they will all hold a special place in my heart. Love u DBSK.

  55. take your time guys :) settle it, and we’ll be here waiting for you guys :D we can’t wait to see your genuine smile again :D i love there sincerity and honesty, love them ♥

  56. Instead of they’re being disband i’m more afaird of jobless but still in contact with SME
    n i know SME r cruel enough to do so
    sorry, some1 just slap me n tell me that i’ve been negatively thinkibg too much

    • I think this could only happen if the trio loose the lawsuit (I don’t think they will loose but anything can happen) or if the trio decides to drop the lawsuit. Or if SM blacklists them and nobody wants to hire them because of SM’s power.

      The court already allowed JCS to pursue individual activities outside of SM.

  57. omg…….

  58. We’re worried? Yes, we are. TT^TT
    I’m crying again now. But if they have to take some times to settle down and solve the problems that they’re dealing with right now, I’ll stay strong for them. All of us will stay strong for them. When they can’t smile, we’ll smile for them!!

    You have to know that we’re right here, oppa-deul. We’re waiting. (=^_________^=)

    *thanks SYC for the news*

  59. i’ll be there for you…

  60. i still love you boys and will wait for you!!!

  61. I don’t know if it’s just me, but the message in the email doesn’t seem to necessarily imply that there is major internal strife going on within the group. Perhaps they are simply too affected by the situation as a whole, rather than by internal conflict specifically. Their inability to speak about the lawsuit and the stress they’re under from it would be reason enough by itself for the cancellation. Maybe the honesty they’re speaking of is honesty about the lawsuit in general, and not, as many are assuming, about the strained relationship between the members. It would be difficult for them to stand on stage for the fanclub event and to pretend the lawsuit is not happening, because they know that it is the one thing their fans are most eager to know about right now. There’s no reason to panic or assume the worst. They probably have their differences, certainly, but I, for one, still find it hard to believe that they have had a conflict major enough to serve as a reason for them not standing on stage together.

    • Yes I think you’re right. It was always a lot to expect them to turn up at the fan meet and be all jolly when they’ve been under so much strain lately.

    • I agree with you on this.(You literally spoke my mind!Hahaha!) I don’t think it imply that they have internal conflicts within the group but rather,the apparent “problem” they meant was their conflict with Sm.So it’s more like a tvxq Vs Sm thing and not between the members. Just a penny of my thoughts.

    • i think i’m the most agree wif u….hohoohoho..aktf!!!^^

    • Yes, I was thinking that too.


    *now i only comment cz the 1st time i read this i close the screen & go to eat ><,, when ever am in stress or depress ,, the food is my relief*

    this is better than feeling hurt by their awkwardness ,, all i hope now is no conflict btw members *icantevenimaginthat*,, i know its hard for all now ,, & i think sm have a way in this , & now even jap. activity got affected *sigh*,pray that BO still will be released ,,

    & for all whose saying prepare for worse ,, NOOO,, i cant ,, i will cry & maybe got depress condition *even now*,, i waiting for them to come again ,, i love their kind of music ,, its rare now ,, all these days i was rehearing their live concerts & performance again ,, they CANT GO LIKE THIS ,,

    i think its a time that they should talk to us ,, cz all this make the fans worries, mad, disappointed, cries & loosing the faith ,,

    PLZZZ , we want reliving news ,, even stalker pics of any these 5 together can make me cry of happiness ,, at least fan account ,, but i know its hard since sm spiting them ,, I HATE SM MORE EVERY DAY,,

    thank u SYC for your effort ,,
    waiting for JSC meeting 2mrw


    • “i think its a time that they should talk to us ,, cz all this make the fans worries, mad, disappointed, cries & loosing the faith ,,”

      – i totally agree with u, this kind of situation’s killing us slowly –

      • We have to understand :/
        The things happen for any reason always..

  63. Ohhhh…noooooo
    I want to cry T__T
    Tell me what do i have to do?
    Oh… the life!

  64. I don’t understand
    what are they doing?

    nearly end?

    Why Why Why

    6 years is so long
    Then you’ll come and end like this?

    and I have to accept??????????

    No DBSK

    Please Please Please

    I want to see you, hear you voice
    you better lie me than you tell me to accept

    5 OF YOU






    • LOL calm down^^….there is no “disbandment” word there so keep believing…
      we dnt know wat really is happening so as long as they ddnt say about that curse word then so be it…

  65. even though i’m really disappointed, i do believe their decision to cancel it is right. the fans will get more hurt seeing them like that. *sigh*

  66. “We need time to organize our mind, and finally we would like to meet everyone with a true smile.”

    just take your time guys. i’ll wait 5 of you to be back together in one stage with smile and honesty even it takes long time.


    DBSK hwaiting!
    uknow yunho hwaiting!
    youngwoong jaejoong hwaiting!
    micky yoochun hwaiting!
    choikang changmin hwaiting!

    *get slap by junsu*

    xiah junsu hwaiting!

  67. Then I’m waiting for that true smiles..

  68. it was expected but then its better that way (to cancel the meeting)

    hope they can settle all disagreement then make the greatest comeback. true cassie+bigeast will never betray them.they’ll STAND BY U, tvxq..

  69. all of the messages have been read


  70. gosh… this news is really a bad one for me! Why things seem to get worse and worse???

    Aaahh, due to their situation right now, I wonder what’s really the story behind why only Jaechunsu sued sm? Why did Homin choose to be in sm still?
    If only… if only it’s five of them, maybe things wouldn’t be this complicated, ne? Since Jaechunsu can’t join Homin up (it’s kinda impossible for Jaechunsu to go back to sm)… so why don’t just Homin join up Jaechunsu? I’m really curious why weren’t they be together? why?

    oh my… okie, I’m kinda selfish coz no matter the story behind it I just want them TO BE TOGETHER! Coz I can’t face the fact if (only if!) they’ll break up!

    Sorry for this comment… so help me to keep my faith… I BELIEVE IN THEM (the boys)… I believe that they wanna be together always… but to think about the powerful forces around them (such as sm)… Well…

    God, for this year’s christmas present I just want this gift: LET THE DBSK/TOHOSHINKI BE TOGETHER ALWAYS! amen….

    once again… sorry for this comment.
    I’m just being honest *sobs*

    • I wondered too. But honestly,I believe HoMin have their reasons for staying. Let’s just imagine the consequences if the five of them were to go against SME.
      It’ll become a dbsk vs Sme thing and SME can easily disregard them even if the five of them won the case. Now,all sme can do is twist the story.

      I personally think that if they were to join force,even if they won the lawsuit as five and get the money and rights they deserve,they will probably be out of SME(and sadly,SME have huge power in the korean music industry).You never know what SME can do, even if they were to change companies, who is willing to go against SME and SME sadly,have the power to boycott the boys in the music industry. That will be the worst scenario and i do not want it to happen. It seems like JaeChunSu still wants to work with SME but with better working conditions of course.

      Like for now, at least Homin are still in SME,they can’t disband dbsk just yet as dbsk is still a band under them,they will have to think about the other two members who are under them too. I in such a way think that HoMin are like the “supporters” now to keep the band together though some argue they might not do much.

      I have no idea whether it make sense to you but well,it’s just my personal opinion which hold no ground at all. :D I’m not taking sides.

  71. gosh, very bad news on my bday =(

    niway, i still believe in them..AKTF!!

  72. WHAT??!!! why??!! T_____T ç
    these are really bad news … please please please don`t disband please!!!!





  74. Hey, everyone let’s be strong and stay together for our boys. They need our trust, faith, support and love.

    Always keep the faith***

    If SME let TVXQ disband, it would be an unforgiving and biggest mistake that they would have done in the entire history of K-POP.

    I personally think that it’s not easy to disband them since too many parties are involving and being affected by their disputes.

    Disbandment will only occur if the 5 of them want it to happen which we know it’s impossible.

    To me I think our boys are still finding ways to give pressure to SME to reach an agreement between both parties. When the time comes, Homin will act like a bridge to bring both DBSK and SME back together again and this is also the reason why not all 5 members involved in the lawsuit.

    Please believe in our boys. I am sure they have planned the whole lawsuit thing for a long time before they started to kick off and how would they not have anticipated all these to happen and the worst reaction of SME.

    Whatever is happening now is just part of their plan. The most important thing for us now is to stay together to support and trust our boys and the “Always keep the faith ” tattoo on both Yoochun and Jaejoong chests is a good hint to us. Our boys know that it is gonna be a long and painful war between them and SME. They want us to Always keep the faith with them and never believe rumors and things which are not said by them.

    I hope you guys understand what I mean.

  75. Never mind. I understand and want to see your real smile so I will waiting for you.


    TVXQ FIGHTING!!!!!!!!

  76. O.K. I understand boys. I’m waiting for that true smiles.

    I really love you TVXQ. fighting!

    Always keep the faith.


  78. me too!!!!!!
    i honestly think that even if this entire problem with sm will finish tomorrow they are still going to need to take some time off…
    to rebuild their hearts..
    i think sm doesn’t really care about wether the five of them are ok or not!!!!!!
    they just think that the group must still going no matter what just for the money they get!!
    is not fair when the five of them are truly best friends….
    for me seriously AVEX is the only who gives a damn about them as humans and not as a product.
    tvxq fighting!!!!!

  79. How about the fanmeeting on December 26 in Seoul, is that cancelled, too?

    That fanmeeting had more reasons to be canceled because there are only three members participating plus it’s not even official.

    Why did they have to cancel the Japanese one? It’s official and all five will be participating.

    If being honest to the fans is the reason…what do you call the three members’ fanmeeting on December 26 that will be held in Seoul then?


  80. I think our boys is trying to be honest with the fans… knowing that they cant smile like they way they used to be…. so they cancel the events and wait it until they truely prepare and ready..

    I love them no matter what happen… I think we all should continue support and believe in them no matter what happen…

    Always keep the faith…

  81. Eventhough i feel kinda sad coz i think this confirm that there is a problem within the group. People might be mad at me but I think i want to be true to myself. I will stop checking I think since it only make me feel betrayed but I will wait for them. When the cd/single/album going to be released I will go and buy it and tune to it. But as for now…this is it. Reality need to grasp. Its clear. I will wait until then.

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