Posted by: sharingyoochun | December 7, 2009

[Pic] BonJour Paris Part 5

We hope you guys love this collection (We scan them ourselves) and we didn’t put logo on becuz we’re too kind *gets bricked*

We love you SYC readers and we believe many of you will wanna collect the HQ scan with no logo on.

Please enjoy ^___^

[T/N The actual size of each pic is 1680 x 1280 or something what I post here is the example size. Plz download our rar]

Place de la Concorde

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Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
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credit: sharingyoochun@wordpress

DOWNLOAD for the bigger pic


  1. Merci! ^__^

    • vous êtes les bienvenus

      (I took French courses for 2 years but….i am still bad at it) lol

      • isn’t it just ‘bienvenue’?
        keke, I could be wrong though XP

        either way, I thank you too SYC! ^^

    • @jae

      i said I am stupid at French lol

  2. arigatou gozaimasu~ ^^

  3. super thankyou syc :) great scans! is this the bonjour paris I or II? Im kinda confused between the two. I downloaded both but idk which is which. Lol

    • II

      • Oh i see. thankyou again. keep on rockin guys :)

  4. wowwwww, love you admins! arigatou na~~

  5. tanx for the scans and rar file…<3

    syc rocks~~~!!!

  6. Oh what can I say?
    Just a thank you I think. *bow*
    I’m mesmerized by the size and HQness of the pic.
    Thank you *bow again*

  7. saNkyuuuu…hohoohooh…^^

  8. ALways love SYC!!!!

    *hugs and kisses*

  9. kyaaa! i see yunjae in the 5th pic.♥

  10. luv u….thanks~

  11. Thank you!

  12. Gaah!!! Absolutely love you guys!!!!!

    It’s such a shame that this Photobook is out of print… It’s the one I want most T__T (Even Please Be Mine comes second compared to this!)

    Thank you for VERY HQ with no logo!! *hugs*

  13. No logo and HQ?
    Awww, you all are the sweetest sugary honey-coated cameralized admins I’ve ever seen.


    Thank you lots!!!

  14. Thanks

  15. Thank U!Thank U VERY MUCH!

  16. Thank you very much for your sharing.

    I love this set very very much.
    the guys so cute ^^

  17. thank you

  18. Thank you SO much. :)

  19. This is definitely loved! Thanks so much for the effort on sharing. (:

  20. hugs n kisses for unnie!thanks for the HQ pics =)

  21. GASP! You are SO good to us, SYC! Thank you, thank you! This is one of my favorite collections!
    XD *huggles*

  22. Wow I love love love love SYC

    Kiss you jub jub. Big Hug for You

    Thanks for sharing Naka.

  23. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh thank you a million billion times !!!

    btw,, are u goin to rar ALL of the pix, i mean, every parts altogether? but if you’re already did, sorry for asking :p

    thnx again kaa

  24. ohhh thank you for sharing!!!!^_______________^

  25. thank you so much SYC!!! and we love you too!!!^^
    *hugs then hands you loads of chocolates*

    taking the rar! yey! :D

  26. thaanx

  27. aww..your so kind to us syc..Thank you..very much for sharing ^_^

  28. lots of love frm lala to u SYC

  29. they dont sell this photobook anymore :( huhu so sad Y.Y unfair but at least SYC share these pics thank u so much

  30. again… thank you…

  31. Why cant i download it, dear? have u deleted it? :(

  32. can you upload again this part?
    wish to collect all of the paris’s pic but many of incomplete ='(

  33. I just foud these post but I can’t download T.T can you upload again pleaaaaase?

  34. Hi, I would like to ask if you still has the Bonjour Paris no logo collection? I really wanna have it and the download link is no longer working so… if it isn’t much a bother maybe you can upload it again? Thank you so much!!! ♥

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