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[Game] Guess who

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Remember the rule???

– Use your instinct only

The hint is……. “This DBSK member was wearing a jacket with hoodie but he wasn’t wearing the hoodie”

and this is SYC readers reaction Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by

Answer below

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The prize for those who got it right is not just Jaejoong

But Jaejoong is here teaching you how to count!

Yes u will get 5 DBSK members on your bed tonight >_<

Awwwwwwwwwww this time I’m not just being silly and naughty >_<

SYC admins can share u something meaningful *group hugs*

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  1. I really think that’s a girl

    I guess CM lol

    Just use our instinct right? ?^^;;

  2. it minnie my fav. member…….

  3. JaeJae???

    idunno LOL

  5. i guess is jaejoong usually with the hair colour

  6. YooChun? LOL.

  7. your hint is not helpful at all…LOL….

    my instinct said that he is Double J…but it also said he is ur hubby Yoochunnie….

    but he looks like JJ more than Yoochun….haiaiai

    • it’s not??? LOL

      *kisses u*

      does my kiss make u feel better? XD

      • ah *shy*….I feel better but I’ll feel more and more better if I get the answer *kicked by SYC admin*….lol

  8. Looks like a girl…. o_O
    Okay, instinct.
    Girl = Jaejoong.
    *runs away*

  9. i have a feeling its changmin though minnie hair tends to be more curly bushy type but i will follow with my instinct ha

  10. I vote for Yoochun…lol purely based on instinct!

  11. jaejoong?

  12. jae jae ????!!! @@

  13. I think it’s Jae…Or Micky.. :D I don’t know…But I think it’s one of them :D

    My answer is Jae? :D We’ll see =)

  14. i will go with yoochun ;)

  15. Yoochun.
    It’s on SYC icon’s hair color. I guess. XD

  16. the hint makes me even more confused o.O

    my instinct tells me it’s Jaejoong

    • I knew that my instinct is never good =__=;;; /sighs XD

  17. changmin??

  18. Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaa I suck at these games…TT.TT
    Changminnie? >.<


      This is the first time I got it right!!! XDDDDD
      I’m so happy!!! *celebrates alone*
      No wait, I got all five of them as the prize,right?
      Then I shall go to bed now with all five of them.
      Gudnite SYC and Cassies and thanx for the priceless gift. Hehehe.

      p.s: This is the first time my instinct doesn’t fail me.

    • Btw, love the last pic, SYC. A very subtle loving Yunjaeness aura is there. XD (And of course, the pic of the good old days when they were strong as FIVE. TT_TT)

  19. i think it’s Yoochun

  20. i thinki he is jae

  21. Changmin-a

  22. is it micky? or jj?

    hurm..i’ll go for jj lor…

  23. Susu? (LOL So far no one has answered him)

    • haha…i nearly forget my baby junsu..

  24. i thinks is jaejoong~b/c the hair colors~

  25. yoochun?

  26. no one answered Yunho at all??? O.o

    • LOL I just did. XD (I’m the only one?)

  27. Jaejoong(?) ’cause of the hair color,..

    • too.. :(
      and i can’t have dbsk members on my bed tonight..

  28. I go with.. Yoochun.
    But why.. i can’t stop thinking that it’s JJ? ._.

  29. Yunnie? *gets punched* (that’s gotta be the worst answer so far XD)

  30. Is it Yunho? Nobody answered him, haha! The hoodie looks familliar =/ . When I saw it, reminded me of their group picture.. I think I saw him wear it somewhere before?


  31. Shinta:

    Chun babe for me XD
    dont follow me, though. I’m a loser as well in Chompoo unnie’s typical games XD

  32. my yoochun baby!!! xp

  33. i guess is Yoochun!

  34. YOOCHUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. MICKY~~

  36. i think it’s yoochun…

  37. i think it’s JAEJOONGIE!

  38. If not Yunho the Jaejoong!!!xDDD

  39. jae??but as i remember it was chunnie’s jacket,isn’t it??

  40. Yoochun oppa, since .. Well .. Idk. He’s the first one that comes into my mind when I saw this. ^^;;

  41. is YOOCHUN~~~

  42. mmmmm….
    maybe …
    Jae (midhuyo times)
    Yoochun(TRI-angle times)
    Yunho(beautiful you tmes)

    final decision : Yunho XD

  43. hmm, i dunno why but i have a gut feeling that it is yunnie… hmm *goes off to the corner to think again..*

    • i said do not use brains XD

      • oh man!! should have listen to eu..
        aish… =.=””

  44. I think its JJ…that is my first instinct ! LOL

  45. jj/yc? i cant decide.. *_*

  46. changmin??? yunho???

  47. 100% changminie ^^

    cute boy <3

  48. jaejoong oppa….

  49. yoochunnie.
    idk why though XD

  50. chunnie!!

  51. mmm…. I remember Chun wearing this hoodie, and I remember that he had this hair color once, but Min too, though I dont remember him wearing this hoodie… but doesnt Yunho have a hoodie like this? @.@

    My first instinct tell me Min, but it has no sense… So… Chun?

    • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I should have followed my first instinct xDDDDDDDDD. I need to learn to pay attention to my first instincts, in general they are right xDDDDDD

  52. Jaejoong-ah~~

  53. its,,,,,,,,,,,,,???

    JJ : )

  54. jae joong! : D

  55. i think its micky bec of the hair color heheh:-) circa ha ha ha days

  56. My Shim Minnie ^^

  57. i thinks its my shim changmin

  58. yunho!!

  59. jaejoog

  60. i think its yoochunnie~
    i dont think JJ ever had that bright of a hair colour =O he usually goes with mix of blonde and brown x)

  61. i’m guessing it’s your shared hubby.

  62. yunho or minnie… hehehe hope 1 of my ans. correct

  63. my instinct tells me it’s JJ
    is it true?


  65. Chun! :-)

  66. yoochunnnnnnnnn, kawaii ~~

  67. my instinct + hint = Joongie, the only one in DBSK always skips wearing hoodie inside a jacket/ vest ^^

  68. my instinct said it was jaejae~

  69. double j ….or chun baby..

  70. something about that red orangey hair screams Yoochun or JaeJoong to me D:

    Buttttttttttttt i’m betting on Yoochun since the hair looks thicker and more like Chun hair.LOL.

  71. instint=SWEET DOLPHINIE

    KIM JUN SU!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  72. I guess Changminie or Yunho!!!

    because the hair color in pic >..<

  73. that jacket looks like yunho’s…but the hair…seems like it belongs to chunnie.
    chunnie? ^^

  74. jae~
    mom: every questions sounds like ‘who’s your man’ to you!
    me: *grin stupidly*

  75. Park Yoochun for me ;]

  76. yunho??? hmmmm….. *__*

  77. i think it’s yoochun?? hiyaya days? (i’m the worst at these games!)

  78. my answer is wrong >.<
    but i still want JJ tonight,.. lol

    • u’ll get JJ tonight ^^


    Changmin is such a surprise to me.

  80. OMG i didnt expect it to be changmin!!!!!!! okay im wrong, i guessed micky, but its okay even though i got it wrong i believe that ill still be getting the 5 boys on my bed tonight hahahaha

    *gets run over by a truck due to excessive confusion between fantasy and reality*

  81. arghhh… come i can’t recognise my min??? though my answer was wrong, still want the prize….i don’t need all 5 to accompany me tonite…just minnie alone is enough….u guys can take the rest~ can i syc??lol

  82. omg, me, wrong again ^^. but still want the prize for… my wrong answer, Chunnie Chunnie Chunnie!!!

  83. i’m wrong…never realized that Changmin had that hair color before! >.<

    congrats to the winners!^^

    thanks SYC!^^

  84. out of topic but gosh how I love that group picture! It’s so sweet and so warm! My yunjae fangirl is screaming at the way yunho looks at Jae. so sweet!

  85. *fails* T.T
    i’m so used to Min’s dark hair roots,i dun even remb him dye-ing any other colors besides

    • i know right! I tried hard to think who had that shade and I could only guess yoochun (think bolero video) lol so I failed too.

  86. i’ve been reading to all the comments with smile

    thanks for participating

  87. ohhh fail ,, but i dont care if i cant have them ,, seeing this pic is all i need ,,*cries*

  88. My poor instinct failed me.

    The group picture at the bottom is so heartwarming!Put a smile on my face!

  89. lol, one was quite hard..

  90. ..Fail :(
    i got the answer wrong.. :(
    i love the last picture..its so sweet..
    Thank you for sharing ^_^

  91. i thought it was yoochun!! haha

  92. aishhh!! late for the game again!!! *hits myself*

    anw~if i guess…i will get it ^^ WRONGGG!! T_T i thought it’s JJ *hides*

    thx u for the last pix <3 it's really precious to us!

    thx for sharing dear!! hwaitingg!!

  93. omgg my instincts are spot on this time lol
    ok time to buy lottery lol

    thanks for the games : )
    love SYC

  94. Yeay I got it right. Hahaha at first I was confused if it was Jae or Changminnie Lol

  95. i didn’t expect it to be changmin .. haha..

    thanks for the games ^^

  96. Minnie, still remember the haircut, η he made hoodie useless most of đεн time

  97. OMG!!! I forgot Min once had that hair! We’re too focused on his shorter one xD

  98. lolx is Min lolx i tot is yoochun~

  99. wow.
    i guessed baby changmin too.
    hmm.what shall i do with the five of them on my bed tonight????

    *runs away

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