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[Trans + Pic] 091202 Tohomobile – FNS Song Festival 2009

edit with more pic

Do you get touched?

Image Hosted by

To be able to reach your heart, that’s why the song is called “Stand by U”
Yuchun is doing thank you pose (^_^)


Image Hosted by

“Really likes ‘Rainy Blue’ and Hideaki Tokunaga’s voice is also really awesome!”
by Jejung

He’s doing “peace” pose ☆

Smile ♪

Image Hosted by

After the live of “FNS Music Festival 2009” ended, Changmin looked so relieved!
He said it was a very fun performance ☆

I’m going to work hard!

Image Hosted by

Catch up with Yunho at the backstage

“There are so many artists around therefore I get nervous (*_*) I will do it in full spirit ~☆”
by Yunho

A while ago at the backstage room..

Image Hosted by

Junsu is resting on the couch!

He passionately talks about the animal he likes (laughs)

credit: shooku
trans + shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress


  1. why only Yunho and Junchan?
    I want more, please!!

    Yunchan today is so handsome!
    his hair is similar with Minie!
    love him so much!!

    love SYC so much but not by my love for DBSK!!! ^^

    just lauch!!

  2. yunnie my love you’re always cute and hot in suit!! and no chubby cheek today :)

  3. love yunho’s cheeks and junsu’s pants. :) perfect!

  4. i feel sooo tired.

    I’ll update u guys more

    tomorrow early morning okie


    • Shisureshimasuuu!
      You guys work so hardddd, really thank you for everything too!!
      Take a rest and have a sweet dream ^.^

    • Admin, go to bed early and dream nice dreams ^^. Thankx and love SYC so much!

  5. Beautiful HoSu ♥♥♥

  6. Junsu so KAWAIIII! Yunho HOT HOT!!

  7. i think junsu looks the hottest today hehe^^

  8. For ur hard work and sincere affection towards all of us,SYC readers,pls accept my deep gratitude and appreciation SYC admins!U rule!! :)

  9. GOOD MORNING!! have a great breakfast pls :D
    chunnie ><

    thanks for sharing!! : ))

  10. Oppa..

    So kawaiii….

    thnx for sharing ^^

  11. jae is slowly coming back ^^ he’s not as sad as before. lol.

  12. Jaejung didn’t look gloomy like the last tohomobile, so cute here.

    They all look so so so more happy and lively this time.

    Please be happy Dong bang boys ^^

  13. Jae and his post xD cuteeeee so teenager-ish:D hahhaaa

  14. they look so awesome.period!!


  15. ..i feel like their smiles r faint…anw~ALL so cute/hot!

    thx for sharing dear! hwaiitingg!!

  16. haish…

    chunnnieieieieieieieieieieie >..<

  17. love jae’s pose….^^
    thanks for sharing…

  18. changmin <3333

  19. jae oppa so cute….

  20. jaejoong and changmin soo cute

  21. CHUN ^A^ kawaii~~

  22. ohhhhwww chunnie

    only doing that pose
    but you are the cutest!!!!!

    whyyy u are not human??!!

    thanks for pics
    all look good ^^
    jae heheh

  23. they all look really handsome <3<3<3 they are slowly coming back
    Junsu XD talking about his favorite animal LOL

  24. Dorky Jae is back to his old dorky self again ^^
    & yeah,peace !
    or maybe thats his way of saying everything is okay with the boys :)

    pls Jae,wear something thicker nxt time though !
    who wears such short sleeves during winter?!

  25. haha junsu so random XD

  26. lmao junsu talkin about his favorite animals? hehe lets see dolphin duck sheep and rabbit? ^^

    • don’t forget chicken. XD

  27. “He passionately talks about the animal he likes (laughs)” —-> let me guess, It’s a dolphine:)

  28. Hm….that pic kinda makes me wanna bite Jae’s finger. ^^

    A love bite, of course. <..> It wouldn’t hurt him. Unless he wanted it to.

    Oh gosh, I am way too tired and too caffeinated to be allowed to speak my thoughts right now! lol

    I’ll be going now. ^^

  29. LOl!! Su is so random like always LMBO ahhahaahha
    thanks for sharing

  30. oh god, i might be wrong so don’t bash me. i’m a huge huge fan of dbsk but why are jaechunsu’s photos taken in a different room compared to the other two?? shit i hate this..

  31. oh god, i might be wrong so don’t bash me. i’m a huge huge fan of dbsk but why are jaechunsu’s photos taken in a different room compared to the other two?? god i hate this..

  32. […] [Trans + Pic] 091202 Tohomobile – FNS Song Festival 2009 edit with more pic Do you get touched? […]

  33. […] to the previous FNS tohomobile which mentioned that Junsu spoke passionately about the animal he loves, and apparently, to judge […]

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