Posted by: piao | November 30, 2009

[Vid] 091130 Yoosu in Gimpo airport

added one more fancam

shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress


  1. Who is the tall guy with reddish-brown hair who goes past the checkpoint with them? Looks familiar somehow.

    • yeungpil?

      • Yeongpil travelling to Japan along with Yoosu?

    • could it be Yeongpil?


  2. dont know why but this new bodyguard team gave me a feeling of relative recruited team. Yeungpil looks good in here. Is that Yoochun’s leg a little limpy? did he hurt his leg?

  3. its look like yuchun had injured his leg ,, u can notice that in the end of video

  4. I think it’s YC friend.))Like a bodyguard))
    YC looks ill or smth?

  5. Ommo, Yoochun really seems limping away. He’s been walking with a limp from the start of the video.
    Hope he’s fine.

    Thanks for the vid!

  6. I thought Junsu who is a bit limping..

    I hope they are okay..

    Can’t wait to see five of them on the stage again!!


  7. Yoochun definitely injuried his leg!
    Thats bad!!! :(

  8. did SU dominate u chunnie that ur walking like that? *getssmackforpervertedness*
    lol i cnt came up wd other assumptions as to why yoochun looks like he is limping hehe (blames fanfics for my weird mind)..


  9. Oh no Chunnie is limping?
    I hope he’s not injured….

  10. what is wrong with ur leg babyy??? :(

  11. aww.. yeongpil accompanied them to Japan ..

    can’t wait to see them on stage !!

    • really? how sweet

  12. awww i wanted to sleep but i hopped up immed when i saw him limping lol omg when did my love get so deep LOL
    chunnie get well soon !!

    thanks for sharing!!

  13. what’s wrong chunnie??

    i can see two fanboys…or not???

    thanks SYC…

  14. i’m worrie about chunnie’s legs,
    SYC admin pls, help me….
    what’s wrong with his legs?

  15. I saw the airport pics, thank you for the fancams as well!

    Me too, the tall guy looks similar and so Yeonpil’s name came into my mind *LOL*

    Poor Chunnie, he looks abit exhausted, hope he’ll be fine. Hwaiting Yoochun!

    I wondered if JCS arranged new managers/assistants for this time being, who help them with all those arrangements, bc seems like SM cut off the managers/assistants whose we usually see on other airport pics.
    I wondered too if those managers/assistants were punished from SM like “you were their managers, how could you not know JCS will fill a lawsuit against the company” etc. and plum they were fired… urgh, scary when thinking about that..

  16. is it me or has the number of fans in airport decreased a LOT ? not just with the trio but also with homin?

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