Posted by: sharingyoochun | November 30, 2009

[Pic] 091130 Yoosu in Gimpo airport 5

Junchan…take care of Chunnie for us

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credit: hero_z4+beloved99pro
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress


  1. I love you…my angels^^you are my everything to me^^

  2. Take care Chunnie..

    He looks so painful…

  3. Yoochun TT_TT

  4. what happen to yoochun??????he look really in pain!!!!!!!

  5. poor chunnie what happen to his leg? he look like he is in pain. the last few piks of his face the angles lol make him looks so kissable

  6. why do i think that they are still supported by SME cuz look at that chubby guard,i always see that bodyguard even b4 the lawsuit has started…and there guard increased as well…
    poor chunnie and his leg..


  7. O.o They have staffs and bodyguards now? Are those from SM or are those from AVEX? Poor Yoochun! What happened to his leg?

  8. poor yoochun TT^TT
    i feel so bad for him u.u
    susu~ please take good care of our oppa TTOTT

  9. awwww they are wayyyy too cutte
    YOOSU!! ^^

  10. i like new chunnie’s bag~

  11. OMG…

    Oppa looks in pain…

    take care chunnie Oppa…
    get well soon…

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