Posted by: piao | November 30, 2009

[Pic] 091130 Yoosu in Gimpo airport 3

byebye hubby *waves*

credit: as tagged
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress


  1. oh nice passport cover. the last pict chunnie looks so lonely susu hurry run up and hug him!! susu wearing the same shirt ah! hwaiting for jap activities. thanks for posting!! ^^

  2. what a girl like hips he has)))

  3. junsu looks so cute

  4. I love YOOSU

    and ..

    I LOVE TVXQ too ^^”

  5. ^chunnie i’ll be ur shadow so that we can be together always^ *gets glared at by SU*


  6. Every few minutes, ADMINS post new information about our GODS, I really appreciate your hard word.
    i feel YOOCHUN is not well today. hope that he’ll be better when see Jae, Ho, Min in Japan

    • glad we could assist on updating about the boys with u today ^^

      • it’s the first time i got a reply from Admins. Thanks.

  7. Kya——, Jun-chan. Welcome back to Japan :)

    You look super handsome today!!!!!

    • im glad no glasses today XD

      • lol just when I was getting used to them.

  8. sorry i’m new here n fans of tvxq esp yoochun,want to say is just me or yoochun getting fat?

    • I dont get the point of ur question.

    • hes just healthier than before ^^

  9. LV passport case for yoochun..
    Dior homme shirt for Junsu..
    not bad my boys!~~

  10. he’s having problem with his leg.
    he hardly stands on his leg.


  11. Wow SYC admins are really hardworking, ne… Thank you for the fast updates! I always checkuot your site for dbsk news. please keep it up. ganbatte!^^

    • ahhhhhhhhhhh thanks

      we feel so loved tonight ^^

  12. Yoochun looks in pain in these pics.
    Argh,this was so uncalled-for.

  13. so happy to see them. Thankx admins so much!

  14. the last pic makes YC looks so lonely.. & never coming back..

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