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[Pic] Amber F(x) and Yoochun

I don’t wanna know who’s better than who

I’m just amazed how can Amber can look alike our Park Yoochun

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Image Hosted by

Pretty Yoochun =.=”

credit: mickybaidu
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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Staff Noona “Hey Chunnie…you’re as pretty as a girl”


  1. maybe i am biased..

    I really do not like Amber among F(x) but

    I love Yoochun

  2. totally same…
    new couple….micky_amber

    • no no it must be chomchun only XD

      • it’s RonChun only.. XD

  3. Thanx. I LOVE Amber. She’s like the ‘girl’ I’ve always been waiting for in the music industry LOL. XD

    My brother was the one who mentioned to me that Amber really looks like Chunnie. What can I say? Both are gorgeous. They can easily pass off as siblings…And both are from the States! XDDD

  4. I thought I was the only one who noticed this XD There was the picture of amber wearing boy’s uniform and she looked so much like Chun lol.

  5. ohh~~ Their side profiles are exactly the same!

  6. lol?!first jonghyun & donghae,and now our park yoochun!gahh they do look alike huh?!
    kekeke i love amberrr(my girl crush^^)

    thanks for sharing:D

  7. damn I’ve got the hots for amber lmao
    i love the resemblance with chunnie!

  8. I love Amber!!!!! woot! AmberXMickyXMe!!!! lol

  9. well…
    I ‘m biased towards my boy…
    but yeah the look almost the same…

  10. I think they look the same because of the hair they’ve got.
    Tell Amber to get rid of that hair and they
    will-or-might look completely different.!! >.,<
    Anyway I preferred Yochunnie more…

  11. YOOCHUNNIE!!!!!!!

  12. i love Amber too.
    & she does resemble Yoochun,if only they can stand on stage together or pose in a photo while she still has that hair.LOL.

    i envy the staff who get to touch Chunnie’s chin D:

    • me too =.=

      *hands off my chune*


      • Where is this gif from? *I should just become a codi already*

  13. err…who is amber..?hihi

    • she’s part of sm’s new girl group f(x). she gets a lot of attention for looking and dressing like a guy. many ppl think she also looks like super junior donghae and shinee’s jonghyun.

  14. they look alike, except in the first picture Chunie look manlier…. his feature are stronger.
    Any way I think Amber is really sweet…. she’s been compared to couple of SM boys now… lol

  15. I have to agree on that. Amber does look like Chunnie in some angles :D
    ..and..ajfhfjdlk that .gif T^T

  16. i regconized it since amber got a new hair cut… that one was exactly the same as yc’s .. that hairstyle makes they look more alike though amber’s face abit manly naturally

  17. i think Chunnie is prettier than Amber ……. ???
    LOL !!!

  18. when i first saw amber when fx debuted i thought she looks more like chun than donghae or jonghyun probably cuz her hairstyle is similar to chunface.

    im quite neutral to everyone in fx. but chunface is definatly hotter. for some reason amber reminds me of ella from s.h.e too >.< n i dun really like ella. amber voice is weird. maybi its the song but its not exactly manly or girlish somewhere inbetween tomboy lol i make nosense.

  19. waaaaaaaah ,, that gif kill me ,, wish am dbsk stuff worker * dreamssssss*

  20. whoa on the side profile… she looks like a younger chun on that pic.
    rawr on the gif… another reason to make me think i’m in the wrong career >.>

  21. Both of them are my favourite!!!!!!
    *Going insane*

  22. I think Amber looks like Donghae more than Yoochun there!

  23. WTH *_* now that is something you don’t see every day haha
    i’m don’t really like f(x) that much especially this amber chick
    sorry but i’m being honest..
    just for the record it has nothing to do by the way she looks..i’m just saying it because it wouldn’t be the first time that i saw some comments really rude comments about her….
    i kind feel sorry for her tough…
    anyway byebye

  24. haha..Amber would’ve made a good Go Mi Nam in You’re Beautiful…she can be boyish and girlish at the same time=P

  25. i like Amber but Yoochun is prettier than her <3<3<3

  26. oh~ hey! hey! hey!~
    I thought Yuchun was very handsome more than pretty!! hihihi

  27. i think that uri chun is prettier than her…:P

  28. yoochun is prettier than amber..
    amber is handsomer than yoochun..

    THEY LOOK SO SO SO ALIKE. (side profile though)
    And Amber actully has manlier features than Yoochun :O! But yoochun can be pretty, handsome, hot, sexy, adorkable, sentimental and stuffs. Noone could ever replace Chun <3

  30. I think she looks alike lots of artists though.
    Yuchun is one of them but I come across to see her looks a like Thai Male Pop Aritist called ‘Ice Saranyu’.
    I don’t know lol.

  31. hahaha. they do look alike. reminds me of su’s first impression of chunnie. he said that chun looked chinese. and amber is chinese. hahaha. PARK YOOCHUN is a damn gorgeous specimen regardless of what country he is from.

  32. wow…that’s a cool look a like….
    why do i feel that yoochun is prettier than amber??

  33. I have no comment accordingly to Chun_Chom =))


    haizz~~~ I’m really ENVY with noona staff :((

  34. she really looks like a boy, as a boy she is really good looking, she even look like handsome yoochunnie, well.. i don’t know.. is it good ..

  35. omypinkygod!
    but chunnie looks manly, amber a little sweet deh deh!

  36. omg! i seriously thought that was both yoochun before reading the text! xDxD

    wow…i must have been blind…xD but i only need yoosu…they can be brothers! lol!!! xD

  37. just the hair style that looks alike. It’s does remind me chun’s hair when I watch amber, just that.
    Amber not as pretty as our Yoochun ^^
    She just looks alot like Ice-Saranyoo (Thai singer)

  38. darn O_O i thought only Gdragon looks like him even this girl O_O woahh they could be twins haha

  39. oh i only reliase that they look alike yesterday when i watched Lachata mv. and today i log to syc here the article about Amber n YC hehe

    i love Amber

  40. i am happy to see that.. but the gif.. XD it makes me laugh but it makes me jealous too.. hahhaha

  41. seeing Amber for the first time.. her hair really resembles yoochun’s.

  42. hehe, cute^^

    Amber would be handsome if she’s a guy…
    and Yoochun would be very pretty if he’s a girl ;p

  43. its just the hairstyle :3

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