Posted by: sharingyoochun | November 17, 2009

[Info] 2009 Melon Music Award‏

Currently DBSK is at number 1 for

2009 TOP 10 sections

Image Hosted by

2009 STAR sections

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This particular event is BIG! They’ll have an event for it on December 16th

This is the first Melon Award because they used to be only a chart ranking site but now they’ve created an event for this year(why this year??????)

The nominees are the ones that were active between December-October 2009 so that is why our boys are one of the nominees

They are taking into account artistes that have been active from December of 2008 to October of 2009. The winners will be determined by streaming counts (30%), numbers of downloads (50%), and extra downloads such as ringtones (20%).

we need to log in to vote, and we’re not yet discovering how to log in and whether do you need Korean citizen id to register :)

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  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhh~~ so sad.. i want to vote for them.. :((

    since i’m not a korean citizen i guess i will lay my hope towards korean cassies for this.. :))

    let do it guys because this is the time to prove that our boys is the best forever despite having so much problem this year!!!

    always keep the faith!! >_<

  2. i can`t vote either :( so sad GO CASSIES!!!!

  3. Yea, we do need to be a Korean citizen b/c when I use the translator to see the parts of registration, they ask for the resident registration number, So I quit. KR Cassies Fighto~

  4. I hope they win, especially during this hard time, this will be a big encouragement to them. Hwaiting!

  5. woahh i checked it and its 30,000s already! so happy Cassies really wanna see the boys eh? :)

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  7. heyhey DBSK is leading in both categories~
    woohu, they reacjed 130000+ votes already!
    they deserve this award ne?

    let us all vote, show them no matter what WE STILL AND WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE THEM!

    DBSK hwaiting^^

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