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[News] SM’s official stand, “Dong Bang Shin Ki’s comeback next year – impossible”

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SM Entertainment revealed their stand for their discord with trio Hero JaeJoong, Xiah JunSu and Micky YooChun of group Dong Bang Shin Ki through reports on 13th november.

SM Entertainment said, “We gave the deadline for the 3 members to give us a reply about Dong Bang Shin Ki’s comeback in Korea next year by 12th November previously during our press conference on 2nd November. But we did not get any response. This has hence make the group’s comeback in Korea next year impossible.”
SM Entertainment also added, “The trio has agreed to carry out the schedule planned on basis of the basic contract between the company and the group before the court during the time when the trial was on going. But after part of the trial judgement came out, the trio said they will not participate or the coming concert performance on 21st November in Chin which is part of their Asian concert tour performances decided as of June 2008, and for subsequent concert performance, they have stated that they may not be participating for them.”

“We will decline the idea for the 3 to promote as Dong Bang Shin Ki. This will have adverse effects on our company’s artistes as well as concert performances scheduled in China.”

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  1. i need dis nightmare 2 end NOW! T.T

    • Stay Strong! Always keep the faith! <3

  2. Ohnooo T T

  3. i think this news came up before the three reponsed.

    so,let sm clarify itself whether it really need dbsk or not

    because the boys want sm transpirantly act in their financial agreement,but it seems sm not.:(

  4. yeah thats right sme,put the blame on the boys ^___^…i bet there’s more like this to come,so lets be prepared…..i already put a curse on sme,i hope it works….


  5. oh this is soo scary, its like SM is pulling the strings like a puppet master, and messing with the fans heads. They think the fans will sudennly start encouraging the boys not to turn away from sme.
    Its like they are playing POKER, they want to see who will crack first.

  6. i read that SME is the one who cancelled the concert without consulting the boys.. now this article says its because the 3 boys will not participate in it. who’s saying the truth?

    i wont let myself get sucked into this neverending vortex… -_-

  7. wtf is going on?! I can’t stand it anymore, I’ve lost my faith ;(

  8. ^ Already? The war has just started.

    Anyways, SM’s comeback? Impossible.

    TVXQ’s comeback? Of course, they have us, Cassies and Big East.

    Whatever. I won’t forget how the boys will always lay their hearts on the stage for us, and the moments they have shared with us. To me, their happiness is the most important thing.

    • MTE, so I’m not the only who thinks this way^^

  9. SME should stop messing around. I knew they were going to do this. I’m glad boys didn’t jump when they were told to!

    SME you hear that? Cassies are coming….

  10. Oh shit…
    I really want to see their comeback in Korea so much.
    I miss seeing them together.

  11. The way SM responded to this whole lawsuit ever since it started is as though they don’t treat the 3 as their artistes.

    The last sentence of their response this time irks me.

  12. …so i’ve come to a hard realization that it’ll be a long time before we see dbsk active in korea again. *heavy sigh* hopefully, this is not the case with avex. BUT screw my selfishness for a moment. like most of you, their happiness and livelihood are more important than anything else right now. and i applaud jaechunsu for not giving in because honestly if they did i would’ve lost a little respect for them there. i mean, after all they’ve been through they decide not to fight the good fight? come on, no way in hell that’s happening. i’ve been calm throughout this whole mess, but this is really starting to piss me off how article by article SME is lying out of their asses! no integrity or class whatsoever by these idiots! <_<

  13. omg…
    what is this now ??

    this is never gonna end is it? T^T

  14. can’t say anything
    the cancellation of mirotic con in China
    i donno what to say
    i jz want this end peacefully and of cz I’ll Always Keep The Faith
    the boys must be in pain too
    goodluck to the boys
    i’ll keep supporting them!

  15. Everyone,pls calm down!
    Sm ent. is trying to play dirty tricks indeed.
    Im sure they managed to cancel the concert in Shenzhen as soon as they learnt(or realized)that Jaechunsu would not yeld to their (effin unreasonable)threats.This latest stop was announced out of nowhere to begin with.I thought there was something shady with it from the very start.I think that SM ent. had arranged this perfomance in order to exert pressure on our 3 boys,so that – in case Jaechunsu would have refused to run their group activities according to their “old and unlawful” contract – the latter would be responsible for it all.And this trick sure works on lots of fans’ mind.This is why,we shall stop wishing for this case to end with a win-win solution.There will be no such thing.Our mind-set must be focused on the boys only.We have to keep praying for their sake.We MUST support the 5 of them at all costs and hope for Homin to give strength and courage to Jaechunsu until all of this is over.They will come back.I dunno when,but I feel they will not disappoint us.

    • I knew its was that way, all that matters in the end is that the court ruled for the boys. Sm IS JUST throwing their power around in a spiteful way. In the end, they iether, A) follow the court decision and tvxq get one with their business or B) they refuse and lose some of the best artists they have had to date……

      when I think of this I see a little child throwng a tantrum when he doesn’t get his way but is forced to accept the decision in the end…tut tut, shame SME

  16. I agree with italiangirl24. :D

  17. SM is gay.
    That’s all I have to say.
    “Impossible”? Gosh. I am so glad they have status in Japan, so at least Avex can back them up if SM tries to screw their Korea activities over.

  18. I want DBSK back.
    I just want them back. :(



    • totally agree ^^
      i luv ur quote…
      overflowing wif strength ;)

  20. thanxs for news =(
    it is not very happy news and sm is annoying =/
    sm so boring :// ..~
    always keep the faith =)
    i want to ask why no news about maknae in pm/pr =((???
    i had to read the news about maknae in others sites =((((

  21. i’m kinda bored with all of this things already…
    isnt this suppose to be entertainment? why does it turn out to be so emotionally distractful? God, help em so i can have back my cheerful life…

  22. I’ve tired of SM putting all the blame on JCS already, everytime they release a statement, it’s always “JCS is at fault and we are just the victim”

    Dont they have anything else to speak to us, their comsumers?

  23. SM, you are the one that is being IMPOSSIBLE.

  24. I never thought that SM will have this kind of attack.
    They deliberately dragging fans heart, striking what we have best and left, OUR FAITH.

    SM will tried their best to keep on postponing this matter until we are all tired, until TVXQ has no supporters. And you guys, the so called amazing Cassies, allow SM to do that to you???!!!!!

    There will be more bad news and image throwed by SM towards ChunJaeSu and more fake to HoMin position.
    It’s painful, tiring, worrying, and frightening.
    B U T ………
    STAY UNITED!! Remember we are the constellation of five. LOSE ONE AND WE ARE NOTHING.

  25. […] the concert will happen or not. Even though SM specifically said they knew about all the stops in June 2008 for the tour, there’s no way they could have been certain of this particular concert until […]

    GO GO!
    I am always for all of you!
    I hope you don’t break up!

    GO GO!
    I am always for all of you!
    I hope you don’t break up!

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