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[Pic] The Power of Rain

I must say……….. don’t give me job to do pic post when I’m bored or it’s going to be messed up like this :D *innocent smile*

At 2008 Nongshim Spread The Love Concert, Rain made an approach to DBSK members <3
but guess who got jealous?


YC: Jung Ji-hoon hyung~ you’re really handsome :)
Rain: Ah~ you’re as handsome too, Yoochunna~

YC: Oh yea, you’re right. I’m more handsome than you :D
Rain: &%^%^^$%$%%^$^$^%^&!!!


Rain: Yoochun, take this mike, everyone wants to hear your voice
YC: No, no, hyung~ this mike is the best of all, you have to use that for your golden voice!
Rain: If I get the mike, I have to sing. I’m lazy
YC: Then do you think I’m not?
YH: *cough* Yoochun, I’m your leader Jung and you’ve been ignoring me for another Jung?

*Rain & Yoochun keep ignoring Yunho, playing just-take-this-mike-coz-I’m-too-lazy-to-sing game*


Now magnae Changmin joined the group.

Pic 1: Rain had succeed passing the mike to Yoochun <3

Rain: I’m the sunbae. I gotta win in everything :D
YC: *wry smile* This  guy is scarier than Changmin
CM: I learn my attitudes from him.

Pic 2: In meantime, also see how everyone was like blocking Yunho ^^;;;

YH: damn you Ji-hoon hyung! You got 2 of my members now?!


Changmin and Yoochun finally realized that another Jung on stage, Jung Yunho, was upset.
So they came to comfort Yunho~

BUT!!! Rain was smiling to someone else right now after the leaving of YooMin!!!! O.O
Who was that???? O.O;;;;;;;;;;;

………………….. who can resist the beauty of Jaejoong? *wipe sweat*


Rain: Hello, baby~ *sleazy*
JJ: Eh~ hi, Ji-hoon hyung~ alone?
Rain: It depends whether you want to accompany me for a drink tonight? ;)


JJ: ……………. well, it depends too… whether YooMin could drag my husband out of the scene so we can escape together ^^

GO RainJae!!!!! (^o^)/

credit: on pic + sharingyoochun@wordpress


  1. i love syc admin captions
    so cute<3

    thansk for shaaringggggggg

  2. he he
    Our boys look like Rain’s little brothers.
    So cute!

  3. nooooooooo jaeeeeeeeeee~~~
    dun leave your hubby with the kids

    *pushes rain aside* lolx^^

  4. ahahahahah so cute~~~
    rain come to indonesian..FINNALY~~~ hahaha XDD
    ggogogo…. i hope tvxq too…^^

  5. bwahahahahahaaa……

    so funny….

    thanks for share….^^

  6. LOL..
    they love rain right?

    * i dont like rain sunglasses.. *

  7. mwahaha i love your caption!!! there are so funny!!I’m still laughing loool

    Wahooo Rain with DBSK are hot together…I love RainJae is so cutee ~

    where are you dolphinjunsu???? There is only junsu who is faithful Yunho !!lol!Hosu is <3

    Thanks for sharing =))))

  8. RainJae it would be great coupling! Sory Yunho…

  9. I was smiling like crazy


    • me too~ XD

  10. can’t stop laughing at the captions

    esp Yoochun, I’m your leader Jung and you’ve been ignoring me for another Jung?

    wakakaka!! poor my Jung Yunho

    RainJae?? O.o


    poor my Jung Yunho…again ;p

  11. omg such cute captions!!!
    and :O!! rainjae~ :DDD

  12. this is sooo cute…
    can’t help myself from smiling & giggling…

  13. lollllll

    thanks for sharing !! : ))

  14. lol..!!

    this reminds me of Kim taewoo’s song “love rain”..

    i miss rain.. and his smile..

    btw.. Jae in the last picture looks too innocent to be saying the things you wrote.. :P

  15. very influential. *bow* but i don’t know who is smitten by who. :-D

    this is too funny!!!!
    I hope you do more pic posts when you are bored!
    this is awesome!!!
    who could resist the beauty of Jaejoong eh?!!
    poor yunho…
    first he couldn’t get yoomin’s attention
    he may even lose Jaejoong!

  17. lol you ladies are so creative.

    Awesome! made my day.

    thanks for the great laughter! ^^

  18. you’re bored when you did this? really? so get bored often then! XD lol

    hahaha! this is so cute! putting Rain in fanfic like this^^

    thanks so much for sharing not only news, pics, etc., but awesome fun goodies! love your randomness! hehe X)

    thanks thanks!^^


  20. The last picture was XD LMAO..JJ´s shock visual make effects on Rain

  21. whenever i see those pics.. i cant help but see imaginary hearts emitting from both jae and rain.. kekeke..
    jae really gives this come hither aura.. >.>

  22. haee..the best cap

  23. yeayyy rain jae hehe i love both of the hehe

  24. Can’t stop laughing!

    hahahahah XD

  25. ahahaha…

    you guys are so good at this,.,,
    this why i love SYC…:D



  26. yessss Rainjae i love it.

  27. *screams* Ah~!! Damn cute!!

  28. haha.. i absolutely love your captions !!!

  29. LOL!!!!!love it!!!your captions are always funny!!!!

  30. *bursts out laughing*~OMGG! darling! u make me laugh a lot!!

    RainJae???? *pouts* poor yunnie~then shall i do YunRah?? xD

    thx for sharing dear! Hwaitinggg!!!

  31. I have seen the video of this when
    i am still a fan of RAIN..

    At that time i was so annoyed to

    How come i didn’t notice yoochun,.lol

    Maybe at that time all i know about TVXQ
    is hero and yunho,..

    Yoochun seems very happy being
    with RAIN,.lol

    I miss RAIN,.


  32. I love Rain and DBSK!!! :)

  33. XIAH at the last pic…
    “Why i don’t get any line? TT^TT ”
    “At least give me yunho’s line also can…”

    • YUNHO’s line —> ” ! “

  34. oh SYC is trying to destroy YunJae again!!!


  35. LOL Uknow has another love rival hahahhah

  36. […] [Pic] The Power of Rain I must say……….. don’t give me job to do pic post when I’m bored or it’s going to be […] […]

  37. why i can’t see the pics?
    even the others fanpic.. =(

  38. Haha! U go Rain!
    btw,It’s true that Yoochun is more Handsome (10000000000000000x) than Rain! hehe~~

  39. THIS WAS AWESOME!! I’d love to see Jaejoong perform with Rain…!! One hot perf for sure..~~~ Both are my favorites!! Let’s see Rain perform Mirotic or Wrong Number and let Jae perform Rainism or I’m Coming..hahaha

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