Posted by: sharingyoochun | July 31, 2009

[Pic] 090731 Section TV – Yunho as Evisu model

Nice cap

me…. stop breathing

credit: as tagged+chubee@exteen
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  1. omg hawt stuff -melts-

    thanks for sharing

  2. OMG ..

  3. update the lawsuit against sme and disbanding news asap.~!!!!

    • hmmm?


  4. lol, was waiting for yunho’s naked photos from evisu.. :D

  5. WAAHH!!! Yunho so handsome!!!
    He make up his eyes right??


  7. let’s think naughty things on him huhuhuhuhu


    • Can I join you??? hahahaha
      This pic of yunho cheered me up a bit after that shocking news … thank u!!!

  8. Yunho….eyeliner sexy…

    Jae’s fan,

  9. he does looks HOTTT~~~

    but Yunho looks thinner compare to Mirotic tymes~

    he needs to eat more to build up more ne~

  10. omg! yunho!!!!

    thanks for sharing!^_^

  11. Aigoo~~ *sweating*

  12. Aww Yunho is really thin in the last pic. You can see his ribs! D: Please eat more, Yunho and stay healthy *prays*

  13. nosebleed.. just wake up.. and my eyes are drooling over yunho…

  14. i’m dead X_X

  15. ~DIE~So hotttttttt.

  16. he’s so hot!! sexxyy!! *melted*

  17. He looks gorgeous, as usual.

    But he looks so skinny, eat more bibimbap YUNHO!

  18. AHHHH!
    Luv the eyeliner

  19. damn. yunho’s hot!

  20. For me he looks like he’s back to the O.Jung.Ban.Hap era^^

  21. OMG xD What the …? oO
    Is that Yuhno Ow, Yeap. That’s U- know. xD What a surprise. xD OO

  22. Most of us are dead. xD Jezzz! People! @@

  23. Fuck, I Forgot greetings ! xD So… greeting fromthe all POLAND fan xD Keep it up!

  24. Really kool..yunho looks handsome..the campaign pictures..are all amazing…Thank you for sharing ^_^

  25. O___________O havent been here for like 2 days??? and wat happened to my hubby lOL he was so cute in that filming thing and now?? wahh major nosebleeds UKNOw!!!!!!!!! but he looks scary with eye make up though but still HOTTTTTT *________* Thanks for sharing any blood donation out there??????? LOL

  26. how could he b so thin..??!! owh i wish tat i could cook 4 all ofthem to eat… but i can confirm jae will do it when they r all 2gether!! ue kyung kyung.. dbsk always keep the faith!!!

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