Posted by: sharingyoochun | July 31, 2009

[News] Nicole from Kara Thanks to mentionning Junsu and Yoochun

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She said Junsu oppa.. buy me the meat!! and mischievous Yoochun oppa.

credit: mickyfan + toki114@soompi
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  1. what meet???

  2. Ooh is this from her thank you list in KARA’s new album/single? ^^
    LOL I love seeing friendships between celebs ;]
    *butting in* buy me the meat too, Susu!

  3. This is adorable! I love Nicole, and I can totally see them being friends with her bubbly personality. I too love seeing interceleb friendships

  4. lol..Thats so sweet..Thank you for sharing ^_^

  5. this is so sweet!! .. i love seeing them making friends with friends .. or just any friends~ it’s good for them ^^ and i love nicole too .. so she’s ok with me .. hhahaaa .. *kicked by su and chun*

    but when did they meet??? xD

  6. I like the grace and kara so it’s cool know that nicole is friends with su and chun.

  7. I think Nicole is very very cute^^
    But…she call YC by his showbiz name, Micky (or American name…Nicole is from America too, if I’m not wrong) and JS by his Korean name…JunSu.

    Are you sure it’s not JunSu from 2 PM? (yeah I know she mention “mikki” after she mention su, but just to make this clear, because I have done a mistake before between 2PM’s JS and our dophinie )

  8. i dun mean it’s impossible..
    but it never occurred to me that any member of Kara will b frens with tvxq..mayb more of 2pm..2am..mayb w suju..perhaps kangin onli…

  9. buy meat wat??? hahahhaha

  10. Sorry late to respond but some DBSK members dined at Nicole’s mom restaurant and there is a picture of Chunnie with Nicole’s mom at the restaurant. Also Gyuri thank Changmin at the same album. They might know each other and they are both 88-line. It is not Changmin of 2am bec she did not say Changmin oppa. Kara would have known DBSK from their SS501 oppas and also from their SNSD friends.

  11. so sweet…

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