Posted by: sharingyoochun | July 17, 2009

[Pic] All About DBSK Season 3 Making Book ‘Please be mine’ part 18

I’ll add more pics to this post if I found another some :)

but for now, let’s SharingYooChun becomes the real SHARING YOOCHUN ^^ (after all my betrayals to Jaejoong and Yunho… oh well XD)

I laughed at the description on this pic:

Okay, let’s go for another round! His strong will can be felt from his lips and fist.

and I should admit to you…… that I dunno what is the connection of DUCKY LIPS and STRONG WILL.
Or maybe I should start to pout my lips all day so that my supervisor at office recognizes the STRONG WILL of mine as well??? ;)

Quiz time!

is Yoochun……………..?
a) trying to potray romantic feeling
b) simply sleepy

I choose (b)!

“Hey, playboy… it’s about time.. and your time is up!”

– from 2NE1’s I dont Care :D

I call this pose….

“I’m too hot to be owned”


I know nothing about Coconut…. but what is the use of shaking it??? ^^??

source: on pic
credit: dnbn + sharingyoochun@wordpress


  1. haha… i really love our comments…. i always enjoy reading them .. it brightens up my day ^^

  2. Yoochun-ah so cute^^
    and for the quiz thingy,..
    i think he tries to portray this I’m-too-HOT-for-ya’ll-to-handle pose XD

  3. yeah Sharing Yoochun is back lol

    the 2nd pic i think he saw three power puff girls
    in far away :D
    he always had a time for being a playboy :wink:

    Yoochun if you dont know how to open the coconut ask your dolpin then cos he know everything about coconut lol

  4. The third pose of yoochun is strangely familiar to a scene in miduhyo mv^^ but yeah..he looks good :)

  5. LOL you’r comments are awesome!!! Xd hahah made me laugh so much!! u guys hehhe XP

    chunnie-ah~~ too hot…too cute.. too loveable and too adorable… (i want to hug you… and more…) lol

  6. haha! i laughed reading ur spazz~
    u made my day. thnx~

  7. Thanks for sharing. Yoochun is so cute ^^^^

  8. chunnie is so darn hot!

    the boys really adore coconuts! hahaha their fascination of it amazes me. ;)))

    ••• junsunnie, i’m still saving up money for the land with coconuts. •••

  9. About why he was shaking the coconut,he might want to hear what’s inside which is nothing other than coconut water and some flesh :D

  10. aww~
    i want to bite his lips badly ……. lol

  11. Thanks SYC,enjoyed the spazz!
    Yoochun is so hot w/ those shades.

  12. i dont understand about “2NE1”..
    is that the glasses???

    really love ur comment…

    • Shinta:

      the line: “Hey playboy, it’s about time and your time is up!”

      is from 2NE1’s song “I Don’t Care”

      2NE1 is YG girlband which is mentioned as “Female Big Bang” ^^

      I wrote that line there coz Yoochun looks like a playboy in the picture, hehehhee

      • LOL @ Or maybe I should start to pout my lips all day so that my supervisor at office recognizes the STRONG WILL of mine as well???

        maybe we all should do that …. hahahaha …

  13. My quiz ans —>> Yoochun was simply sleepy!!
    But it turns to flirtatious side of XD
    Yoochun in the 3rd pic is so damn hot!!!!

  14. lol..syc so funny..i love micky’s pictures..Quiz..answer—>a..and a sense of satisfaction…taking in the view…Thank you for sharing ^_^

  15. if you shake a coconut and you hear a lot of water then that means it’s good…..if you can’t hear or feel the water shaking then it means the coconut is dry…and dry coconuts don’t taste so good ^_^(south Asians probably many more use coconuts to cook and we always have to shake it b4 buying because if it’s dry then we can’t use it and it has a bad taste)…….also the coconut/kingcoconut water tastes good and is also healthy too….lol who would have thought my knowledge in coconuts would come in handy…

  16. love your little comments~~ ^^
    makes me enjoy the pics more~~ xDxD

    thank-you~~ ^^

  17. yay sharingyoochun ha
    love ur lil comments : ))

  18. hehehe i like u all d comment!! wahhaha

    thx for sharing

  19. waa~~
    cutie uchun…
    kya kya…

  20. I choose B also,..

    Simply sleepy,

    Yoochun so hot,cute,handsome,sexy etc…lol

    About Coconut the reason why they are
    shaking it to be sure that the coconut
    is good..Because if you shake the coconut
    and you found out that there’s no
    juice(i don’t know what is the right
    word of it) it means that the
    coconut is not good and can’t be eaten,..

    But if you shake it and you found out that
    there is means the coconut is good
    or fresh and can be eaten,that’s what
    my grandmother said to me,..

    So everytime we are picking coconut
    we shake it first before we open it.


  21. Oh i forgot to comment about yoochun’s
    pouting lips,

    That was so cute,


  22. waaaa,,,,, thank you so much,,,

    I like your funny comments^^
    *simply sleepy* maybe that’s the answer

  23. OMG!!!!!!!!

    YC damn cute n smart n handsome >//<

    CHUNNIEEEEE waaaaah!



  25. the first pic is sooooo cute!!!!!

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