Posted by: sharingyoochun | July 17, 2009

[Pic] All About DBSK Season 3 Making Book ‘Please be mine’ part 15

First reaction, WOAH!

love his eyelashes

lovely smile

…and kissable lips

reminds me of paris pic when they were eating escargot somehow

one of my fav pics, and i will repeat, i wanna go snorkeling!

i’m just staring at those lips here

this lips too

and still find this picture amusing somehow

credit: mickyfan + mickybaidubar
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress


  1. first?! yayyyyyyy woahh i love these pics thank u so much for sharing!! are those pics in the photobook? the one that we purchase?? then this photobook is MUST BUY!!

  2. Micky? Topless? WOW!

    thanks for sharing!^_^

  3. the first pic is iduhaeudajdnsanuwendks *spazz*

    Micky & Minnie (LOL) rarely show some’s always Jae, Yunnie or to some extent our dear Su
    aahh the Disney couple should show some skin toooooooooo >.<

  4. ahhh!!those sexy clavicles and lips!!!
    to dieeeee for!!!^^

  5. eeeeee!!!!
    i love chunnie’s eyelashes and lips too~~ xDxD

  6. i can’t get over Yunnie pouty lips, so cuteeeeeee

  7. The pictures are great..micky looks handsome..really love 4..14..17..26..Thank you..for sharing them all ^_^

  8. i love those lips!!!! chunnie, i’ll kiss you one day XD *get bricked*

  9. ahh these made my day early in the morning thanks for sharing !!!!!!!

  10. gosh, yoochun is killing me. How many times must i died because of him? HAHA

  11. I Love You Park Yoochun!!!!!! ^_^

  12. OMG yoochun..sooooo gorgeous..
    i really love all those pics..brightening my day hahaa..
    thank you for sharing! ^_^

  13. Lovely chunnie…

  14. ur comments make my heart flutter LOL~ those lips r mine!! mwahahahaha xD *get stabbed by SYC*

    thx for sharing dear!!!

  15. Yoochun’s clavicles,..
    mmmm~ licks XD

  16. Oh my God,…Yoochun is so handsome…

    He is almost perfect,..hahaha

    Why is it feels like its their
    first time to see coconut??lol

    They are so cute on that pic,..


  17. he is perfect… perfect, i repeat… sigh* daydreams*

    inward thought: the first pic is like inviting for rape… i seriously lost my breath… careful chunnie, someone’s gona jump on you hehhehe XD

  18. Hey, purchase this amazing phot book at a steal of $35!!order yourself a copy!email me at :)

  19. […] [Pic] All About DBSK Season 3 Making Book ‘Please be mine’ part 15 First reaction, WOAH! […]

  20. yunho bad boyyyyyyyy xDDD

    awwh chunnie ;:__;;


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