Posted by: sharingyoochun | July 12, 2009

[Pic] 090712 DBSK at Beijing international airport

Catch up with Jaejoong only

credit: heyjj
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress

Yunho Yoochun Changmin and Junsu….say BYEBYE to Jaejoong!

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Jaejoong “byebye”

(please ignore my silly caption) >_<

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Image Hosted by


  1. i m missing him T_________________________________________T

  2. bye bye jae!

    thanks for sharing!

  3. Jaejoong is now in my house

    *gets bricked*

    i mean in JAPAN! lol

  4. why do i feel sad seeing the first two pics?
    i’m getting emotional these days T^T

    • okay on a 2nd thought, chunface expression is really funny somehow in the first pic XDDD

  5. wait can someone tell me why he was the only one going?

    • ^My thoughts too..?
      Thank you for sharing ^_^

  6. Poor baby

  7. I heard that he had flu {{jejung}}
    so in order to keep safe
    he staying in japan
    just not to affect the other member ^^
    hence explains why he is wearing mask too

    thats what i heard but i not sure if its true

    iszit just me or the other members seem down
    w/o the noisy jejung 8D

    -gets kick by jae-

    thanks for sharing

    • ^Awww poor jae..Hope he gets better the smile in the 2nd picture..sweet..^Thank you.

  8. people

    comments are just comments all right lol

    now SYC wanna go to the hospital so much


  9. woahh the “byeBYe’ caption hahahah that pic is cuTEEEEEE

  10. weres JJ gonna go?? *sobs* hehe xD

  11. you know what,when JAEJOONG was going alone, YUNHO started already to miss him and seemed so down at that time JAEJOONG looked back at YUNHO and said byebye d’ont worry yunnie i will be back soon ……(yunjae woooo…)
    hein!!! d’ont you think? anyway thank’s for sharing

  12. OMG when i see the byebye pic. i automatically wave back to Jae haha. unconsciously.

  13. Oh poor JJ…

    Everytime i see JJ on that mask
    the first person that come to my mind
    is the prisoner in CON-AIR movie the one who
    has mask because he is so dangerous,

    But the looks is very difference,..

    byebye JJ,


  14. omg…really????
    hope he gets better sooon!! TT^TT

    i know they will miss eachother..T^T

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