Posted by: sharingyoochun | July 12, 2009

[Pic] 090712 DBSK at Beijing international airport part 2

Damn I’m kinda confused what to share 1st between tons of Mirotic concert pic, tons of incheon pic and tons of beijing airport pic


credit: mickybaidu
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress



Chinese security gaurds are KIND…the fans cant be close to them like this in Bangkok. Lucky chinese fans T_T





  1. yar nice guards D:
    in other countries like japan/korea/bkk
    the guards are really STRICT

    thanks for sharing

  2. ooooo must be amazing to get so close ^_^
    thanks a bunch for sharing :D

  3. woaah so close…haha if it were me im gonna get pervy LOL *get smacked*

  4. wow~ that’s pretty close… i wonder y…

  5. Chinese security people (esp in HK, where they were called Securstar) were the strongest I’ve seen so far. those three Security Guards were DBSK’s personal security only, the three ones wearing Security SUHODAE at the back of their black shirt. Three of them were with DBSK in Bangkok during their stay in Dusit Thani. It seems they were not given security treatment at Beijing Airport, that’s why the fans were able to see them upclose. Good thing they were not mobbed by fans. I applaud Beijing fans for being in control.

  6. Wow the guards are so kind,..

    Last week i have watched a vid of
    TVXQ in airport and the guards
    pushed the fan really hard
    when the fan is getting close
    to the boys,..

    Poor girl..I know its hurt,..


  7. I WAS THERE!!! AND LESS THAN 2 FT AWAY FROM CHUN AND SU <333 there was no security there and the securities only came when theyre almost entering the off limit place :P i screamed i love you yoochun in english and chun turned is head to me a little <333 i love him ^^ the security let down his guard in front of me only cuz i wasnt grabbin at him. i just stood and screamed i love you over and over again hahaha

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