Posted by: sharingyoochun | July 5, 2009

[News] Zoom in Super – COLORS ~ Melody and Harmony ~ is Hello Kitty 35-year anniversary theme song

Korean group Tohoshinki’s first Tokyo DOME: 50,000 Fans

The 5 members male vocal group, Tohoshinki held their first “Tohoshinki 4th LIVE YOUR 2009 – The Secret Code – Final in TOKYO DOME”.

Yunho (23) said, “Today is DOME!” in great excitement. There was 50,000 crowd gathered in the venue. After Junsu (22) and Yunho (23)’s solo were performed, Hello Kitty’s 35th anniversary song “COLORS ~ Melody and Harmony ~” was decided to be performed by Jejung (23) and Yuchon (23) to Japan public for the first time.

The members performed in total 23 songs enthusiastically. They shouted “THANK YOU!” in one voice, after the stage.

credit: 먹어주는유천@dnbn
trans: sharingyoochun@dnbn


  1. hahaha… JJ’s ideal person used to be H.K… maybe H.K = Hello Kitty ?! LOL * get slapped *

    • LOL if that’s true, then Jaejoong and I like the same type, but lol I think Jaejoong revealed that H.K was H.O.T’s Kangta

  2. rofl xD
    this is interesting 8Dv

    thanks for sharingg

    • yes..yes..intresting indeed
      no wonder the song is smooth n easy..

  3. That’s so neat ^^
    Totally epic!
    Congrats to them! Yay for Hello Kitty!

  4. wohoo~~
    Hello Kitty so lucky!! xDxD

    that means they will sing it live again?? xD

  5. wow.. Hello Kitty !!

  6. wait. so its not their self-composed song? i mean Color. or is their song made to Theme song, again?

  7. uwaaah soul mate’s hello kitty!!!!!!!!

  8. A theme song for that pink and white little cat!?Wow!

    I raise hamsters, so do not like cats much.But maybe from now on I should care Hello Kitty show more:”>

  9. hello kitty?????? ahahhaha my sister is gonna love this:))

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