Posted by: sharingyoochun | June 10, 2009


Tohoshinki have decided to hold the TOHOSHINKI PREMIUM SHOWCASE 2009 in OMOTESANDO!
And here are the details for the the first two events.


DATE: 2009.07.02 ~ 2009.07.06
PRICE : 500 yen (tax included) for 2 field tickets
SHOWCASE 1 – – Harajuku Quest Hall
SHOWCASE 2 – – Library Plaza Omotesando B3F SPACEOH (some special location, we will verify later)

Will keep up with more details later but 500YEN is super CHEAP!

source: ohmicky
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress


  1. wow this is awesomeee
    i wan go please ;______________;

    htanks for sharing

  2. wait… dun they hv tokyo dome at dat time?

    • Tokyo Dome is 4th and 5th

    • guess it’s not supposed typed 2009.07.02 ~ 2009.07.06.. it should be 2009.07.02 & 2009.07.06..

  3. OMG you guys not even tired

    your tour not even finish yet
    and you already had a scedule for this

    please take more rest
    and dont get sick

  4. the last time they did a Premium Showcase they showed there SOLO songs, and we had the Trick project~

    i hope they show some new SOLOs this year too..^^

  5. 500Yen?! Am I reading it correctly coz it’s so damn cheappppp. wanna go. wanna go. wanna go. T^T

  6. only 500 yen?!!! impossible!! i wanna goooooooooo!!!!

  7. […] up with our trans related to this post on 20090610 Date: 2009.07.02 (Thu) – 2009.07.06 (Mon) Admission: 500 yen (tax included)   * Tickets are […]

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