Posted by: sharingyoochun | May 31, 2009

[Vid] Subaru – Dong Bang Clip

30th May, Singapore
Haha, see i knew it!
Someone will post this in youtube cause i saw CAMERAS taping from where i was sitting!

So, here’s a clip when the boys appeared [bolero was played during other scenes].
The girls screamed when the boys appear.
Of course not too loud since it will disturb the other rooms.
This whole room was prebooked so it’s only the cassies who were in it.
And apparently, me and Yusuke went to watch the show and were sitting 6 seats apart but didn’t notice each other! LOL
There were also footage of the boys at the end just to let you know ^__^

credit: mickylover04


  1. OmMGGG epic :D

    haha xDDDD

    i know i didnt scream
    i was kinda shock in fact ;_;
    haha xD

    thanks for sharinggg
    youmisedoutjejung’spart T^T

    • legra:

      i expected the screaming but i didn’t scream too..haha

  2. wow……… cassie the best!!!!!!

  3. lol, i did not went for that though.
    only will be watching on tuesday.
    so hows the movie?

    • i went for the 30th may one! and it was omg. SO GOOD! :D
      apparently today i went to the theatres again, and subaru was SOLD OUT for three out of five show timings.
      i was so shocked and hapy for dongbang (idk why), i just started screaming, god, SO EMARRASSING D:

  4. 555++ unni~

    but how can they do this so dare!!!



    even it just 10 second or just one i will be proud of yu aniway

    fighting !! ^^

    • legra:

      haha… nah, 10 secs was too short… it’s longer… some parts are not shown here ^_^

      • awwwhhh..

        well…something even just a part of it may be considered as important!!
        especially when there are dong bang boys out there…

        thanks for sharing unnie!!!!!

  5. ooo..actually planned to watch it todae..

    so i shall nw see the clip 1st.. haaa..

  6. haha..
    the concert feeling i guess

  7. isn’t this illegal? even if it’s just for a moment, isn’t this illegal? cam-ing a movie and put it up on youtube even.

    • legra:

      it is definitely illegal alright…
      so i don’t encourage this for sure!!!!!

  8. lol, i went on not on the 29th and there were still screaming fangirls~ xDD

  9. 28th*
    i was gaping and didn’t scream though lol ^-^

  10. i hope it will be air in malaysia’s cinema soon…*pray to god*

  11. this is a real life effect …LOL
    we juz miss tvxq too much.. hehe

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