Posted by: sharingyoochun | May 18, 2009

[Vid] 090517 DBSK 2008 MKMF rehearsal DVD – ENG

part 1

part 2

credit:  eternalmerkamoon4


  1. thx for sharing~

  2. eng sub

    i’ll understand that they say.

    thanks very much

  3. “good-lookingly” isn’t quite translated. It translates better into “well” or “cool”

  4. yay! thanks for the subs eternalmerkamoon! <33

    and thx SYC for putting them up here <333

  5. whoa!
    that was awesome!
    thank-you so much for sharing~~ ^^

    and Eternalmerakmoon4 for subbing~~ ^^

    thank-you all~

  6. Junsu is obviously don’t have
    sense of fashion,

    They are rehearsing but
    he’s wearing a clothes that is
    a bit formal,..

    A clothes like that is not comfortable
    to wore during rehearsal,.Its not only the
    first time he is wearing clothes
    like that during rehearsal it happens for
    so many times,..

    But i still like him even he don’t have sense
    of fashion,but his voice,the way he dance and
    sing are amazing,..

    AND NOT THE QUANTITY….I think i am

    Im just curious about the way yoochun
    dance,its like he can’t move fast but
    the way he dance is so cute and sexy,.lol

  7. Yess, eng subbed, now I can understand what they say, and it’s not cc subbed!! I don’t like it when DBSK’s vids are cc subbed because it can’t be saved…. Thanx eternalmerkamoon4 & SYC for sharing it^^

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