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[Trans + Pic] 090517 The Secret Code Concert Staffs’ Report

2009/05/17 (Sun) 14:22



After the rehearsal, Yunho is checking the 28th clip of that was took yesterday

I think it will have a brilliant ending.

Everyone, even we’re here still looking forward to watch it ♪

2009/05/17 (Sun) 14:02

It’s Sendai but… 2


Next, is one of the staff’s mother who is living in Fukushima,

sent this kind of food,

It has Fukushima’s name which is <Walnut Chips>

They liked it very much too and Jaejoong said “This is really yummy (^ ~ ^)” ☆

2009/05/17 (Sun) 13:57

It’s Sendai but…


It’s Mr.Ibenta shi’s type of food from Nigata

and its name is <Nigata Chips>

The members liked it too, and are eating a lot (^^)

2009/05/17 (Sun) 13:02

Junsu ver.!


Today’s introduction is Junsu’s version truck! ☆

If you detect it, please take an even photo!

The members are in the meeting room, and eating in harmony

2009/05/17 (Sun) 12:54

Sendai’s 2nd day!


After yesterday’s concert, 150 tour staff & members had a meeting of [Let’s have strength in Sendai!]

It was a meeting for the members mainly of let’s work hardest to the end and it cheered us up greatly at night!

Today’s Sendai was unexpectedly rainy but lets cheer up the atmosphere ~ ☆

source: TSC Staff Report
trans: mizuna@sharingyoochun


  1. leadershii look so cute in casual *W*
    thanks for sharing

  2. Chompoo:

    I assume the leader shi was watching the hidden camera in JJ’s room lol

    • lolll

  3. 150 staffs. Wow~~

    • ya…150 ppl?

      no wonder their concert are always amazing..

  4. LOL xD @chompoo

    oh it was raining poor them they sound kinda sad beacause of the rain ~~

    and woo 150 staff thats a big number hehe

    thanx for sharing

  5. thanks you XD

    Yunho look really serious LOL

  6. […] [Trans + Pic] 090517 The Secret Code Concert Staffs’ Report 2009/05/17 (Sun) 14:22 Seriousness… […]

  7. Agree cant wait to see it… it will be great.
    (^ ~ ^)” ☆… it does Look yummy…lol
    The food’s making me hungry…I wonder what the flavours were.. lol..
    Lets wish the sun out for them.. always.
    Thank you for sharing ^_^

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