Posted by: sharingyoochun | May 17, 2009

[Pic] Seolreim 15 secs ver Handphone Wallies (P.3)

Yeah i think it’s the part 3 now but i can’t help…so cute i gotta share

credit: dnbn+sharingyoochun@wordpress




  1. damn i am so in love with leadershii gif images for this cf :DDDD

    thanks for sharing ^^

  2. Sooooo cuuuutttee!! I cant stop looking at chunnie pic.. All of them are cuutttee! Haha minnie…. Hmm.. Haha

  3. So cute.I like this CF so much.
    Thank you.

  4. thanks so much!

  5. i just noticed that Chunnie has got rabbit teeth! :P

  6. yunho…… <33333333

  7. aahhhhh yoochun!!! you are making me betray jaejoong!!! x.x lol…. anyway, is the gif yoochun applicable for iphone? xD thank you~~

    • legra:

      sadly, iphone can’t take gif…
      or maybe you have to hack it or something, who knows
      but i’m using one and it cannot take gif

  8. awwww~soooo cuttttteeeee <3 how can i resist them when they all r acting cute like this???? *fell in luv*

    ~look at dolphinie!! sooooo cuteeee!!! J-oppa & his red sexy lips *faints*

    thx for sharing dear!! ^^

  9. ahhhhh more wallies!!! i’m dying of their cuteness! HELP ME!! lol

    thanks SYC, taking themm alright! <333

  10. Thx so much. They’re so cute ><

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