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[News] 090516 Fanaccount: The Secret Code in Sendai

This is my report from the concert in Sendai.

I do not remember the song list…mainly because most songs came off the new album and I have only really listened to the album once ( I just bought it a few weeks ago).

Anywho, after my morning meeting and run back to the hotel and change my clothes and head to the Hot House Arena in Rifu. It was about 3pm when the train leaves and there are lots of fans on the train. I was surprised to see how many older women are fans (older than in their 30’s and 40’s…I’m 33) but happy to see them.

We all make our way to the Arena grounds and have to walk a little ways.


I wore jeans, a colorful shirt and my boots…i wanted to be comfortable.

Other people wore cute outfits (do you remember the little thing they did when they picked what kind a outfits their ideal woman would wear…yeah most ladies had on something similar to these (which is pretty normal), others went straight hoochie (again pretty normal attire in Sendai), and others totally did their own thing.

Here are the concert goers!


I walk around the grounds…the only person of color, so I stand out like a freak of nature and people are wondering who the hell is she. I am make my way to the Premium Area


After this there are no more photos to be taken….cuz I couldn’t.

Anywho, in the Premium section they have their own little section to by concert goods (wwaaaayyyy shorter lines). I buy the stuff I wanted, then get in line to get into the arena. I made the girl checking me out so nervous she broke her shit and couldn’t work the scan machine…she had to try like 6 times to ring up my stuff. I laughed. It was funny.

Ok, so I get into Arena have a glass of white wine (it was free.) and head to my seat. All of the seating guys were gorgeous. It was highly entertaining for me. They seemed genuinely refreshed to see someone a little “different” walking around.

Where was I seated? I mean any seat in Premium would have to be good (and they were)…but my seat…was seat 41. Forth row from the main stage, 1st row along the catwalk…SWEEEEETTTT!!

I got a good view of everything.

Some of the other fans around me spoke with me…in Japanese and a little English. My Japanese is still pretty rough but we were able to connect on who was whose favorite and how excited we were.

Ok, so it is showtime YAY!!!

Like, I said I don’t really remember the set list too well.

Most songs came off the new album.

I can tell you what songs they did that I loved hearing because I love those songs (in no order):

Purple Line
Mirotic (naturally)
The Way You Are (encore song)
Survivor (encore)

But every song they did was great…except Kiss the Baby Sky because I really don’t like that song..LMFAO

hmmm..there was another few songs they did that I was surprised they did, but I can’t for the life of me remember what they were…oh well.

Changmin’s screen malfunctioned a quarter of the way through the show…and I thought it was funny.hahahahahaa!!

His hotness broke it! He was too sexy for the monitor!

My impressions of the guys:

They are all ridiculously goodlooking close up…like seriously.

I had to see it to believe it.

JJ has a really nice body. He is really very precious. It is hard not to take your eyes off of him.

Yunho is a pleasure to watch dancing, he is very fluid and graceful. I would love to have seen Junsu dance more (because I think he is probably the best dancer…which isn’t saying much because they are all awesome dancers).

Of course they noticed the black chick standing right there. The only three that I could visible tell that they saw me were JJ (eye contact, nod and big grin), Junsu (eye contact and nod), and Yunho (who I swear gave me this look like “Hey Girl! What’s up! How you doin'” nod.). It was too bad Junsu didn’t dance more, but he did dance during “The Way You Are.”

He is still nursing the ankle.

Ask me questions and maybe they will jog my memory.

After the show, I went out clubbing….drank way too much, so some of the stuff is really foggy..


Oh yeah, here is the other stuff you get at the venue with your Premium seat:



That is my little bit from Sendai….

thanks for reading :)

credit: karmibuni@lj
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress


  1. i sooooooooo wanna go to one of their Japan live concerts.. =|

  2. wow she is so lucky
    to see jejung precious bodyy -drools-

    thanks for sharing ^^

  3. woow she really had a lot of fun

    and LOL about yunhoo’s lool XDD

    i wish i can go to one o fthere concert it lookz really fun ^^

    thanx for sharing

  4. aah i wish i was there!! XD she is soo lucky!! too bad she doesnt like kiss the baby sky T_T

    she appreciated everyone’s performance (changmin’s waay too hot for the screen LOL XD) except yoochun T_T

  5. A really biassed fan-account!!!!!!!!!
    I prefer reading equal fan-account……..
    Where is the part of Yoochunnie??? No impression about him???? And she doesn’t like Kiss the baby sky????
    Anyway, it’s nice to read about the others……… Great body of Jaejoong is really no doubt!!!!!!!! ^^

  6. Sounds like the premium seat is really worth it ^^ Exclusive entrance, free wine, exclusive merchandise section, and front row…
    I want to see them up close tooooo.. T_T I wonder when I will be able to come to their concert.

    Thanks for sharing btw XD

  7. Thanks fo sharing! It was interesting to read!!!

  8. Why does she keep mentioning that she is black? Who cares?

  9. This is what i like about japan,korea
    and china,i like the way they dressed,.

    Hope i can wear the way they dressed,..

    Its really hot here in phil its
    hard to wore clothes the way they

  10. I’m so envious >_<

  11. lol! what’s the Premium? is it like VIP seats? *confuse*

    • legra:

      yea, vip tickets… means you have to pay much much much more

      • uwahhh~ this fan must be LOADED! she gets to have premium seats! :)

  12. How I wish I was there too!!

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