Posted by: sharingyoochun | May 16, 2009

[Trans + Pic] 090516 The Secret Code Concert Staffs’ Report

the blue fonts are translation edit, okkie? ^^

2009/05/16 (Sat) 17:03

The two good friends…


Junsu acts playfully to cheer up (pretend to be) nervous Changmin.
Such a friendly team today!

The concert is soon ♪

2009/05/16 (Sat) 16:43

Tohoshinki’s dancers…


it’s 50!

The main dancers have received reviews in the dressing room ☆

「Til the end, keep the concentration! Give the best support as much as we can 」

Changmin who is so seriously exercising is also awesome…

Changmin’s serious expression is now floating around in my mind…. (laughs)

2009/05/16 (Sat) 15:50

Goods booth


There is a long line just like snakes at the goods booth!

I’m so excited. Keep it hot, Sendai!

2009/05/16 (Sat) 15:34

During the rehearsal


Right now, we are rehearsing!

The members are carefully checking the parts that keep getting their attention

2009/05/16 (Sat) 14:44

Full Volume!


Today’s lunch menu!

Speaking of Sendai … the members rejoice sasakamaboko (a type of fish sausage)

We’re trying to hype up again today with power!

2009/05/16 (Sat) 14:39

City of Forest


Sendai day 1!

The weather is a bit cloudy, but we’ll try to blow hot air to everyone ♪

source: TSC Staff Report
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress


  1. lolz cool =]
    hope to hear more !

  2. wow the stage sure is huge *W*

    hope to see moree

    thanks for sharing<3

  3. if there’ll be things like this I wouldn’t dare to sleep at our house..I’d rather be at the concert hall!!!!
    oh…including at the goodies venue…

  4. whoa many updates. ^^ This is from the staff, is it?

    • Shinta:

      YES ^^

  5. I was in Sendai’s T concert last year. The place and the staff were very awesome.

    Ah …. I really missed the feel.

  6. *imagines*..Playful junsu,.. changmin…cute.
    The stage looks Amazing…the guys practicing so hard.. They’ll do great!
    I would like to try that fish sausage… never had that before.
    Thanks for this ^_^

  7. nice~ nice~ ^^
    i love these entries! xD

  8. […] [Trans + Pic] 090516 The Secret Code Concert Staffs’ Report the blue fonts are translation edit, okkie? ^^ 2009/05/16 (Sat) 17:03 The two good friends… […]

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