Posted by: sharingyoochun | April 27, 2009

[Pic] Jaejoong endorsing Misope

credit: 내하늘박유천
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress


  1. :DDD

  2. awwwwwww boojae does look like a angel from heaven 8D

    heeh the dongbang heaven 8D

    thank for sharing

  3. haha so cool when you know that Misopé is a shoes brand, so we’re supposed to look at Jae’s shoes :D

    for the curious ones

    • sorry i re-post the link:

      • hahahaa, i didnt know what to look at, so thanks ^^

  4. what a sexy man >.<
    Gah!he is so HOT XDD

  5. hmm..
    sorry sir,
    let me take away this mannequin, please..??


  6. He looks so handsome! <3

  7. Jaejoong looks so gorgeous here!!!! Can i have him? Plz….

    • NO!!!

      he’s with me ^^

      *bricks from cass*

  8. Right … shoes … should be looking at the shoes. lol

  9. joogie looks hot!!

    idk why, but i love looking at his legs xD

    • hahhaha his legs are quite sexy!

      ps. this is kinda random but is your name Isabel? Cuz mine is too! what a coincidence haha

      • haha, people thought my name is Isabel, but no xD .. just Belle ..

        iysbelle = i ys belle … and ys is yoosu .. i cant do the “<3” or “♥” on the link/username so i didnt wanna use it cuz i want my name to be the same as the link/username, just i-y-s-belle ^^ .. or isabel if you would like(cuz that’s what i wanted ppl to think when they see my name, hehee!)

        yeah! but im a big fan of yoosu, so somehow i came up with this xD ..

        i(♥)yoosu, Belle ^^

        sorry, not really a coincidence, but i used to use ‘belle’ as my nickname on SYC, but then there’s another ‘Belle’ and sometimes i got confused when people reply, so i changed it to my real username!

  10. *screammmsss*

    thx for sharing dear!! *kisses & hugs*

  11. instead of buying the shoes,..
    can i have the one wearing it instead?,..
    *puppy eyes*

    and oh,..
    those legs are pure SMEXY

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