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[Trans] Bigeastation Vol. 108 Full Trans

My most favorite part is:

  1. Changmin being pervert, wanting to go to female onsen (hotspring) if he becomes invisible (at the audio, you can hear even their manager cant holdback his laugh ^^;;; Changmin is known as Tohoshinki manager’s big problem, and HE IS, lol)
  2. Changmin defended Yoochun when Jae kept saying that Yoochun was getting fatter and fatter. He asked Jae to stop and read the letter instead XDD . As I always say…… Shim Changmin is Park Yoochun’s biggest fan. Now you know the root of problem of why Changmin is always fighting with Junsu (jealousy) XDDD








Full Audio – part 1

part 2


  1. omgg so cuteee hahahhahahaha
    minmin so funny <3

    thanks for sharing ;D

  2. hahahahaha..
    to his left??
    because there is his yunnie on his left..
    I think the sender wants to trap yunjae in her questions..

    lmfaoooo … cant stop laughing X3

    … Yo man … Chun isnt getting fatter …. O_o
    is he ? …

    • Shinta:

      he is *nods*

      *kicked away by Chun*

      • so Chun is the new Changmin now..?

        the others should be getting fatter too..considering the amount of food that they are fed in JP TV shows..

        except that his meals are all *dinners*.. :P

  4. So there’s no Yunho’s answer “He’s in my eyes” to Changmin’s question “Where is Jia Joong???”

    Argh…sweet dream shattered!!!

    • No, actually yunho did say that. coz i hear yunho said “koko ni me no naka ni iru yo” which means “he’s here in my eyes”, but i’m not sure if my translation is accurate.. Around 6.53-6.54 u can hear yunho said something like that.

      jaejoong-ah? why don’t u just admit that u always look at the left coz ur lovely husband is on the left? stop denying it!!!!

  5. why jaejoong always look left? suspicious becoz yunho is on left

  6. Jaejoong is so cute, the members really send him more hearts

  7. CHANGMINNIE is so cute
    ******i love U minnie*****
    he is really handsome

  8. OMG
    changmin and chunnie OMG so cute
    minnie is really funny that why he is my fav
    and there other reasons too jeje
    minnie you are the only one in my heart

  9. changmin ohh ****cute*****love him

  10. LOLOOLLLLOLOOOL!!!!!! AAHAHAH XD sending hearts is disgusting? ahahah XDDDD
    but isnt wanting to go into a female sauna more disgusting?

  11. ROFLMAO at Chun getting fatter
    I guess it was just the haircut ^^
    Or maybe he spends too much time eating with Changmin LOL

    But I do agree with Min, he’s a grown man THATS WHY he wanna go to the female sauna xDD

  12. hahaha…changmin’s a man’s man…so manly and doesnt want to send hearts..ahaha..weird..he’s the only one in my eyes!! ^^

  13. watch it later, im busy TT TT

  14. LOL!!! Minnie is so adorable as always ….
    you can go to onsen with nuna dahling … hahahaha .. *kick by minnie’s fans*

  15. hahaha~so cute!

    thx for sharing dear!! <3

  16. JJ wants hearts… come on JJ give me your number I’ll make your inbox full with hearts

  17. woah~ thanks for the translations!! soo funny!

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