Posted by: sharingyoochun | April 16, 2009

[News] One Piece is #1 on Radio Request Chart + Tohoshinki to Attend Music Japan




  1. wow bigeast become more busy these days

  2. I bet the single is gonna top the oricon charts =)
    They are doing so well…*sings proud*

  3. waitttt…so, they will have concert in tokyo dome for 4 days? coz in the first news, it written that the concert in tokyo dome will be extended to 2 days..

  4. I’m praying hard so that they manage to get first in oricon. DBSK Fighting!

  5. @sleepyhead
    no..extended 2 day mean ‘the original day is just 1 day..but they extend it to become 2 days’..due to demand from bigeast maybe…..
    so..not 4 days..but 2 days only….

    ..LOL..i guess nobody can understand my explaination…

    but..still..hope you got it..under your skin..LOL..hahah….

  6. @sleepyhead: i was sondering the same too!

    @junsoo-s00s00-lover: i understand perfectly! no worries,, yay! thanks for the explanation ^^

  7. @ayu
    awwwww…^^…so proud now….@_@….welcOme dearie….LOL…

  8. @junsoo-s00s00-lover: i got it now..thanks for clarify this..^^

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