Posted by: sharingyoochun | April 9, 2009

[Pic] 090404-05 MIROTIC Concert in Nanjing (part 8)

After being suspended

So, to cheer everyone up….
There is like over 3,000++ pics in total in the following links!
It’s majorly overloading with hotness.

Trust me, there’s more pics which are not in the download links!
Cuase i have them open in tabs…. will save them tomorrow i guess ^_^

credit to all pics are baidu + dnbn + cyworld + naver + individual sites

090404 Mirotic Nanjing part 1 [sharingyoochun]
090404 Mirotic Nanjing part 2 [sharingyoochun]
090404 Mirotic Nanjing part 3 [sharingyoochun]
090404 Mirotic Nanjing part 4 [sharingyoochun]
090404 Mirotic Nanjing part 5 [sharingyoochun]
090404 Mirotic Nanjing part 6 [sharingyoochun]
090404 Mirotic Nanjing part 7 [sharingyoochun]

gif pic credit: baidu
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress


  1. haha there goes the space in my pc ;DDD

    the gifs are so cutee ;33

    jae & his paperplanee *W*

    thanks for shraing

  2. yipppppiiiiieeeee…. WP IS BAAAAACCCCCCCKKKK… ^^/ sorry forgot to say that @ my 1st comment here >.< i put congrats on blogspot tho ^^

  3. yaay~ thanks SYC for compiling all the links ^^

  4. thanx so much SYC for the zipping folders ^^

    lol my cp is crying for help iam killing hem with all Nanjing Concert xD

  5. huhuhuhuhu!!!! i feakin’ missed the concert!! are they not coming here in Shanghai? was Nanjing their last stop in China? huhu!!!

    **ps thank goodness there’s sharingyoochun@ wordpress.. can’t access multiply from here..errr**

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