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[News] Explanation of Yoochun’s airport incident

Here’s a fanaccount of what really happen by an eye witness there:

What really happened was that the fan keep taking pictures and disturbing them so Yoochun grab her hand to push her camera down. He told her to stop and he will return the camera to her later so she let go and let him have it. Yoochun did not snatch it. The airport man in red snatch it from Yoochun when he is trying to pass it to a DBSK staff behind them (probably to help him delete the pictures). Yoochun have no idea why the airport staff suddenly took it from him so he snatch it back saying he have to give it back to the girl later. At this point we saw Junsu’s face also showed that he was surprised why that man took the camera from Yoochun.

In the end after a short but loud explanation (those of us near that area can hear since he have to speak louder over the noise) to the male airport staff, Yoochun walk into the checked in area and pass the camera to another DBSK staff who have already checked in (again.. probably to delete the pictures. Fans will know this is what they do,)

Some of us fans have seen that girl many times. Unlike most of us, she kept taking pictures of them in their face and invades their personal space. It’s very rude and most of us fans will not do it. Normally fans will just wait outside music program venue to see them or wait at airport to send them off. Most of the time you can hear us telling them to have a safe journey and things like that. We usually keep our distant so as to not disturb them unless we need to pass them gifts! DBSK members actually are quite nice to their fan. They don’t mind our presences or us taking picture as long as we don’t block them, don’t grab them or take pictures in their face. DBSK will at most just walk away quickly when they are not in the mood.

As far as the group of us fans who see them often, DBSK members have never hurt any fans before or snatch their things even when some fans are being really rude. They mostly just push camera away, walk away quickly or ask their staffs for help. Most of the time people start rumours about them being rude or hurting fans based on videos or pictures. They are not there and do not know what actually happened. Videos and pictures can be deceiving.

Me and my friends clearly saw the girl letting go of her camera after Yoochun talk to her. I’m actually not much a DBSK fan but my 2 flatmates are, so I often get dragged along on their “DBSK Adventure” after our class. But fan or not, I don’t think it is fair the boys often get blamed for something they did not do so I just want people to not jump to conclusion just base on videos or pictures.

Sorry for my lengthy message.

-YE Kim
credit deevinne@YT
shared by: chunjess@soompi + sharingyoochun@wordpress

Talking about privacy, here’s a stalker pics of the Changmin on the place on their way to Thailand

credit: on pic + YukariiChangmin
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress

Chompoo’s note, I used to stalk DBSK too and so many times I got very very cute smiles from them and I saw them running away from the CRAZY fans as well


  1. hm! now tt makes sense. i think yoochun has acted reasonably. (:

    and changmin looks gorgeous. think i’ll hyperventilate if my flightmate is as cute as him. XD

    -yayy syc is back to wp!-

  2. changmin in so hot here! haha

  3. This fan account is a HUGE LIE!!!!

    -YES in the airport korean fans always take pictures whatever it’s in front or not
    -YES in the airport korean fans always try to stick on them, especially at the gate of the arrival
    -YES they don’t give them privacy, and i wonder when they sleep: did u guys remember just last sunday night picture at restaurant? did u guys forget about the video of yoochun trying to have a walk with his dog in the park? did u guys forget about all yoochun’s pictures in his balcony or in the front of his door, i’m sorry but the place where he lives, there is a guardian, so how can they reach that place?
    -YES they put stalker account about the boys’ days off in Seoul walking beyond the boys, and it’s minute by minute. this is what i always receive and i never put it online coz it’s innapropriate. i even kept pictures for myself about Yunho lately.

    So it’s easy to blame this THIS GIRL while everyone one has to be blamed! I knew it would be that way, the first thing I thought was “Gosh i don’t want to be her”. She took the same plane, and i said first that they know her, that yoochun recongnized her.

    Sorry but i knew this would happen, and it makes me mad!

    thanks Legra for sharing this

  4. sighh… the boys really need some privacy TT^TT
    they have their own life to live too D:
    singing is their AIM in life
    but dont they deserve some privacy too

    but thanks for sharingg
    -fans kenoa- relaxx >33<

  5. @yusuke
    don’t worry, i just don’t like hypocrisy
    but i not that mad :D
    i didn’t that writting things like that would be “violent” lol

  6. @Kenoa
    I was glad when I first read this fan account in blogspot, but now I was thinking again. Aish why do I feel guilty about this so suddenly? @_@

  7. I believe that Micky was possibly a little extreme but that is more than understandable, after all he puts in so much effort, time and love for us as the fans. All of DBSK is very tolerant to this kind of behavior and honestly the fans should be a fault. Many occurrences of them getting harassed and Yunho’s incident that happened a few years back was extreme. Fans or anti’s are too extreme and need to respect them not because they are idols or celebrities but also because they are human as well. Everyone has a limit to their tolerance and patience and Micky possibly passed it at that point or maybe way before, and took action into his own hands. Give them a break after all the effort and love they put in for us, start by respecting them and loving them and not harassing them. Its understandable for them to have a bad day or be tired so lets give them their space and give them some ease. Traveling back and forth from place to place is tiring, why stress them out more?

    Cassiopeia please give them their space, continue to love and support them, and also let them live a healthy and semi-normal life.

    i pray for their health, success, and everything good for Dong Bang Shin Ki.

  8. Wow i didn’t know it was that big…in other part of the world the fans will get smack for that..It is really understandable why Micky do that. That fan was at fault..not like i’m in favor of the boys but he clearly just does’nt want his pic taken. The fan should’ve just respect their privacy.U know what??? He was nice though to give it back to her. If it happen in my country they would’ve throw the memory card/camera away.

  9. Ahhh I knew it!
    I knew that yoochun didn’t even say something bad to that girl it was just his face that was really scary O.o

    I understand why he did it, plus he didn’t even yell at that airport’s staff but again it was his face that made everything being a big deal = =”

    and oh talking about Minnie’s pictures I know who took the pics – – and I already read her fan account she doesn’t really seem like a stalker she was just too excited to see them on the airplane I totally understand why she took the pics coz if it was me I would have secretly take pictures of them too lol but I won’t put them on the internet though -..- and talking about these pics don’t you know that she have more pics not only minnie but yoochun and yunho too? I was wondering if yoochun saw her he might gets up and like punch her or something hahaha(Totally joking lol)

    but anyways thanks for the explanations ^^

  10. bad day…for micky..and its..not a big deal..micky should realized that he cant own his privaCY Anymore…hahaaa…fucking that fan..did she know how to be a good girl..?? nice nxt time…

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  12. Thanksss for ur FAC, Not only Yoochun but also DBSK’s member, I believe in them

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