Posted by: sharingyoochun | March 31, 2009

[Pic] Minnie’s Clay Doll





credit: on pic + soompi + sharingyoochun@wordpress


  1. i want that!

  2. ^ i want that , too… !!!!

    lol.. did the girl took pictures of it in a classroom…

  3. LOOOOOL but what he doen’t have pants?XD

  4. hehehe,, looks like cake (the ones u put on top of your b’day cake) i want to eat them! hahaha i’ll eat changmin up! *smirks*

  5. looks like teamin from shinne to me xD~

    btw… why doesnt he wear pants ??? lol

  6. btw,r these figures 4 sales?how to get them..(including d YC’s version!) ?
    or..dis is juz fan’s work?! *solute her/him*

  7. legra@nisa:

    sadly, they are fanmades and not for sale… but it’s awesome right ^_^

  8. where’s the pants?

    at first glance it really looks like he only wear boxers.

    so cute.

    i salute the one doin this. i LOOOOOVVVEEEE the eyes!

  9. i want this!!!!huhuhuhuh changmin!!!!!
    this looks soo good..the maker should sell this..ill be the first to buy for sure..hahaha

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