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[News] Round 1: TVXQ VS Kat-tun

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We all know that TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki has been successful in Japan with a multitude of #1 hits on both the Oricon Daily and Weekly Charts. However, every time they achieved #1, the big JE (Johnny’s Entertainment) groups weren’t around. Things are about to heat up, because TVXQ’s next single “Survivor” will be going head to head with KAT-TUN’s “Rescue.” Both singles are scheduled to be released on March 11th.

Many fans have suggested that TVXQ move the release a week earlier to March 4th, but Oricon Toppers Arashi and Koda Kumi will be releasing their singles on March 4th.

Can TVXQ survive with “Survivor?” They probably won’t beat out KAT-TUN for the top spot, but things are getting interesting. Thanks to anonymous and five stella nights for the tips.

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LOL Is it only me who supports the fight between Tohoshinki and JE’s boys??

I’m a kind who wants to face any competitions, no matter if I’m gonna win or lose, at least I know exactly how good I am in a competition with a REAL rival.

And at least that the thing that I will teach to my kids in the future. Do not escape when you meet a big wall. Try to climb it.

Tohoshinki was not instantly popular as well in Japan, they need 2 years for finally makes it big.

I think Johnny won’t let them escape again this time, he guards every single way to prove that his kingdom is ruling Japan music industry. If in this fight, Tohoshinki gets win, it will extremely boosts up their popularity for sure, maybe multiple and multiple times from their current spot now. Well, that’s the prize of being brave enough climbing such a great wall. If they don’t win?

Like we will leave them alone. No way.


  1. True about what you say.
    Our boys are no cowards and are always up to compete with anyone and up for any competition.


  2. I don’t know… Kat-tun sells a lot! >_<
    but I’m sure our boys will promocionate this single so good, so they can win!
    I’ll try to buy the single to helps them <3!

  3. it’s funny how the 2 singles were … ‘survivor’ and ‘rescue’ xD

    DBSK FTW!!!! <3

  4. yeah,, even i love both groups,, i’m FTW-ing for DBSK

  5. kat-tun’s singles sell at a rate of hundred thousands in a week…looking at dbsk oppas, they’re only managing 60 000 – 90 000 in a week at most? i checked wiki and kat-tun’s singles and albums have never failed to debut at the top spot…in any case, win or lose, dbsk is still the best in all aspects to me…dance, vocal, looks and idol personality

  6. DBSK will win This competition…
    i’m sure….they’re the best….

    if not…………………………..
    don’t worry u’re still the winner steal our heart…



  7. of coz! they r the best!! there’s no doubt!!
    oppas! hwaiting!!

  8. WOW! We should applaud DBSK for their success in a foreign country! I love you DBSK kick Kat-Tun’s bootie!

  9. legra:

    firstly, lol to the title of both album… Survivor and rescue… what i send out a rescue mission and that’s how you survive?!!?! LOL

    anyways, it’s reall going to be a tough battle here… fighitng.. but wow, if they move a week earlier… WOW…. arashi and koda kumi… that will be more interesting to see

  10. hehe~ i totally agree with Belle and Legra about the title of both singles ^^ totally ROCKS hehe~ and funny… is it coincidence???!!!!

    i really wanna see the battle between DBSK and KAT-TUN cos i love both of them ^^ sooo~

    please don’t move a week earlier ne~

    (((actually, i really wanna see DBSK boys win it… cos i love them more than KAT-TUN lol ^o^)))

  11. i like both groups (though DBSK more) BUT i would love to see who is no. 1 on the day of the release.

    i agree with you. i would love to see a little competition – no matter who win or lose.

  12. Dong BAng SHin Ki, Saranghaeyo!
    Dong Bang Shin kI, sARANGHAEYO!!^^



  13. oh gosh…this is going to be exciting! as much as i like kame and tegoshi, it’s still TOHOSHINKI for me!!!

    thanks for the heads up! =)

  14. it’s not only you unni.. me too! and i always love kat-tun and tohoshinki!! my kame and yunho!!!

  15. no matter what will happen,,
    i’ll still love them.


    dont forget that all BigEast n Cassies will always love you,oppa!
    we will always support you!!

    Dong Bang Shin Ki, HWAITING~!


  16. oh well. i love both groups.
    but i do love jaejae’s more.

    but Kattun’s not to be underestimated too!

  17. i’m interested too! johnny’s boys are talented too
    but i know i cant let go of thsk =)

  18. i like both kat-tun and our dong bang boys but then again, the dong bang boys always gets more of my intention…

    Hope that tvxq is going to win and i will always be rooting for them… aza! aza! hwaiting!!!

    Anyway, i wish luck for both groups on their upcoming singles!!!

  19. This is going to make… FIYAHHH, I tell you. >:O

  20. By the way… that’s a real cute picture of Toho! ^_~

  21. omo! oppa~hwaiting!!!

  22. i just find it laughable how people are “who’s going to win?” there’s really no competition, it’s not even a close fight. let’s be humble and accept that DBSK is not yet on the same level as KT is in Japan.

    and we are talking abt a JE group who’s gonna make history with a 7 night concert at the Tokyo Dome, when DBSK is yet to perform one.

  23. […] single, “Survivor”. Survivor is releasing also on March 11th, which means not only with Kat-tun, Survivor yet needs to beat the upcoming Ravex’s project to spot the #1 at both ORICON daily […]

  24. anyway, let our dbsk do their great and support them with our tears jajajajajajajajajajajajajaja

  25. @iciban:

    “there’s really no competition, it’s not even a close fight”???

    I don’t think so.

    Kat-tun might be still win, but we’re here really curious of how far our talented boys (who is so far having THE BIGGEST OFFICIAL FANDOM IN THE WORLD) can fight back to Japan’s so-called history maker Kat-tun.

    it’s absolutely NOT laughable when fans being so supportive to their idols, rite?

  26. I find a bit funny that I keep on seeing this THSK single vs. KT single thingy on THSK fansites and not on KT’s. Does that mean, KT fans don’t really view THSK as a threat? That or I just visit the polite KT fansites.

    But anyway, I think this will just make both JE and Avex see how are their boys been faring so far. Even if people are saying that KT will beat the shit out of THSK, I think the increase in THSK’s sales number will make Johnny realize a thing or two about his Utopian talent agency.

    KT is, arguably, the only JE group that can fare well with THSK’s dancing prowess. They “almost” have the same style. KT is straying away from JE’s flowery, gay image – they choose to be gangsta-hiphop instead. THSK may sound better (or to some extent, look better) but KT has Jin and that’s pretty much where my logic will go to~

    Okay. Whatever, right. I rumbled enough. KT will prolly sell more in Japan but THSK will get the bigger sales number for imports. :)

  27. I think both are talented…
    but dbsk sing live better…
    plus they continuously dancing while singing…
    kattun absolutely will win cause they are from japan…it is their country…it goes the same if kattun is trying to compete the chart with dbsk in Korea…dbsk will surely win..

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