Posted by: sharingyoochun | December 31, 2008

[Pic] Tattoo

Some of you are curious who else has a tattoo apart from Jaejoong.
Well, Yoochun has two. One which he shares with his brother and the other Jaejoong.
Actually, just looks like Jaejoong. hehe

Lower back





credit: actually i dig them up from my folder so i guess it’s from either, dnbn, soompi or baidu, lol.


  1. oh thanks! this is the first time i see his leg tatto clearly but i can’t figure out what is it… i’ve read that is was supposed to be wings, but i don’t see it o.o

  2. I know and I think we almost know Yoochun’s back tattoo……… It’s nice!!!!!!!!!!
    His leg tattoo is a grasshopper or a mantis?????????
    Well, I thought it was some curly design……. My first time see it completely too………
    Having tattoo means badboy?????? My friend says he is a player……. >”<………

  3. first time seeing yoochun’s tattoos… uhhmmm.. i’m not sure but i think yunho has a tattoo too.. at his neckk.. not sure about this..

  4. who is the other jaejoong? Or guy who looks like him?

  5. legra@mye:

    it’s suppose to be an african charm type of pattern which his brother also has


    haha, having tattoo doesn’t really mean that you are bad… well, some people just have it because their friends has it and all, or they think that it’s cool… but one thing for sure, haven’t tattoo doesn’t really mean that you are bad ^^


    i know what you are referring too.. the tattoo that Yunho had on his neck right… well, that’s an airbrush tattoo which he has for the mirotic promotion ^^


    ouh, what i meant was Yoochun lower back tattoo looks like jaejoongs tattoo

  6. Micky’s tattoo reads


    I’m a tattoo fanatic so I was very happy to see that Jaejoong has extended the piece on his back with wings of sort.


  7. wow..
    I really never knew Yoochun had a tattoo.. haha ^^
    thanks for sharing..

  8. oh my!! chun oppa also got tattoos!! so nice!! i never knew that!
    thks for the post!! ^_^

  9. legra@kpop-th and norah:

    really… wow, now you know ^^
    cause you know, the whole tattoo thing was big at first… when we fans firstly know they have a tattoo, since we don’t manage to see it upclose, we thought that the tattoo is like “tvfxq soul [jaejoong] and tvfxq mate [yoochun]”… that’s how the word soulmate couple come about at first… well, apart from them sleeping together and all

  10. for a second there i coudlnt read chunnies back tat it was TVFXQMYC meaning tvfxq micky yoochun?

  11. Yoochun’s leg tattoo: They’re two feathers with a ribbon around them.

  12. Happy bday Micky boy@ miss the TVXQ Boys. wish you the best. Take care Always Micky boy. lovelovelove

  13. thanks for sharing , I love their tattoos , how cool how wonderful how meaningful .

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