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[Vid] 081229 DBSK – SBS Gayo Daejun Festival 2008


Lots of vids to share tonight again ^^



credit vid showing: love23@blognaver+farahmicky

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Yunho Dance Battle (Full and Yunho Cut)



I was like dying when i saw him making cute and sexy face while dancing… SHARINGYUNHO next?

Btw, is that hat supposed to fall?? I have a feeling that it’s NOT, lol. I love all his speed moves! The best thing about Yunho’s dancing is… he always makes like his dance is so easy to be imitated, while in fact, is NOT.

And he’s so expressive also… never dance in plain expression. This reminds me of when Ricky Martin explained to Oprah the important factor of expression in dancing, lol

File Name: 081229 DBSK – SBS Gayo Daejun -Yunho dance battle[sharingyoochun]
File Size: 38.8MB
File Type: AVI
Duration: 00:52
Download: Ask us for download links if you want ^^
Downloading status: Uploaded (Plz be patient)
Credit: withyoonhoCB+sharingyoochun@wordpress

Junsu Piano Battle (Full and Cut)


File Name: 081229 SBS Gayo Daejun- Junsu and TaeYoung Piano Battle[sharingyoochun]
File Size: 11.7MB
File Type: MP3
Duration: 05:08
Download: Ask us for download links if you want ^^
Credit: sharingyoochun@wordpress


File Name: 081229 SBS Gayo Daejun- Junsu – My everything[sharingyoochun]
File Size: 3.18MB
File Type: MP3
Duration: 02:18
Download: exteen^^
Credit: sharingyoochun@wordpress

He sings MY EVERYTHING by 98 Degrees… I just realized that he sings english at the second verse, lol

But really….. another GREAT VOCAL by Kim Junsu <333 All the high notes were reached beautifully and not mention, perfectly. Some ppl said that Junsu’s voice is somehow annoying, but I can say… I never get annoyed, not even once by him.

Despite the beautiful performance of him, I’m quite disappointed that this battle (I’m sure Taeyang’s perf won’t be too far different) is more to “singing battle” other than “piano battle”. I was expecting Junsu playing a high skilled piano plays. Well, don’t try to remind me about “Junsu is a singer! Not a piano player!” coz I KNOW. But they’re promoting this battle as PIANO BATTLE, so can you blame me??

File Name: 081229 DBSK – SBS Gayo Daejun -Junsu Piano Battle[sharingyoochun]
File Size: 172.85MB
File Type: AVI
Duration: 05:08
Download: Ask us for download links if you want ^^
One single link: Ask us for download links if you want ^^
Downloading status: Uploaded (Plz be patient)
Credit: withyoonhoCB+sharingyoochun@wordpress

Wrong number + Mirotic

Watch in HQ

Will try and post better quality later because of a very certain reason
i love the ‘Under my skin’ cheer

credit: Elina88xxx

File Name: 081229 DBSK-SBS Gayo Daejun -Mirotic & Wrong Number[sharingyoochun]
File Size: 406.7MB
File Type: AVI
Duration: 07:55
Download: exteen^^

Mediafire wanna start a war with me today GRRRRRr I re-uploaed the part 6 for 6 times but still facing with the same problem. So my last method is I will zip the file and re-upload okie? U just unzip (extract the file) before joining with HJSPLIT okie ^^ HJSPLIT006.RAR
One single file: exteen^^
Downloading status: Uploaded (Plz be patient)
Credit: withyoonhoCB+sharingyoochun@wordpress

[ext: 20090105/vid-081229-dbsk-sbs-gayo-daejun-festival-2008]


  1. Agree. Loads of video. Anyways, I out now. Will be back soon ^^

  2. KW and I have this theory that Junsu is actually the MOST talented Shin Ki whether it’s singing or dancing but because he’s too much of a perfectionist, he rarely puts his writings/musical talents (other than singing of course) out there.

    Personally I have only seen ONE clip of him playing the piano so this is just– WOW!

  3. Ohh it’s all over x_x
    And did you noticed that for the last performance of MIROTIC they sang ”Under my SKIN” *O* it was great!

    Actually I think either that the hat didn’t suppose to fall LOL XD

  4. […] [MP3] My Everything – 98 Degrees This is the original song of My Everything by 98 Degrees Junsu sang in his piano battle performance […]

  5. OMG! THATS ALL I CAN SAY BOUT JUNSU’S PERF…def beautiful..beyond extent!!!
    esp when he reached those high notes with no efforts at all.ANOTHER GREAT PERF. FROM OUR JUNSU!!!

    piano battle? taeyang didnt do much either..he didnt really stand out coz he was looking down the whole time..unlike junsu..HIS GLARES ARE TRYING TO SAY “LOOK AT ME..THIS IS HOW YOU SHOULD PERFORM…you need to step it up..” OH JUNSUUU..U MADE ME SCREAM MY LUNGS OUT! THAT WAS AMAZINGG!!

  6. legra:

    i freaking love this
    like seriously

    anyways, Yoochun must have thought Junsu to pronounce properly… lol

    and the dance battle… i am seriously lost for words

  7. i’ll be waiting anxiously :D
    mirotic was amazing!
    thank you for the hard work!

    The last move……… HOTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GREAT PER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T__T
    Junsu’s voice is really undeniable……. Piano battle is toooooooo elegant!!!!!!!!
    Dance battle…… A new genre of dance of leader-shi…….. This festival is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mirotic……….. T__T…….. Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!
    We can see clearly the tattoo of Jaejoong…….. ^__^
    Yoochun ahhhhhhh, can you strip all and release your tattoo???????????
    Love this festival…….. I almost shout out loud like crazy with my friends………

  9. Xiah = pure love

  10. the last move of mirotic = my death

    major nosebleed… and it’s just the back eh~

    thanks for uploading~♥♥♥

  12. for the first time i watch it alive via tvants and very excited.
    Junsu My everything is so powerful. but i guess taeyang english is better. hehe but as legra said his master sure tutoring him alot before that. i got imagined that changmin also interrupt the tutor session hehe

    Yunho with his dance OMO. dont to dorget eunhyuk to love it the silver mask guy. hehe suddenly remind me of mask guy of jae joong during rising sun. but Yunho so charisma.

    lastly the under my skin version again wooohooo. love it love it love it. love how the appered on stage one by one hehe. and the lastly stripped!! my mouth just open wide watched it yesterday haha. pls captured scene for that ok dear. i’m waiting haha

  13. thank you very much unnies..
    But is there a full avi version of the dance battle??

  14. Sry…… But the hisplit006…….. maybe not work…….. T__T……. or my pc has some weird problems????????

  15. omo i LOVE this festival! leader-shii’s dance are so cool and the piano Junsu oppa’s voice is surely great.

    I’m happy that they sang “under my skin” again.. but the last part made me screaming like crazy!! omo!!!

  16. omg thank you soo much .
    but hjsplit006 for mirotic/wrong number
    doesn`t seem to work . :/
    is there anyway you could fix that ? :D
    thank you soo much in advance .

  17. Chompoo@Ch0c0

    I am now fixing the HJSPLIT006

    I got the full vid 850MB (but dont have time to share yet)

    Yeah and Tvant worked so fine last night, no skipping or stopping at all…i got a major nose bleed lol

  18. Ahhh…….. I find this!!!!!!!!!
    The hat in Yunho battle dance must be thrown away at the 22nd second……… ^__^
    Because of dropping it, he just can do the hand move………

  19. thnx so much for the uploadd!!
    but can u upload the whole dance battle..? hehe
    just wanna see taemin and eunhyukie :)

  20. OMG! OMG! i havent watched any of those vids yet,, but i’m gonna do it after i finished dl them all,, sure is alot of vids,, eh,, whoooa,, and reading all the comments up there, made me just getting even more excited to watch them immidiately..

    OMG thank you sharingyoochun girls!

  21. thank you for sharing ^^

  22. Thanks for the videos. Any chance, you have the mp3 of Junsu’s My Everything? :)

  23. Chompoo:

    I will try to see what i can do. As I said I got the whole vid but i haven’t slept from last night yet *teary eyes* I will share but later on okie?

    Gonna rip it for u before i go to bed okie it’s now 11:00am and I didn’t sleep yet U______U

    anyway just scroll up to download it!!!!!!! XD

  24. Chompoo. Whee. Thank you so much. Kamsamnida. Just saw your multiply. Appreciate it. Now, go to sleep. Haha. O_O

  25. thanks so much.i want too see
    thanks for sharing

  26. Chompoo:

    @Abbu and minelovelu

    you’re so welcome. Seeing lots of comments like this make us (Sharingyoochun team) work harder and will continue to share u guys our harddisk more and more. I went to bed at 1pm today and just got up (it’s 5 pm now)

  27. nope, yunho’s hat was not suppose to fall! >.< but it’s okie! yunnie we still love your dance~ it was brilliant!

    and they’re allowed to sing under my skin cause it was after 10pm lol…

  28. wow.. junsu is so perfect… loveeeee junsuuuuu…
    thx 4 d video…
    would u make it to mp3(my everything-js)?

  29. upps sorry i mean piano battle not my everything….


  30. you are such a heaven sent, ever since i watched the sbs gayo performance i so wanted to DL it… and your links alone are the ones that work for me… so i really thank you… you really made my new year ^^ thanks ^^

  31. Chompoo@Indyra
    yes we did…..scroll up and read above lol

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW *flies to heaven* love love love this kind of comments , u make us work harder

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  33. waaaw, jeongmal kamsahamnida chingu..
    hwaiting and happy new year

  34. Thank you for the videos! You are awesome!! =)

  35. Can I have the download link for the Junsu piano battle video version please???

    Thanks a lot!^^

  36. Unnies…

    Can I have the download link for their performance of Mirotic & Wrong Number? I only manage to finish downloading until Part 3 yesterday…


  37. can i have the download link for the dbsk perfomance…mirotic and wrong number…please…thanx alot

  38. unnies.. may I please have the download link for mirotic and wrong number perf?? (MF links) thanks

  39. hi all, i personally was drooling over yunho’s performance.. and of course, can never get enough of junsu’s performance at the same time. so this was a combo for me.. also, i was wondering if either the 3 admins here would be kind enough to upload the mirotic and wrong number performance part 006 in another download link? i know this is troublesome but mediafire and megaupload really do not work for me plus it is super slow in malaysia. thanks in advance and i really am loving this site.. cheers and happy new year!!

  40. hihi i want the download link to the mirotic and wrong number performance thanx thanx =))

  41. Shinta@everyone:

    sent ^^

  42. oohh can i please please have the download link for the Gayo Daejun perf w/ wrong number & MIROTIC??? my email is
    thanks thanks thanks!!!!!

  43. ALSO, just wondering….. (sorry)
    do you have the mp3 for the Gayo Daejun MIROTIC & wrong number perf??? i’ve been looking everwhere for it…. if you have it, could you also please email that to me too? btw, again my email is

  44. […] [Pic] Open Up! DBSK! I thought the boys opened their suits and shirts and the same time in Gayo Daejun, MIROTIC performance??? […]

  45. Uh~ This stumbled across this site while searching for the perfomance. Uhm, if possible, can I get the download links?

    The performance is made of pure win, no matter how often I watched it, it amazes me every time I see it again XD

  46. legra@sojiro:

    go to the link given… you see the pink colour button there… yup, click on it and it will direct you to the links ^^

  47. Can I get the download link for the piano battle mp3? <333

  48. ARGH!!!!
    lovable :}
    can i get the download link for dbsk wrong number+mirotic video???
    really greatfull if you wanna do that!!
    thank you

  49. Chompoo@kim_yeun

    See the EXTEEN link above?, just CLICK

  50. can i please get the mp3 for junsu and taeyang’s piano battle? thankyou! 8D

  51. legra!khanh:

    you see the pinkish colur button at the bottom of the post, well, click on it and it will direct you to the download link alright dear ^^

  52. i’m juz passing by…
    n i found this cool site…
    can i have mirotic n wrong number perf???
    this is my email –
    thanx for sharing~~

  53. OMG!!
    I can’t watch these videos!
    I need to watch!!
    Can you add me on MSN and send me the videos, please?
    If you can:

    P.S.: I’m sorry. My English is very poor.


    • try here

  54. Arigatoou!! *-*

  55. Hi :) I was wondering if I could get the Junsu vs. Taeyang piano battle download.wmv. If you can that’d be really great :D
    Thank you
    oh, and if you do have it .wmv then you can send it to my email= thanks :)

  56. OMG!! could you reupload the mirotic + wrong nomber performance in hq? T_T i can’t find it anywhere!!! >_<

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