Posted by: sharingyoochun | November 12, 2008

[News] From YSMM: Uknow Yunho:”After Becoming A Celebrity, The First Celebrity To Talk To Me Was Junjin.”


Uknow Yunho:”After Becoming A Celebrity, The First Celebrity To Talk To Me Was Junjin.”

On the 10t, Yunho revealed on SBS’s “Yashimmanman” while thinking about the past , saying “When I was Dana’s rapper, the first celebrity who talked to me was Junjin hyung. Junjin hyung held my hand and said to me ‘I believe in you, just do as you usually do. I believe you’ll have no problem.’ Then Junjin said, ‘I was liek you once, dancing was my all. But God gave me a chance, and let me become a celebrity. I just want to let someone else get the same chance as me.'”

Translation: jae!fany @ Shinki! Forums (
Source: Mr. TVXQ +

That is too cute, Junjin … ^^


  1. ahh,, that’s sweet of junjin,, kinda reminds me of when yunho debuted,, lots of people says he looks like junjin (maybe a bit) and junjin was the first celeb to talk to him after debut,, ha,, what a soulmate

  2. is junjin a singer too?? …

  3. Shinta:

    @Ayu: seriously, I never think that Jun Jin is alike with Yunho ^^;;;

    @Yane: YOU DON’T KNOW JUN JIN?!!

    hahahha that’s okay.. it’s like me not knowing SS501’s Hyun Joon and I got bashed everywhere so I have no right to be proud here for knowing Jun Jin XDD

    yeah Jun Jin is a singer too, a member of a boyband named Shinhwa. Shinhwa was in SM too before, so Shinhwa members were DBSK’s sunbaes ^^

  4. JunJin is so nice to Yunho!! ^^
    I didn’t know JunJin was like Yunho.. (like really good at dancing)..
    well Shinhwa isn’t very active now…
    The one member I really know in Shinhwa is Eric… (from Love Letter..) ^^

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