Posted by: sharingyoochun | November 3, 2008

[Pic] YTN STAR, [LIVE POWER Music] Concert – Yoochun base

Full of Mr. Park Yoochun. hehe. love Love LOVE

to download the whole album plus previous pictures from the event, click here.

credit: baidu


credit:flore+ jaejoongiefied@YT

credit:DNBN+ jaejoongiefied@YT


  1. whoaaa *eyes spinning* there’s so many updates in these 2 days i didn’t go netting!!,, you guys really did a great job u-know, sharing all those news and “super update” updates,, aaarrgggh!! i can’t keep up! those boys are really busy with their job, while i’m busy catching their news and updates,, LOL! (thanks so much to u 3angels, made my life easier, kekeke,,,)
    (do i sound like a jobless girl who only go netting for dbsk?? euhahahaha!!!) better not let my employers know about my habits now..LOL

  2. LOL Ayu, actually you make us look like jobless ppl who always have free time to update everseconds XDDD

    hahahah no no I dun mean it, just kidding ^^

  3. thanks a lot for sharing….
    really thanks chunnie looks great

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