Posted by: sharingyoochun | November 2, 2008

[Vid] 081031 JeolChin Notes Junsu + Leewan P2 (eng subbed)

Part 1 [subbed]

cre: emilytheblackpearl@YT

Part 2 [subbed]

cre: jaynerox91@YT

Legra note:

OMG, this show is hilarious. You guys should watch this!


I dunno if it’s already finished, LOL

This week episode is finished. Continuation next week.

I haven’t watched it myself, Legra asked me to post them here ^^

–and if you have download manager…–

Ask us for download links if you want ^^

(right click and save as for MP4)

>> it’s lame providing links from keepvid, I know, but this is the best I can do to you. My connection sux


  1. Umm. Somehow I can’t connect to the links…
    Can you please upload them to mediafire??
    Thank you very much ^_^

  2. the links only work if you have free download manager. Try to download that software to make yourself easier, dear..

    becoz if you have download manager, those links above should have mirrors and those mirrors will make your download even faster than when you’re using mediafire. Trust me

  3. oh thank you very much!!

  4. but what kind of download software do I need??
    Can you please give me a link to download one??
    Thank you very much agaiN!!

  5. hi.. i know im a lil slow at this.. but can i have the dl links for this? thanks.. :) ive been trying to find it but all have been removed.. >.<

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