Posted by: sharingyoochun | October 31, 2008

[News] Changmin & Yunho for Tomorrow Music Core’s MCs

오는 11월 1일 (토) MBC 쇼!음악중심에 東方神起 가 출연합니다.
MBC 쇼!음악중심에서는 지난 주에 이어 U-KNOW, MAX 가 일일 특별 MC를 맡게 되었으며,
‘주문-MIROTIC’ 은 사전 녹화로 진행 되오니 참여를 원하시는 팬 여러분께서는
아래 참여 방법을 확인하시고 스케줄 진행 장소로 와주시기 바랍니다.^^

basically this news said that Changmin and Yunho will be the special MCs for tomorrow Music Core and how the audiences can get some gifts or something if they buy MIROTIC album, blah blah blah…

Google-sshi helps me giving you brief summary ^^

>> the pics shown above are not from this show, lol it’s from Pre-Recording of one MBC Show, Sunday… something which was taken today ^^

and here’s another pics:

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  1. Changmin so cute when he laugh

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