Posted by: sharingyoochun | September 27, 2008

[MP3] Original Ver of Forgotten Season – Lee Yong (feat HyeSung)

cre: Khanhaus@YT

I have a hard time searching over the original song of Forgotten Season which becomes Jae’s solo song in MIROTIC. And even in youtube I only find the live perf of Lee Yong and Shinhwa’s Hye Sung, and I just convert it to mp3 for you guys.

Just in case you want to know the original song like, and I have to say, listening from Lee Yong’s voice… I think our Jaejoong wins the match ^^

I know hat kind of voice was popular in 80s something, but I just can’t take it ^^;;;


fully credit : Khanhaus@YT + sharingyoochun@wordpress (encoding + uploading)


  1. Chompoo:

    I prefer JJ version (though i know your point…is not to compare)

    sorry i can’t help…unnie is bias

  2. Thank you for the rip! :)

  3. I’ve been looking for this song!
    I know how hard you were

    I love JJ’s version so much
    and I think i will love this orifunal version too!

    anyway THANKS AGAINNN :D

  4. […] Anyway, you know that we have ever posted the original song of Forgotten Season sung by Lee Young, right? I searched for it here and there until finally found it <3, not the most original one coz it’s already sung live with Shinhwa’s Hye Sung, but still there’s Lee Young in it XD >> found it here […]

  5. I m so sorry i don’t know why I cant d/l it. So it would be kind if u upload it in another host. PLEASE…

  6. Chompoo:


    please give me the host that u prefer then i’ll reupload it for u ^^

  7. Chompoo sorry for disturbe you,I like tempfile. thanks again
    P.S. I’m also Thai ka.

  8. Chompoo:

    Noopeach u r Thai? Wow I’d like to speak Thai here but my other 2 co-bloggers would feel uncomfortable for not understanding our conversation here. Tempfile is sooooo slow right now (the link is completely dead on me) how about I’ll email to you???? ^___^

    send us email to then we’ll email the song to u

    or leave us your email here na ka

    joob joob ^^

  9. Hi Nong Chompoo, you can send me at

    PS. please accept me on ur multiply


  10. Chompoo:

    Sent already na ka, go check your email ^__^

  11. thank you heaps!!!

    i had trouble finding it too until i got to you page

    much luv


  12. Does anyone have the instrumental version? but the one of jaejoong?? i want to sing this song but jae’s version if you could help me please i’ll appreciatte it

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